List Of My Hero Academia [MHA] characters

List Of My Hero Academia [MHA] characters

Certain characters from My Hero Academia are commonly derided, hated, or undervalued, and this has to change.

From the shonen hero, Izuku Midoriya to his good pals Ochaco Uraraka and others, Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia features a diverse and unforgettable ensemble of characters. The series also has some really terrible characters, such as the archvillain All For One and the thuggish Muscular, who are beloved by fans.

However, there are a few characters from My Hero Academia who receive a lot of backlashes. They are frequently derided, criticized, or undervalued by the fans, which may occasionally go too far. These characters definitely have flaws, but they deserve a bit more attention, or at the very least, fans should understand why they act and believe the way they do.

List of My Hero Academia characters

1: Kota Izumi Has Personal Reasons To Doubt Heroes

When Kota Izumi slugged Izuku between the legs when they first met, he created a horrible first impression, and it’s also true that pro heroes shouldn’t be dismissed so easily. Despite this, Kota Izumi lost both of his parents, both of whom were professional athletes. It’s no surprise that he grew to despise the superhero genre.

Kota is a little child who is overcome with pain and loss. No one can blame him for separating himself from the world that took away both of his parents. When Izuku saved Kota from Muscular, he changed his mind, and following MHA manga chapters illustrate how far Kota has progressed since then.

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2: Tomura Shigaraki Is Ultimately A Victim

For the most part, the terrible Tomura Shigaraki deserves to be despised for his haughty demeanor and numerous bad deeds throughout the novel. Even though he suffered terribly as a youngster, he shouldn’t be given a pass to do all of these things, but keeping a balanced viewpoint is crucial.

Tomura was once a normal youngster, but his Decay Quirk was too much for him to manage, and when he accidentally killed his whole family, his psyche was destroyed. Then, with the help of All For One and Doctor Garaki, he was transformed into the person he is now, complete with a new name.

3: Endeavor Can’t Change The Past

Endeavor, the burning hero, is in a similar situation as Tomura Shigaraki. Fans should not ignore his numerous transgressions simply because he regrets them, and he did leave some wounds on his wife and children. Nothing Endeavor does now can change the past, but no one can change the past in the first place.

Endeavor won’t be able to undo his mistakes, but he can look to the future and make amends with genuine acts of goodness and compassion, and that’s all anyone can ask of him. His apologies are sincere, and that has to count for something. The Todoroki family will undoubtedly be reunited at some point in the future. Don’t forget to forgive, but don’t forget to forget.

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4: Katsuki Bakugo Intensely Pressures Himself To Succeed

Katsuki Bkaugo is yet another character who has done some awful things of his own free will, and Izuku and the others should not forget about it. Katsuki Bakugo has a nasty attitude, but behind it all, he has a true ambition to become a great hero, and he is under a lot of pressure to succeed.

Bakugo, in particular, is under pressure to excel, both to his exceptional inherent quirk and his burning desire to one day exceed All Might. Bakugo used to crumble under the pressure he put on himself, but now he has a better rivalry with Izuku, and he does bring out the best in Izuku on occasion.

5: Mashirao Ojiro Is Unremarkable, But He’s Trying

Mashirao Ojiro is a martial arts hero in training, as evidenced by his hero costume. To give him a lean and mean appearance, he wears a karate robe and fingerless gloves, and he left the room in his costume for his trademark tail to poke out. That fifth limb, the tail, is extremely useful.

Mashirao may be outclassed by the likes of Izuku, Tenya the runner, and possibly even Rikido Sato, but that is no reason to mock or dismiss him. That fifth tail can be extremely useful in some situations, and it is undeniably powerful in melee combat. Mashiro requires some additional credit.

6: Flect Turn Has Mental Scars To Contend With

The great Flect Turn is the major antagonist of the World Heroes’ Mission film, and while his destruction is critical for the world’s survival, fans don’t have to despise him too much. Although Flect’s scheme is cruel and unforgivable, he genuinely wants to save people. His techniques, however, were far too harsh.

Flect is speaking from the heart when he says he wants to assist individuals to get rid of their bothersome Quirks that are ruining their life. Flect’s own Quirk makes it hard for anyone to approach him or embrace him, and this has driven him to despair. He may be a bad guy on the outside, but he’s in pain on the inside. He isn’t a complete monster.

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7: Eraserhead

While Eraserhead is a strong hero in his own right, his peculiarity isn’t the only thing that makes him such. Having the power to turn off any opponent’s quirk sounds useful, but he can only do it for a short time. Izuku is eager to remind out that Eraserhead’s quirk is best suited for one-on-one combat or battling in the shadows.

Eraserhead is a good hero because of his dedication to training and being better than his quirk allows him to be. Perhaps his tenacity and intelligence, rather than his beneficial but restricted peculiarity, are his most significant talents.

8: Thirteen

Having the capacity to generate a vortex that can absorb anything and transform it into dust may appear to be a fairly great skill, and while it has its uses—such as saving the lives of individuals stuck in rubble after a natural disaster—it also has its negatives.

Thirteen appears to require a unique suit in order to regulate and contain the power contained within the outfit. Furthermore, it appears that Thirteen’s vortex might pose a major threat to her friends in some scenarios. Thirteen appears to have earned her spot among Japan’s hero elite, making her a valuable asset to do-gooders.

9: Tomura Shigiraki

Despite the fact that you can reduce any of your opponents to dust with a single touch of all five of your fingers, this ability is really extremely faulty. This ability can only be used at close quarters, and Shigiraki appears to have little control over it at first, making it impossible for him to lead a regular life.

When Re-Destro is defeated in Season 5, Shigaraki’s character begins to take shape, and he takes on a villainous persona that feels like it was inevitable. With Shigaraki’s connections and deadly nature, All For One’s heir apparent can’t be ignored.

10: Bakugo

While Bakugo has always boasted about his strength and natural talent, he discovers a new world when he enrolls in U.A. Nitroglycerin can be secreted from his hands and ignited at will thanks to his quirk. In spite of Bakugo’s fiery temperament, he is a very disciplined and talented hero.

In spite of his jealousy and hot-headedness, he wants to stay up with Izuku Midoriya, his classmate and long-time competitor. My Hero Academia’s most powerful character Bakugo relies heavily on his youthful self-confidence, but he’ll need to learn to control his rage and improve his skills if he wants to remain so.

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