Who is Michael Dadich and What Happened To Him

Who is Michael Dadich and What Happened To Him

Aftermath is a short film that you may have seen if you spend a lot of time on Netflix. Produced by Peter Winther, it’s the latest Netflix horror film to be released. In memory of his buddy Michael Dadich, Peter has dedicated this film. Even the primary characters, who are based on Michael Dadich, are a testament to Michael’s contribution to the film. Even their last name, Dadich, is a commonality amongst them!

Following a murder-suicide in the home, Kevin and Natalie Dadich relocate into an opulent mansion and begin a new life together. The couple’s life improved, but the joy soon gave way to dread as the home became possessed and strange things began to happen.

Michael Dadich’s Death

In June 2020, Michael died while he was asleep at the age of 51. To honor Dadich, who he described as “everyone’s best buddy,” Peter wrote a tribute on his blog. When he sent a letter, Peter expressed his desire to spread his love over the world. He also added that he was unable to write about Michael because he was so overcome by his untimely death that he didn’t know what to say. In an effort to provide some comfort to his buddy, Michael penned a few words for him.

He made some reference to Dadich’s importance as a human person. After Peter made the comparison, he felt bad for writing in the past tense about his buddy. He also referred to Michael as a legend and said that he would never be able to forgive him.

The Silver Sphere: Book I was written by Michael Dadich, a well-known novelist. This is a fantasy book series. The book has received a lot of positive feedback, and it clearly deserves a follow-up. In the near future, Michael is likely to release a prequel. Everyone seems to love the book at the moment, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly good.

Before the credits begin to roll in the film Aftermath, there is a little tribute to Michael Dadich. The message Peter sent was in honor of his buddy.

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Michael Dadich, a close Friend of Producer Peter Winther, Passed Away Suddenly in June 2020

Michael Dadich, 51, died peacefully in his sleep in June of that year. A heartfelt tribute to Dadich was posted by Peter, who described him as everyone’s best friend. Peter stated, “He had that much love to offer.”

Peter wrote that he was so overcome by Michael’s sudden death that he couldn’t come up with anything to say. To help him cope with the situation, he composed a few words for his deceased friend. Then he added:

As a tribute to Dadich, and to let everyone know how great he was, even those who had never met him.” And he’s known as Dadich by everyone. In that respect, he was reminiscent of Jay Gatsby. In my opinion, he was the finest husband, father, and friend anybody could ever ask for. I still can’t believe I’m writing this in the past tense. He’ll always be a part of me. “He was a living legend,” one reviewer said.

When it comes to the Kin Chronicles series, Michael Dadich is most known for his books The Silver Sphere: Book I and The Cistern Mission. Michael’s first novel, The Silver Sphere, received rave reviews, thus it was reasonable to assume that he would continue the series in the future. He told Feathered Quill that he planned to write a prequel to the original story:

For me, it’s quite moving to read nice reviews and earn some of the recent accolades. When I read a positive review, I feel butterflies in my stomach. Afterward, I want to write a prequel about Azimuth’s first great conflict and Hiduex’s ascension, focusing on this particular collection of Kin.

Before the credits begin to roll on Aftermath, the song “In Loving Memory of our Best Friend: Michael Dadich” may be heard. Dadich must have had a profound impact on many people throughout the 51 years he spent on this earth.

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Aftermath is Based on a True Story

When it comes to the story of Aftermath, it’s based on an actual one. The film depicts actual events. In the film, the conclusion is completely improbable. As a result, it is highly unlikely that the film’s producers based the entire plot on actual events. Instead, it appears that the film was at least partially based on a true story (which actually explains a lot about it).

They were inspired by two real-life Californians, Jerry, and Janice, who went through what the film depicts. When ABC News ran a story on this topic in 2011, they even featured the real-life property where Jerry and Janice moved to.

In that house, things were not going well for the couple. Someone was breaking in and even trying to rape Janice all the time. The film depicts all of these things in great detail. The house had a spooky vibe to it. In addition, they received items they hadn’t ordered, and their house was put on the market without their knowledge. For them, it was a terrifying experience, which is depicted in Aftermath as a fantasy. Although the details aren’t exactly the same, Jerry and Janice’s story served as a major inspiration.

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