12 Trends in Video Marketing to Know for 2020

12 Trends in Video Marketing to Know for 2020
  1. Live video streaming

    Possibly the most popular theme as of this year and is used as a marketing tool. Streaming sites like Twitter , Facebook and Instagram all have features that allow users to start a live stream of videos. This is how other people connect, and communicate with each other. But there are other developments for your marketing campaign to remember. Only sit down close, and we’ll explain.

  2. Homepage videos on the rise

    Think about homepage videos as a digitally immersive way for consumers to take a sneak look of what their organization provides. It is more like a film teaser that you’re advertising for your company. Most of the reasons for its popularity would be the notion of enticing people who may be future clients. In retrospect, it’s a treat for the viewer, adding to excitement about what the company has to offer.

  3. Approachable explainer videos

    Like instructional films, films of the explainers demonstrate challenges and solutions. Owing to how much of an open platform it is for new and older users it will expand ever further in 2020. Using explainer videos will encourage your company to grow with marketing as brand identity is created.

  4. Full 360° video experience

    This feature is very interesting particularly if you want it to be used for video marketing purposes. The 360 ° display helps users to explore immersive camera contact by showing views from various visual angles themselves. That helps the user to have more power over the video.

  5. Personalized 1:1 video experience

    Even if this was a theme, “one-on-one” videos appear to keep clients to a personal basis. Therefore the word “one-on-one” One explanation of why it will continue this year is that it offers informative details that might be helpful to the audience.

  6. “Shoppable” videos

    That enables viewers to order what they want as soon as they see it. Nowadays, when it comes to getting their attention through new platforms, people tend to have limited attention spans. Remember to keep content brief when making “shoppable” videos while aesthetically appealing.

  7. Video formats becoming more popular

    Already this style of video format is popular. If you wish to target a somewhat younger demographic than the best strategy is to use vertical and square formats for video marketing. Usually, because of how fast-paced the world has been, these video formats attract more interest. In retrospect, when setting up video ads in a square or vertical display format it is easier for consumers to get involved.

  8. Influencer video marketing

    When it comes to ads, influencers were still a theme. Yet marketing this year has skyrocketed owing to how much influence they have on video marketing. Influencers will still be a helpful asset in marketing goods for your brand, from social media posts(1) to vlogging about everyday life on their YouTube channels.

  9. Marketing videos in email marketing

    Customers on an email list usually want to accept updates that will keep them subscribing to the business. Using videos would definitely engage viewers in the content you make as videos are clearly entertaining enough for them to continue to subscribe to your brand.

  10. Video marketing across multi-channel

    A better solution to successful video messaging is to have more flexibility for clients. When introducing multichannel video marketing, make sure that you go through multiple distribution platforms, such as:

    All in all, the multichannel video marketing aim provides more consumer choice as well as learn what the company has to deliver in a new, technically innovative approach.

  11. Sales and marketing personalized videos

    By customizing videos for advertising and marketing purposes, customer loyalty is likely to improve because of the time and effort you invested in creating custom material for them. It’s no wonder that certain companies offer both fantastic customer service and outstanding loyalty services. Take account thereof.

  12. Everyone is vlogging

    Although this is not the first time people are vlogging, what we mean by this is that more people start vlogging more material for their company. Vlogging aims to provide more immersive access for users and has a stronger interest in the information produced.

Final Words

In addition, video marketing is a cornerstone of marketing’s future. Finding the right approach to conduct the 2020 ad plan will fly seamlessly, with many options to choose from. Based on the video marketing developments discussed here, we are pretty sure you’ll be all set and ready for potential plans for video marketing.

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