Best Alternative To In 2021

Best Alternative To In 2021

Torrentz2 is a popular mirror of the original website of Torrent. Torrent goodbye to the torrenting community in 2016 for those who are unaware. Since it was founded in 2003, this meta-search engine developed rapidly to become the preferred source of torrents for many people. Torrent had previously been a famous name in the world of torrent sites with millions of visits each day. However, both MPAA and Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) litigation led to the ultimate shutdown of Torrent. Shortly after its closure, however, numerous clone sites began to circulate the web. Although some of them appeared to be genuine substitutes for the original, consumers still did not know the duration of these sites. In addition, the stability and safety of such locations remained unknown.

We have thus collected the finest proxy and mirror sites in Torrentz2 that are still available in 2021. Furthermore, we selected the top unblocked torrent sites as an alternative to Torrentz2.

What Happened To Torrentz2

Torrentz was not always a torrent site where torrent files such as TPB or RARBG were stored. Rather, it was like that of Limetorrents, a torrent search engine. Torrent search engines work like any search engine, such as Google or Bing. Their main emphasis was on scouring the internet for pirate files and magnet links stored on other websites.

Torrentz and the many proxy sites of Torrentz were prominent in the torrent scene for years. In 2012, it even grabbed the title of the 2nd most common website for torrenting. The voluntary shutdown of the original site of Torrent in 2016 left many without their preferred search engine for torrent. This was after years of copyright owners and pirate organizations filing proceedings. However, like Kickass Torrents, we would not see the metasearch generator for the final time. Just a few days later, a new website with a similar layout began searching the torrent ecosystem.

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Is Torrentz2 Blocked?

For those who wonder what happened to, the original search engine is still unavailable from the beginning of 2021. However, users don’t have to worry, since Torrentz2 still has unblocking methods to access on the website. This includes, of course, going to proxy domains and mirror sites in Torrentz2.

If you don’t know the idea, a mirror site is a copy of an already existing website. The server or domain, however, varies from the original. With the same content as the original, a mirror site is ideal for redirecting visitors from the main domain. Have you ever had difficulties loading certain websites? That may be because the primary server of the website is unable to manage the number of users attempting to access it. Websites may thus generate copies or clones on another server to make the demand on the primary server easier. Furthermore, mirror sites are also useful if the original domain is not available in certain areas and nations.

As previously stated, the original website of Torrentz2 was only a clone of Torrent after it was suspended.

List Of Working Torrentz2 Proxy And Alternatives

The Torrentz2 proxy websites are maintained directly by the Torrentz2 volunteers and staff who wish to make the Torrentz2 proxy available even in the countries where the Torrentz2 proxy is banned. These unblocked torrentz2 sites are updated several times daily to maintain the newest Torrentz/Torrentz2 proxy and to provide the latest information and data for its customers. Just visit one of the proxy websites below and enjoy Torrentz2 again.

1. 1337X

As an efficient 1337X replacement, torrents in many categories are downloaded on your machine. Be it films, music, games, or TV programs, there are plenty of opportunities to discover. You receive the finest from this torrent site with an innovative user interface. Nothing is termed waiting time with 1337X since the download of the file is very quick.

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With torrents such as torrent sites, you may get your favorite material on the internet for free. guarantees that you may download games, music, software, and movies easily. The beautiful style of this site ensures that you can easily navigate through the torrents list of different genres. Due to this program’s simple interface, you don’t have to worry about browsing and the search for torrents. Everything on this website is organized and properly maintained.

3. The Pirates Bay 

As the most famous and fresh torrent site on earth, Pirate Bay has certainly created a niche for itself. It has everything under its belt starting with music, games, software, books, movies, and TV programs. You just have to explore your favorite torrent file with your fingers. It was prohibited in 28 places across the globe yet is a trustworthy site for torrents. Almost all of the torrents on this site are films and TV programs you may download on your PC. This website supports quick torrent download and here you may discover around three million torrents.

4. Kickass

Kickass leads the title because it possesses the world’s largest and largest database. It is now one of the largest alternatives to torrent2 with a large database. However, in certain regions, pirated and copyrighted content can only be boosted and available through the Kat proxy, much like the torrentz2 proxy. Kickass does not provide its consumers any options as bookmarks, volatility, and subscription.

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5. Extratorrent

Easy and clear UI leaves the proxy Extratorrents outdoors to stand. Moreover, it is the oldest pirate search engine that does not monitor its own customers’ IP addresses. It ensures that pop-up ads won’t be shown. Its creator claimed it was developed instead of Torrentz2.

6. Limetorrents

This is probably one of the best options for Torrentz2. It provides a clean white customer experience with group records, charts, and records of torrent websites and easy-to-search files. It contains an extensive database of films, television programs, anime, and software.

7. Snowf

The next option to is Snowfl. It offers the easiest and most convenient UI for a BitTorrent aggregator. Snowf displays primarily 1337x, YTS, Rockbox, and The Pirates Bay torrents. The torrent name should be placed in the keyword field and users should hit enter or click the search button. It will immediately display results without any further gimmick. It displays between 120-170 items on a blank sheet that may be viewed further. There’s a dark option that calms the eyes for those who like the dark display.

The results of the torrent include information such as seed, leech, size, torrent area, genus, and torrent age. All the information appears in vanilla text on the screen.


RARBG is a big torrent site, known for a highly active seed and quality torrent community. Since 2008, it has been around and attracts about 40 million visits per month. It competes with The Pirate Bay by providing a more personal experience with the top ten in various categories and headlines on the homepage. Its library size is good and it is often updated so that you are quite likely to discover fresh downloads on the site. RARBG likewise comes with a download speed quite close to that of The Pirate Bay. The only other difference is that ad incursion on RARBG is a little larger, so consider that while selecting one of the two. Oh, if you are from Denmark, Portugal, or the United Kingdom, since it’s banned there, you need a VPN to enter.

9. YTS

Although the typical stats don’t seem that great: compared to The Pirate Bay, not a large library, and the average download rate is 3-4 MB/s, YTS gets more than 75 million visitors each month, owing to its location. First, it is focused exclusively on movies and tries its best to monitor HD quality and tiny sizes of torrents that optimize any device or bandwidth. Secondly, there is little ad intrusion and the UI is lovely.

Finally, classics may be found on the platform. Actually, it is the only torrent site where movies such as 12 Angry Men may be found in 1080p.

10. Toorgle

Toorgle, a torrent search engine inspired by Google, perhaps has the highest torrents to search for under its belt. It looks for results for your sought torrent from over 150 torrent sites. Google powers this solution to show results from several torrent websites. The UI is clean, simple to use to search for torrents.

The torrents are shown as a search result for Google. You may visit a specific torrent site if the torrent you require is there. Without accessing the search engine Mozilla Firefox users may set up a search bar as an addition to search for torrents.

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