6 Tips To Keep In Mind When Designing Websites For Startups

6 Tips To Keep In Mind When Designing Websites For Startups

One of the first things a startup requires is an appealing, professional website. A website is a face of a company and helps build its brand image. It is a means to create brand recognition and share information regarding that business in a way that helps promote and develop the business further. 

However, not everyone is able to comprehend the true purpose of a website or if they do understand its purpose, they are unable to display the information in an engaging, comprehensive way. 

To ensure that a website serves its purpose well, startups often make the worthwhile decision to hire a freelance web designer to assist them. When it comes to the creation of a website, startups often decide to hire a freelance web designer. This is to assist them with certain things that they cannot do themselves or to integrate a brand-new design and branding, such as a redesigned logo, so they can ensure the website will serve its purpose well. The ladder can be done with the help of online tools like LOGO.com. By hiring a web designer, a business is able to make sure that at the end of the day, they have a website that is fully functional. In addition, the site can be visually stunning. They are well aware of the industry and the newest trends, tools, and technologies that can be utilized to create a visually appealing and efficient website. 

The following are some tips that you use when aiming to design a professional website for a startup. 

Have A Plan

As an entrepreneur, whether you will be designing a website for your own startup or you decide on hiring a web designer to design it, it is essential that you have a plan first. Take note of the following:

  • What does your brand represent?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What sort of product or services will you be selling?
  • How do you plan to engage your audience?
  • What will set you apart from other competitors in the industry?
  • What is your goal?

To have a better idea of what sort of competition you will be dealing with, research your competitors’ sites.  Think well about the questions above and once you have answered them, the steps you take to create your site will be more defined with clear set goals. There is a better chance of creating a sport logo maker for a site that will help you increase the growth of your business if you have well-defined objectives planned for it. 

Use Adaptive Design

The world is going mobile. Every new gadget gets smaller and more pocket-sized. Each new cellphone model is released with more functionality than the one before. Therefore, it only makes sense that your website uses adaptive design. 

To put it in simple words, adaptive design is a design that automatically adapts according to the device it is being viewed on. Using adaptive design ensures that your website will be shown with the right proportions and visual settings on any device. This allows anyone whether using a laptop, monitor,  tablet, or a cell phone to view it comfortably without having the layout all inappropriate proportions. 

Integrate Social Media Buttons

One sure way to spread the word about your new startup is to use social media platforms for creating more leads and clients. Globally, over 3.6 billion people use social media and the number is only projected to increase to 4.41 billion in 2025.

All it takes is a simple tap or click to share on a social media platform and …voila! You can reach a much bigger audience. 

When creating the design of your website, take great thought in where to best place the social media buttons. Some of the globally top-ranked social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram are a direct connection to accessing a larger audience and getting better conversion rates. 

Add Call-To-Action Buttons

Do not make the mistake of not including CTA buttons on your website. A CTA button is a way to interact with your audience. By clicking on a CTA button a user is prompted to take some sort of action such as requesting to “Sign up,” “Subscribe,” or “Buy Now.” Using urgent command words such as “today” or “now” statistically are said to be more persuasive. 

Make sure your CTA button is placed where it is easily visible to the viewer. The size should be neither too small, in case it is not seen, nor should it be too large, making the website design look overcrowded. Use contrasting colors and fonts in order to make it stand out from the background of your website. 

Make Your Site SEO Friendly

Posting content on the internet is all about it being SEO-friendly these days. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of designing a site so that Google can “read” through the site efficiently and interpret the content effectively. There are many simple steps you can take to achieve this. 

The advantage of this? It helps to keep viewers on your page for longer periods of time and helps in keeping your site in the top results for relevant keywords searches thus making your brand more accessible.

Interact With Your Audience

Integrating ways to communicate with your website users helps build a relationship with your potential customers. It shows that you, as a brand, care about their opinions and are open to listening to constructive criticism.

One way to communicate with your audience is to add a live chatbox. A live chat helps build trust and allows your audience to reach out to you and voice any concerns or inquiries they may have and have them resolved in real-time. 

A Frequently Asked Question section helps you improve your customer experience. It also gives you a chance to know what your audience is thinking and is effective to answer commonly asked questions. 


Creating a good website, especially for a new business, requires more than just an attractive layout, impactful photos, or engaging videos. Since its purpose is to increase awareness for your brand and hopefully generate better leads, it should have all the things it needs to make it effective and user-friendly so that your users can have a good viewing experience.

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