Bobby Ikon Getting Married Complete Detail About This

Bobby Ikon Getting Married Complete Detail About This

It was announced on August 20 that iKON’s lead rapper Bobby is getting married. A handwritten letter from the K-pop star was released on Instagram to announce the news.

This is Bobby’s confession in the letter: he will marry the one he cares about most. Next, he revealed that he will become a parent in September, with the song “U Mad” as the catalyst.

“I’ve made a commitment to marry the woman I love, and I’m expecting my first child in the fall. I am overjoyed to have a new addition to my family, “This is what Bobby from iKON had to say.

IKON’s Bobby apologized to the people who have supported and loved him throughout his whole career as an artist/idol.

“In particular, I apologize to any of my followers who may be left perplexed by my unannounced announcement. I apologize for not informing you of this sooner; nevertheless, I was really concerned about it. The people who have always helped and supported me with all of their hearts are under a lot of pressure, and I feel responsible for their well-being. Thank you to those who have been hurt or confused by this, and I extend my deepest apologies.” iKON’s main rapper made the statement to fans.

IKON member Bobby also vowed to his fellow band members, parents, and most of all, his fans to put in the effort necessary to improve himself going forward.

“The people who have become essentials in my life, even though I’m lacking, I will strive to be a person who does not shame my fans or my parents. The fans and iKON members who have been waiting for iKON’s activities will not be a distraction to me, and I will do my best not to inconvenience them, “Bobby penned a letter to the editor.

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iKON’s Bobby To Get Married; Announces Pregnancy With Fiance

IKON’s Bobby has made it clear that he intends to tie the knot soon. In addition, he will be a father very soon. Bobby just posted on Instagram about how he plans to keep his pledge to the person he cares about. In the near future, he and his fiancee will tie the knot. And in September, the singer will become a father for the first time.

Bobby opens his letter by stating that he has spent a lot of time thinking about the subject at hand and that he intends to speak up about it. As a result of his fear, he revealed that he and his girlfriend were getting married and that she was pregnant. Fans who may have been surprised by this unexpected development have also received an apology from the actor.

Then, he said that he could have done so sooner, but he was concerned about a specific issue. But wait, what? If it’s too late, it’s better than never. We, like many iKON and Bobby fans, are overjoyed for the couple.

In addition to the news, Bobby apologized twice for withholding the information. When he spoke about the emotional impact of the news, he stated he felt a tremendous sense of duty. His final pledge to his family, friends, and followers was that he would never bring dishonor to them. And he’ll put in even more effort for the iKON fans who are eagerly anticipating future activities.

It wasn’t just the audience members who saw the vocalist of Love Scenario was anxious. Fortunately, his following stood by him. We, too, extend our best wishes to him and his family for long and happy life.

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Bobby’s Old Video – Wants To Become A Great Dad

One of Bobby’s previous videos has become an internet sensation since news of his pregnancy broke. YouTube channel ‘Gam Gyul Kon’ aired a video where all members of the band iKON – Yunhyeong and Bobby – were randomly asked questions. Bobby’s turn came, and he was asked to describe his ideal partner. He responded by saying, “I think people who diligently do their work are awesome and I respect them,” whether they were women or men.

The interviewer also inquired about Bobby’s long-term goals. Bobby said that he wanted to be a pilot, but then he changed his mind and wanted to be a singer instead. He also plans to be a good father in the future.

Netizens can’t stop swooning over his adorable replies, and the interview is currently gaining more attention than ever before.

IKON’s rapper Bobby, born Kim Ji-Won, is best known for his work with YG’s iKON boy band. Bobby made his iKON debut in 2015, but he was already well-known by the time of his solo debut in 2012. Win: Who Is Next? featured the singer/rapper in 2013. While he didn’t win the competition, his popularity skyrocketed.

The supporters are eagerly awaiting the day when he becomes a better father and husband.

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