3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Proxies at All Costs

3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Proxies at All Costs

Although proxies can be very beneficial for both individuals and businesses, having to use a free one can have some dire consequences. Find out here why you should always avoid using free proxies even if you really need them.

Did you know that about 31% of internet surfers have used some kind of VPN or proxies? Since proxy servers like the ipv6 proxy can act as a firewall of some sort and as a filter as well, people have started looking at it as a good thing. But, in this world that we live in, there is nothing truly free. This means that for people who are using the free proxies, their information could be the thing that they are paying with.

Some big shot companies even use proxy servers because it will help them in a number of things like increasing the network speed and restricting some specific websites for their employees. Most of these companies tend to use paid proxies rather than free ones because they know that free proxy servers have a hazard that is always attached to them.

What are the types of Proxy Servers out there?

There are different types of proxy servers available, each with its specific use. Below are the main types of proxies that people use:

  1. Ipv6 Proxy – This proxy will let your Internet Service Provider connect to all kinds of suitable traffic, whether it is using the older or newer generation of Internet protocol.
  2. Forward Proxy – this type of proxy provides proxy services to a specific individual or a group. This type of proxy can make the user’s identity hidden, making it safer for the user.
  3. Reverse Proxy – as the name suggests, it is the opposite of the forward proxy. While the forward proxy protects the user’s identity, the reverse proxy will instead hide the server’s identity.

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Proxies

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should avoid free proxies at all costs: 


  • Free Proxies Can Monitor Your Connection


A number of hackers have actually set up numerous proxy servers in order for them to be able to spy on those who were willing enough to use their free proxy servers. Suppose you have agreed to their terms and conditions. In that case, you allow them to view your private information whenever you use their proxy servers.

When it comes to the online world, your private data is essential and should not be shared easily, so you should definitely avoid free proxies because most of them exist for spying on people and even stealing their very important information.


  • Free Proxy Servers May Contain Malware


Some popular free proxy servers among internet users actually contained malicious malware and some viruses. If your computer is connected to these proxy servers, that malware or virus could infect your personal computer.

No matter how free something is on the Internet, it is not worth it if you get malware or a virus after accessing it. This malware and virus inside some proxy server might even cost you hundreds of dollars if your computer gets infected.


  • Free Proxies Services are Usually Poor


When it comes to free proxies, they are usually bad at security and in terms of their services. Free proxies are usually slow because of the fact that a lot of people are using them, and they also lack the necessary funding to improve their services.

This means that you will not be only more vulnerable to hackers, malware, and viruses. Still, you will also be suffering from lousy service.

Reasons Why You Should Use High-Quality Proxies

High-quality proxies may not seem like a tempting offer because you have to pay for them, but if you know the kind of services they offer, you will truly know that they are worth every penny.


  • Premium Proxies are Secured


A company that sells its proxy servers will usually make sure that its product is of high quality. Because of that, premium proxies are usually more secure than regular free proxies.


  • Free From Any Malware or Virus


As mentioned earlier, malware and viruses are problems that free proxy users will usually encounter, but with a paid proxy, you will not have to worry about such things.


  • Faster and More Reliable Speed


One of the best things about paid proxies is that they are truly magnificent in speed and reliability. No matter how large the user volume is for paid proxies, it will never experience any slow down.

Final Thoughts

Proxies, although the free ones can be useful at times, should totally be avoided because they can ruin your online experience or your business. The premium ones are no problem because they are of high quality and will not contain any malicious malware or viruses. 

The paid ones are also more secured in terms of the connection between you and the server. Yes, it will indeed cost you money for the premium proxies. Still, it will undoubtedly be better than paying with your private data instead.

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