How The Yahoo People Search Functioned

How The Yahoo People Search Functioned

The Yahoo people search used to be a popular site where you could look for individuals by name and location. It has now been decommissioned. Using Yahoo’s search, you could also look for individuals based on their street address, phone number, or email address.

At one point, Yahoo’s people search engine was a reliable resource for finding individuals on the internet. One source for some of the personally identifiable information that you might find on Yahoo was data providers such as Intelius, as well as government public records and online white pages listings.

The original Yahoo people search has been taken down from the internet and is no longer accessible to users. Yahoo’s search engine, which can be found at, allows you to look for individuals by their complete name, address, phone number, or email address.

Increasingly, the contact information you get on people’s search websites such as Yahoo and White Pages is out of current and less trustworthy than it was in previous years. The majority of people search websites now charge a fee for more up-to-date and detailed information about individuals.

There are now a plethora of excellent options for searching for individuals online, in addition to the traditional Yahoo search engine. There are many more popular methods to search for individuals, including paid search services such as BeenVerified, Pipl (formerly ZabaSearch), PeopleSmart (formerly Spokeo), and others.

People finder websites, as opposed to Yahoo’s people search engine, gather a huge quantity of contact and public record information from a variety of sources and make it readily available on a single search site.

However, as previously said, you may still utilize the search engine at Yahoo to discover information on individuals and companies by typing in their names.

The Yahoo search boxes on this page allow you to discover information on individuals by searching for their complete name, phone number, street address, or email address on using the information you find in the search boxes.

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How The Yahoo People Search Functioned

Some of the information available on Yahoo People Search was provided by Intelius, an information retrieval organization that licensed this data to Yahoo. Intelius is a company that provides information retrieval services. The majority of the information discovered using the program was completely free, but if you wanted to investigate the information that Intelius provided, you would have to pay a fee.

Phone books, white pages, and yellow pages were all used to feed information into Yahoo’s search engine via the People Search tool, which was developed by Yahoo. Considering that this information could have been obtained on the internet and was accessible to the general public, it is unlikely that any of it was classified as sensitive, secure, or possibly dangerous.

It was necessary to know a person’s last name in order to locate a phone number or location. While a reverse phone number search might yield people and addresses connected with that specific phone number, and email address search (with the last name included) could provide names, addresses, phone numbers, and other relevant email information if the email address was found.

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Yahoo People Search Confidentiality

The information obtained via the use of Yahoo’s people search engine was obtained from publicly available databases, online phone books, and public record databases. In other words, none of the information provided by Yahoo People Search was created there; rather, it was discovered elsewhere on the internet and added to the database.

You may request that your information be removed from the Yahoo People Search listings by filling out a removal form on their website. However, this will not remove your information from any other websites that you may have visited.

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Alternatives To Yahoo’s People Search

There are a variety of methods for finding individuals on the internet. Perhaps you just have their phone number and you’d want to find out who the owner is. Alternatively, if you just know their email address, you may do a reverse email address search to determine who the email address belongs to. You may also search for someone based on their username.

On the other hand, the website offers a Yahoo People Search tool that is likely to be comparable to the original Yahoo People Search utility. However, instead of querying Intelius, the individual you are looking for is searched against Spokeo.

Exactly How Intelius Collaborated With Yahoo

Intelius used to be the company that licensed the data to Yahoo. The information that was discovered with the assistance of Intelius was free, but in order to proceed with your search using the information, you were required to pay a fee. The information provided was not sensitive, secure, or dangerous in any way. It was obtained via phone books, white pages, and yellow pages, to name a few resources. It was freely accessible to the general public and could be readily discovered on the internet, which was a plus.

The process was similar to that of piecing together jigsaw pieces since if you had a phone number, you could use it for a reverse search to determine who it belonged to. It’s possible to discover phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses of individuals you’re seeking if you just have their name and the name of the person you’re looking for.

It is no longer possible to access the original Yahoo person’s search engine via the internet. If you still want to know how to look for individuals on Yahoo, you may do it directly via the search engine. To begin, all you need to do is input the address, email address, phone number, and complete name of the individuals you’re looking for in the appropriate fields.

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