Download Video From Facebook For Your Computer And Mobile

Download Video From Facebook For Your Computer And Mobile

It’s easy to save permanent copies of the videos you see on social media to your computer, but it takes a few steps. Here’s how to download your favorite Facebook clips in the simplest method possible.

For copyright and financial concerns, popular video sites frequently make it impossible to download content. They’d rather you share a straight link or post it to your feed, where it can continue to earn money from pre-roll ads. However, you probably have your reasons for wanting to keep a permanent record of a clip you saw on Facebook. We’re here to advise you on how to get them because we believe in you.

You can use 4K Video Downloader or other similar software to download YouTube videos if you already have it installed. The majority of the tools that work with YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosting sites also function with Facebook URLs. However, there is a simpler method to get started.

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Downloads For Your Computer

Almost every video on Facebook has a “Save Video” link in the ellipsis menu next to it. However, this does not save the video to your local storage; instead, it “saves” it to a section of your Facebook account called “Saved Videos,” where you can create collections to watch later. You will lose access to the video if the owner deletes it.

The procedure for downloading a Facebook video to your computer is a little complicated, but not difficult. To begin, pick the Copy link from the three-dot ellipsis option on a video in your browser. (If the video is set to private, you won’t see this choice.)

Paste it into a new browser tab and watch as it redirects the shortened link (beginning with to Change “www” to “mbasic” in the address bar.

This forces your browser to load the page’s mobile version for you. Select Open link in new tab from the context menu when right-clicking the video. All you’ll see in this new third tab is the video, which you can save to your PC by right-clicking and selecting Save movie as.

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Increase The Intensity Of The Resolution

The disadvantage is that you won’t receive a particularly high-resolution movie this way.

The simple approach is to avoid doing this difficult task and instead use (formerly, but they dropped a letter for simplicity). To keep the lights on, it’s ad-supported, however, some of the boxes that read “Start” or “Start Download” are ad-traps, so don’t click on them.

Select Copy Link from the ellipsis menu and paste in the Facebook URL you copied. The site will parse all content for you and provide links to download either the “Normal Quality” or “HD Quality” version (the same as the steps before). I used it to download a movie trailer, which was a blocky 4.6MB file in regular quality and a magnificent 27MB one in HD quality.

You can either click the links or right-click and choose the Save link from the menu. The More Options box can compel a standard or high-definition download, as well as perform an audio correction.

If you use the Google Chrome browser and frequently visit, you should install the Video Downloader PLUS extension. If the video is downloadable, it has a download button right on it. That is, however, only one of many Facebook download extensions available from a variety of developers. Try a few and choose your favorite.

If you can’t download a video from Facebook, try first. If it doesn’t work, use a screen recording tool to catch the action as it happens.

Downloads For Mobile Devices

It turns out that works great on mobile devices, whether they be Android or iOS. The catch is that it doesn’t operate with iOS’s Safari browser. According to the developers, it also doesn’t work well with Chrome. They recommend that you use Firefox on your mobile device. It also won’t work on private videos, though you might not realise that until the very final step.

Locate a video on Facebook (in any browser) and select the Share option. Then look for the option to Copy the Link on the share screen. Then open Firefox, go to, paste the URL there, and hit the download button. You’ll see the options to obtain a video in Normal or HD Quality again; tap and hold your finger on the one you choose, and you’ll see a Download Link option, followed by a Download Now confirmation.

This places the video in the Downloads section of the Firefox browser. You can find it in the lower right corner of Firefox’s hamburger menu (the three lines). The video link will probably seem like a long series of numbers when you click on it. On iOS, tap Save Video to save the video to your device’s camera roll.

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Where Do Videos Go After They’ve Been Downloaded?

When you download files, they are normally saved to the default folder that you have selected. Normally, your browser creates this folder for you. You can edit and specify the destination folder for your downloaded Facebook videos in your browser settings.

Is It Possible To Download Live Videos?

Once the streaming is complete, you can use the Getfvid Downloader chrome extension to save live FB videos to your device.

Does Getfvid Preserve A Copy Of Videos That Have Been Downloaded?

Getfvid does not keep videos on its servers. We also don’t keep copies of videos we’ve downloaded. Facebook’s servers host all of the videos. Furthermore, we do not keep track of our users’ download histories, keeping Getfvid completely anonymous.

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