Adobe Acrobat Alternatives 2020

Adobe Acrobat Alternatives 2020

Adobe Acrobat alternatives 2020 are much needed by the ones who are using Adobe Acrobat for years. It is an excellent solution to switch to some other alternative and not Adobe Acrobat. The Adobe Acrobat is actually among the first few names that started working with the PDFs. since then it has become a reliable name for those who have to work with the PDFs. It is more of an inspiration for many other creators who are following in their footsteps to create the PDF software. There are alternatives to the Adobe Acrobat that can be used in place of it. There might be slight differences in the performance but the overall functionality is the same.

What Makes a Good PDF Editor?

If you are looking for a trusted adobe acrobat alternative then you must know how it actually works. It is very important for a PDF editor to assist the user in the following way:

  • Converting different file formats into PDF
  • Converting the scanned documents
  • Creating a new PDF
  • Converting the PDF into other formats.
  • Using OCR technology.
  • Text optimization
  • Text editing in PDF format

If your choice encompasses all these features then you can choose the alternative against Adobe Acrobat.

Here are the five popular alternatives that you can use this year for a great PDF experience.

1. Foxit Phantom PDF

It is a high-performance alternative to the Adobe Acrobat which comes in three diverse versions being Standard, business, and education. There is also a mobile app and cloud integration associated with this software. By incorporating the functions and features the user can comfortably edit, share, and then comment on any kind of PDF document. Things become really interesting with the choice of sticky notes, callout boxes, and text highlighting. It is even possible to add a digital signature to a sensitive document.

Foxit allows conversions to and from the other formats. Without changing the format the user can easily get the file printed. The user-friendly interface makes it a great choice for beginners as well.

2. Nitro Pro

Created under the guidance of the Nitro, this is indeed an amazing choice for the PDF document. It comes with a vast range of features that cannot be ignored. The ribbon menu interface and task-oriented structure can never be denied. It is for the efficiency and the ease that it classifies as one of the best Adobe Acrobat Alternatives 2020. Nitro Pro is indeed an excellent choice for the individual and professional tasking. It is highly recommended for energy providers, financial experts, academicians, and health care experts. The companies that have to do extensive work through PDF there has an option of getting up to ten licenses so they can enjoy uninterrupted working. The license actually is meant for support and updates. It can be easily used for the Windows Tablets and there is no cost of using the function-rich PDF reader. The user can do any action with the document like editing, securing, or commenting.

3. Nuance Power PDF

Nuance Communications is better known as a specialist in language support software and productivity management. The first text recognition software was introduced in 1974. After its huge success, they collaborated with big names like Apple and came up with a software named Siri that was meant to support the personal assistant. These language support ventures have made their PDF really an amazing thing in the world of software. It allows recognition of the text that can be read out in the document as well. The editing of scanned documents is no longer a big challenge. It gives access to Asian fonts and ensures support for several languages including German, French, and English. It is easy to read and adjust the contrast. Customize the text by editing tools along with the opportunity to add clip art or symbols from the text as required. Keep the documents safe with the password, electronic signature, and drag and drop license option.

4. Qoppa PDF Studio

Qoppa is a software company from Atlanta which is comparably small. If you use this as the alternative you will also get a server and PDF libraries with it. This one is counted in the most productive Adobe Acrobat Alternatives 2020. Qoppa has two different apps for smartphones i.e. qPDF Notes and free qPDF Viewer. Qoppa PDF Studio has two versions, the standard version, and the Pro version. The Pro version comes with extended features. If you want a complete solution as the adobe acrobat alternative then Pro studio should do it. Its standard version is a cheap one that is affordable even for beginners like the students. Create, read, edit, and comment on the document without any problem or expertise required. It is even easier to fill the form with Qoppa PDF studio. The documents can stay safe without any hassle. The passwords are there for authorizing the access and the use of signatures is another benefit for those using it for official purposes. Hence, it guarantees efficiency, peace of mind, security and ease all going hand in hand.

5. PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor is among those Adobe Acrobat alternatives that are known for being economical when bought. This offers a perfect combination of the tools that are required to create, annotate, and edit the documents in PDF. The software also gives an edge of using the OCR and the digital signatures. If you have acquired the Plus version you can easily get the feature of creating and filling the forms of your choice. It is even easier to export the PDF files to any of the MS Office file formats. There are multiple functions for the users of all levels.

Final words

It is hard to ignore the fact that Adobe Acrobat has its own place in the world of PDF documents. It has always helped the users to prepare the PDF files with great ease and comfort. It has become a model for many who create PDF supporting software. There are many who still believe there is no match to the Adobe Acrobat but still it is worth trying and using the different alternatives. The alternatives listed above are of great help for PDF users. They have a solution for beginners, private users, and business personnel regardless of which platform they are using.

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