Is Killing Stalking Anime Adaptation Going To Drop in 2022

Is Killing Stalking Anime Adaptation Going To Drop in 2022

The first chapter of Koogi’s Killing Stalking was published on November 23, 2016, and the last chapter was published in early 2019. As part of Lezhin Comics’ second Lezhin World Comics contest, this manga was released online in both Korean and English. It was awarded the 100,000,000 won Grand Prize Award. The fans of the manga Killing Stalking are eagerly awaiting an anime version of the same. Is it possible that we’ll see it in 2022?

We’ve all had at least one person we liked because of their personality or looks. But as you get to know them better, they take on a life of their own. As with many of Koogi’s previous manhwa, Killing Stalking succeeds in capturing the attention of readers with an engaging story, plot, and cast of characters. Manhwa cannot have a good plot, smooth character development, and the interest of fans in the same package all at the same time. However, ‘Killing Stalking,’ by Koogi, has achieved all of the above, capturing the attention of fans in particular. There is a lot going on in the minds of the fans. It’s hard to tell whether people should be grateful for the manhwa and the story it tells or angry at how it normalizes sexual assault and assault on women. Even some of the comments made by some fans will be mentioned.

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Killing Stalking Plot

Oh, Sangwoo adores Yoon Bum, a borderline personality disorder sufferer in the contemporary world. Bum and Sangwoo are both college students, and Bum has a crush on her. Sangwoo and Bum were both plagued by mishaps in their lives. In the absence of his parents, Bum was raised by his uncle, raped by his uncle, soldiers serving in the military, and by Sangwoo throughout his entire life. When it came to “not-so-good” things, Sangwoo did so many that it’s difficult to put into words. In summarizing, Sangwoo is a murderer, an abuser, a rapist, an influence-peddling, and a danger.

It’s rare to come across a manhwa quite like Killing Stalking. Moreover, if you ever come across this manga, you’ll be left wondering, “Why isn’t this manga being animated?” Possibly, there are some studios that are willing to take on the challenge.

Will Killing Stalking Have an Anime Adaptation?

No official studio has announced plans to release fan-made animations of Killing Stalking. No anime version of the Killing Stalking series will be released in 2022. However, if a studio sees its potential, we may see an announcement for the same. However, the exact date of its publication is unknown at this time.

Killing Stalking, a 3DCG work will be created by the chAosOPUS, an Indie company specializing in horror (mOss studio). Even the author of Killing Stalking is willing to assist with the endeavor. Looking at it, it appears to have been done to a high standard. A lot of people, however, would prefer a Japanese-language animated film.

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Fans Review

Some fans don’t think Killing Stalking is all that great. It has a strong psychological impact. Some fans of the Killing Stalking (KS) series connect with the story and characters, while others lash out at Bum for his behavior and actions towards Sangwoo. Bum and Sangwoo’s relationship is nothing more than an abusive one, so it’s disgusting to see people ship them. Some fans have also criticized Seungbae for saving Bum, despite his heroics. They are furious with Bum for abandoning Sangwoo. Some fans are standing up for Bum and Sangwoo, while others are siding with those who defend their remarks.

The author’s actions have also been defended by a large number of supporters. Critics have accused the author of glorifying rape and cruelty. The author, on the other hand, has strenuously denied these claims. However, Koogi (the author )’s artwork and fanart are in direct opposition to their claim.

Authors should avoid normalizing rape and abuse. There is no justification for fans berating the author. If you want to express your thoughts, do so, but if you want to tell someone else what you think, that’s not acceptable. Nobody, including the author, the fan, or anyone else who is simply expressing their opinion, is in the wrong. Understanding the task and getting feedback on your work is a more professional and respectable way to conduct yourself.

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