Free Computer Software Downloading Sites in 2020

Free Computer Software Downloading Sites in 2020

Free computer software downloading sites are a must-have for computer users. Using a computer is not as easy as it seems. The system needs sound information and knowledge to manage things. One must-have thing for the users is the software. This is like the soul to the system as it helps in carrying out a number of operations. Considering the extensive usage of computers for different jobs at an individual and professional level, the software is constantly updated. Therefore, to keep the system updated it is essential to keep the software updated. Besides downloading them with any external source there is another opportunity to get them online as well. There are specialized websites for downloading the software online.

How can the sites help?

Free download computer software is not easy to find. The user must know what he actually wants and what are the essential requirements. The software download sites can assist quite well in this regard.

As these Sites have their own servers thus it is possible to have their assistance round the clock. The software is meant for thorough scanning of the system. In this way, they ensure that the right software is chosen for the system. It also ensures that the software installed is free of all kinds of viruses and other intruders.

The recommended software Download Sites

1) Download.Com

It is the most popular website to download the required software. The story of success began 14

Years ago. It is owned by one of the popular names in the world of technology, CNet. in these 14 years, the website has provided all the necessary support a person seeks in getting the right software for the system. It offers a great variety for different platforms like Windows, Mac, or Linux. Even if the user is looking for a software to be installed on the mobile they have it for their ease.there is a rich collection of the software that includes 100,000 freeware, try-first downloads, and the shareware.

There is a team of editors to review the downloads. They come up with the synopsis and further recommendations so that the users can have the best idea as to what is the most needed and appropriate option for their platform. After you get the registration you can further add your reviews for what you have tried.

2) FileHippo.Com

It is amongst the most favorite sites for free download. It is also added with a small program for scanning the computer. This is known as fileHippo Update Checker. Besides scanning the system it also helps in getting the updates. With the FileHippo Update Checker, the user finds it easy to use the most updated version of the software available without the fear of getting infected with any virus.

3) ZDNet Download

While searching for the free download computer software you would definitely like to get connected with the site that has a large software directory to help you out. ZDNet can resolve all your problems successfully. It can have software that supports all kinds of OS and platforms. There is no question about the credibility of the software collection available on this platform. Get Freeware and shareware both.

4) Softpedia.Com

Softpedia comes from Romania. The website helps in collecting the information and then helping to get the right software for the device. It is very easy to find the right software as these all are arranged in an order of the hierarchy. The file paths can be chosen according to your personal needs. The other options to sort out the choice are using the spring filters that is the date of the last update, ratings, and a number of downloads. The list can be viewed in three modes being shareware, freeware, or normal. It is for the best services that it now ranks among the top free computer software downloads.

5) Tucows.Com

The word Tuscows actually stands for The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock  Software. It is a vast directory of different software. In order to maintain smooth traffic, there is a collection of mirror sites to help the user. In this way, he can easily access the site from any geographical location with great ease.

6) FreewareFiles.Com

The name is self speaking of the services provided by There are 15800 programs to choose from. These can be downloaded easily as they are arranged in an ordered way. The user can find the category of his choice and then find the right software under the selected option.

7) MajorGeeks

MajorGeeks has made things really easier for those searching for free software downloads for computers. It includes all essential tools that are required by the beginners, intermediate users, and even the professionals. The software was initially introduced by the name TweakFiles. This name continued till 1997. The site is a joint venture of two friends Jim and Tim. the interface is quite impressive. They ensure the complete quality of the software that they are providing. It also comes along with the antivirus so it becomes convenient to handle the possible threats.

8) FileCluster

FileCluster is not a very old site. It is one of the latest versions. It started operating in 2006 and the number of users has grown rapidly in the past few years. The user can get all kinds of software being Freeware and Shareware both. In addition to this, it is quite helpful in getting the best WordPress Themes and Latest News about other companies venturing in this field.

9) Soft32

Soft32 is another popular free computer drivers free download site that started assisting the users in 2003. The creators ensure that the directory is constantly updated to facilitate the users. The creators have ensured providing software for all kinds of platforms including the PC and the Android. There is a list of 87587 programs that can be reached out with this site.

10) Softonic

Softonic is the most popular name. It started becoming a household name soon after it was launched in 1997. Today it is not just a reliable name in the European world but also a great opportunity for users all over the world. It is very easy to use as the text is available in all globally used languages. Although English was added in 2005 the list of software made it really a great choice before that. It also provides a comparison between the tools so the task becomes really easy to handle.


Here we have added all the popular sites that can help you in managing the system well. We are sure that this list will be of great help for all the users. It can fulfill the needs of almost all the users as per their needs.

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