6 Tips for First-Time Train Travelers

6 Tips for First-Time Train Travelers

Consumer behaviors have changed greatly over the past couple of years. At first, it was the pandemic. Now, inflation is causing people to examine more of their spending choices. The traveling industry has been one of the most impacted sectors. New regulations, restricted routes, and fluctuating prices have forced travelers to explore alternatives to reach their desired location.

Some people have taken their first train trip as a result, but unless they did some deep research, they may have missed out on some unique things to maximize their experience. For example, Amtrak recommends a certain side of the train depending on which direction you are going. These first-time train travelers probably had no idea about luggage storage in LA Union Station either.

Whether you are still considering a first-time train trip or you have already bought your ticket, here are six tips to make your journey the most enjoyable.

1. Pick a Side

The direction you are traveling might influence where you want to sit on the train. If you are taking Amtrak, they recommend sitting on the right side if you traveling west. If you want the best views while traveling east, you’ll likely benefit from sitting on the left side.

2. Store Your Luggage

Are you arriving too early to check into your hotel? You’ll be blown away to discover you can utilize luggage storage in LA Union Station and many other premier locations while you explore the area. It’s incredibly cost-effective, too. For example, luggage storage in LA Union Station can cost as little as $5.90 for one bag for up to 24 hours. Be aware that if you are going to be in a high-traffic area, such as the luggage storage in LA Union Station, you’ll need to reserve your space to ensure you have one.

3. Pack Wisely

Now that you know your bags won’t slow you down on the trip, you have some more freedom to pack what you want. Don’t overdo it, though. Start with the essentials. Make sure you have any necessary identification or documents for your trip, any medications you need, and enough toiletries for the length of your journey.

If you reserve a sleeping car room, you should have access to a shower and other amenities to stay refreshed during your trip. Be sure to bring any other bedtime staples you use frequently, such as your favorite pillow or a pair of earplugs.

Remember to pack some items or activities that will make the time enjoyable. Train rides are longer than flights, so you may want to bring a book you never have enough time to read or a deck of cards to keep you entertained. These can also create a great icebreaker with some of your fellow passengers. With a longer journey, you’ll have plenty of time to strike up a great conversation with others around you.

4. Pack Some Food and Drink

While this is a no-no at the airport under most circumstances, you can usually bring your own food or drink onto a train. In fact, you can even pack your own beverages if you don’t take them outside of your sleeping car on an Amtrak excursion.

5. Take Advantage of a Designated Quiet Space

If you haven’t been on a train before, you may not realize there’s a designated quiet space for travelers to enjoy, including on many shorter trips. This can be the perfect place to read that book you’ve been wanting to get through or listen to some relaxing music through headphones. Be sure to keep your audio at a level where you are not disturbing others. This is meant to be a peaceful area. Also be mindful that these spaces are typically available on a first-come, first-served basis.

6. Shop for the Best Price

Just like flights, prices can vary depending on when you look at booking your trip or where you’re heading. Try different booking websites and search around for discounts. If you don’t have a specific date when you need to leave or return, look for certain days of the week when cheaper fares are offered. This can keep more money in your pocket to use for souvenirs or experiences in your destination city.


Traveling has changed dramatically over the past two years. Because of that, you may be considering a new method you haven’t used before. If traveling by train is something you’ve always wanted to do, now might be the best time to jump on board. Some savvy strategies will allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest, including luggage storage in LA Union Station and many other popular destinations. Pack wisely and save some room to bring back great memories. No matter where you are heading, enjoy the journey.

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