Top 3 Methods to Make an Instagram Account Popular in 2023

Top 3 Methods to Make an Instagram Account Popular in 2023

Instagram remains one of the most popular sites in the online world. All the best brands, famous creators, celebrities and even politicians are concentrated here. Perhaps this is the most attractive place for all bloggers – a large audience, many formats and the ability to communicate with fans makes it so. Digital content authors often come here to get their share of fame and promote their creativity. But not everyone succeeds. Why?

Just imagine how hard it is to stand out among already popular bloggers. And that’s not all – there are also many people here who started their journey this year and are looking for opportunities for growth. An overabundance of content and a bunch of new blogs have led to the fact that the competition has become very noticeable, and even cruel. If you don’t act decisively, you risk losing most of the audience without becoming famous. This can be avoided if you’ve a great promo strategy. To create it, you’ll need the best ways to attract subscribers: cross-posting, the opportunity to buy Instagram followers cheap and collaborations with creators. This is enough at the initial stage of any blogger’s promotion. We’ll tell you more in the article.


According to statistics, every active Internet user has personal accounts on at least several resources besides IG: TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and so on. They spend a lot of time here too, flipping through the post feed and watching their favorite videos. What does this mean for you? By going beyond one resource, you can attract a lot more new fans. Start duplicating your content to other networks. 

Have you published Reels or IGTV? Upload them on TikTok or YouTube, such content is basic here, without photos and text. Attach a link to the original source and wait for the videos to hit the trends. Don’t strive to make these platforms the main – just post your content here too. This way you’ll increase the chance to make publications more visible and attract the attention of new subs.

Purchasing subscribers for your page

Today, the opportunity to buy real Instagram followers is one of the most effective ways to attract as many new fans to your account as possible. This is a real chance to make the page flourish: good statistics, a lot of likes and comments, a lot of real subscribers will be with you after the purchase. 

Contrary to many doubts, there is nothing wrong with using paid PR services, on the contrary, it’s useful for those who do not see activity in the profile or cannot reach a new level of popularity. However, we do not recommend buying a lot at once: start with a few hundred new fans, so as not to arouse suspicion among users. Step by step, expand your follower base by investing little by little. It won’t hit the wallet, but it’ll make you more competitive.

Collaborations with other creators

There are many opportunities for creating collaborative content here, and you should include this in your promotional strategy. Then it’ll be comprehensive; by collaborating with bloggers, you not only increase the percentage of user engagement, but also become more well-known in the thematic online community. Start with a simple one: find a blogger from your or a neighboring niche with good statistics and a fanbase. If everything goes well, both of you’ll benefit from this and contribute to your growth. Good luck!

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