List of Softwares to Increase Youtube Views

List of Softwares to Increase Youtube Views

Best Software to increase YouTube views is required by several users.YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for video marketing. More than a 1.5 billion logged in viewers consume video content. Where Facebook and Twitter are still making efforts to introduce videos to their social media applications and increasing the number of followers, YouTube still outshines all the other video making applications with billions of viewers and for having almost all kinds of videos. Many people have opened their YouTube channels and have quite a huge number of followers and they are making quite a fortune from it. Those who wish to make the best out of their marketing videos should definitely consider YouTube for this purpose.

What to Expect from YouTube?

Before joining YouTube, one should keep this in mind that like anything, it also requires efforts and lots of dedication before one starts making the most out of it. One should not expect one’s video to perform and get hundreds of thousands of views by simply posting a single Facebook video. One is supposed to be dedicated and patient enough to get to the point where they get to have some subscribers and views also.  Nowadays, there are certain tools available which can help to boost one’s YouTube performance and maximize viewers as well

7 Tools to Help You Increase Youtube Views

The list of some of the best software to increase YouTube views that can maximize performance and increase viewers are as follows:

1. Bulk Suggest Tool

Most of the time, it is not recommended to use keywords for YouTube video content, still, it can be an essential element of discovery and can be used to highlight the title and description of their YouTube videos and also for the sake of increasing video views.

Bulk Suggest Tool is a keyword research app that works by searching the “Auto-complete” database of Google as well as YouTube for expanding versions of keywords which can be inserted as queries. The result from this tool will later enable one to compare Google and YouTube queries and opt for the keyword strings which are most relevant to the target audience.

2. BirdSong Analytics

Competitive research proves to be useful to provide insight to social media managers into what works for their target market before they try anything else themselves. Among other tools, BirdSong Analytics is also one of the competitive analysis tools used for public YouTube channels. If anyone is familiar with the channel names of their competitors, they can easily have access to their engagement metrics and SEO tactics.  Using this tool, one can also figure out the best time for publishing videos. It also tells about the optimum length for a video and they base it on what one’s competitors are posted.

3. DrumUp

DrumUp is one of the most useful and important tools which are used to increase the views on YouTube videos. It is nearly impossible to get hundreds or thousands of views on videos unless one has millions of subscribers, which is quite a hard task. This tool also enables users to share a YouTube video across different social media accounts, causing no inconvenience. Using this tool, one can add one social media account. It also helps in pulling content from the YouTube RSS feed, and it also helps in scheduling posts to get published across one’s all social media accounts.

4. Canva

YouTube marketing is not only about making videos, editing them nicely, and then posting it on one’s account. It also involves engaging people and getting them to view and like the videos which one has created with so many efforts. It also includes their response to the marketing messages. Graphic designs also play a vital role in engaging target viewers.

Canva is an easy, and convenient graphic designing tool used to enhance YouTube videos and their presence. By using custom canvas dimensions on Canva, video makers can also make attractive thumbnails and cards to engage channel viewers.

5. VidIQ

Having the right tags plays an important role in raising the rankings on YouTube. VidIQ is also used for the same purpose, as it is a tag discovery tool that helps in increasing visibility on YouTube by suggesting several relevant tags that can be added to the video description.

Besides suggesting relevant tags that are sourced from high-quality data, VidIQ also calculates the difficulty to rank for the tags which it suggests. The users can apply this information to find tags of high and optimum popularity and ranking difficulty to include as part of the YouTube video description

6. Cyfe

During content creation, video analytics proves to be an important part of video marketing. A good YouTube channel is not only about publishing great content, but it gradually gets better with the help of data collected by previously published videos.

Cyfe is basically a custom analytics dashboard that makes it possible for users to track the performance of their marketing in one place with the help of a combination of trackers which can easily be put together according to the requirement. Cyfe can track social media analytics along with website analytics and sales so that video makers can easily match their marketing goals along with their business goals.

7. TubeBuddy

If anyone desires to have a quick overview of their YouTube performance while browsing through various videos on their channel, TubeBuddy serves the purpose in this case. As TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension, so its features load within YouTube. It saves one from the hustle of leaving the page to view analytics. Apart from showing the tags, one is already ranking for, it also offers suggestions that can optimize SEO for the videos.


Everyone wishes to have a YouTube channel nowadays, as it is an interesting and rewarding job. Having the right set of the best software to increase YouTube views to support YouTube marketing is inevitable. It also helps in maximizing the number of followers and increasing their views. These tools also help in increasing the reach of one’s videos to others and help one in achieving the goals that one desires for the efforts one has put into creating high-quality content.

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