Five Facebook Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Job Openings

Five Facebook Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Job Openings

Today, Facebook has become a sacred ground for job seekers after the launch of its job-posting feature in 2017. More than 84% of job seekers have a Facebook account, and nearly half of all companies turn to Facebook to hire the right talent. 

Additionally, there’s an overwhelming majority of millennials on Facebook. So, if your job opening targets younger generations, this platform is where you can attract the best candidates. However, with a plethora of job openings, it’s challenging to find qualified applicants. That’s why you need to put some effort into promoting your job openings and brand image.

If you’re wondering how to promote your job openings on Facebook, here are some ways you can market your next job opening effectively. 

Did you know? Many companies compete to grab the attention of their ideal candidates. Creating an eye-grabbing job post that includes all the necessary information is vital. For instance, if you’re planning to create a job post for your business page, you need to mention the location, the benefits, and other essential job details. 

Before posting your job ad, do a quick research and ask your colleagues what they love the most about the job. It will give you an overview to create the perfect job post for your Facebook business account. 

You can also add a Job Tab to your Facebook page so your visitors can easily find job listings. Or you can create customizable Facebook cover images for your page to help job seekers in their quest to find good jobs, as mentioned in the above example. 

  • Optimize Facebook Ads for Your Search 

These days, Facebook Ads have become a widely-used feature to promote brands & social activities. But you need to invest some money to start using these paid Facebook ads. These ads provide a greater reach as you can customize them according to your job requirements. 

So, if you have a flexible budget, you can find the right fit for your job by optimizing these Facebook ads. If you’re a beginner, create a job ad highlighting your target job seekers’ exact location, expertise, experience, and interests. Finally, edit and schedule your job post according to your company’s needs. Your job ad will look something similar to this.

A Pro Tip: To help you get started, you can watch tutorials or videos based on job ad postings on Facebook to help you create the right post. 

  • Tap into Your Employees’ Connections

Your current employees may have a more extensive Facebook following which gives you the opportunity to attract genuine connections. You can ask them to share your job posts on their Facebook profiles as content shared by employees creates 8X more engagement than shared by brand channels. Besides, your current employees can be great brand ambassadors and generate more credibility for your potential employees. 

Moreover, you can ask your employees to like your Facebook business page and invite friends to build a network of people with similar interests. 

  • Join Facebook Groups

Many passive job seekers are actively looking for different jobs on Facebook groups. For instance, SourcesWhoCode, as the name suggests, provides job opportunities related to coding & technology. Groups like these have many professionals, and posting your job here can help you reach your target audience efficiently. 

You can also find general career pages on Facebook having different professional interests. The best part is that most of these groups and pages provide free job listings to help people worldwide. That’s why it’s a unique way to grab attention and help future employees find the job of their dreams. 

  • Use Facebook Live Feature

The best way to interact with potential candidates is to invest your time with a free live session on Facebook. Many tech giants use this feature to get ahead of their recruiting game. You can answer job queries, show your company’s culture, or even introduce your team via video. If you have a busy schedule, you can use your phone to broadcast your live videos directly in your Facebook feed. 

Further, you can add the recorded live version to your timeline, so if your potential candidates have missed the opportunity, they can see the uploaded version later. This way, you can make direct job announcements and connect better with your potential employees. 

Final Thoughts

Facebook is more than just a social networking platform. It also unites thousands of job seekers and companies under one platform with a common goal- to find the ‘right fit.’ Even if you’re a small startup, these innovative Facebook marketing strategies offer great assistance in hiring top talent. Don’t forget to ensure that your job description matches accurately with your company’s profile before posting it on Facebook.

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