How to Start a B2B Marketplace: Steps You Should Take

How to Start a B2B Marketplace: Steps You Should Take

The business model of a business-to-business marketplace has potential for success. Indeed, business-to-business deals are often prosperous and long-lasting. The benefits of a B2B marketplace are numerous, and today you will learn all you need to know to create one. You can also build yourself if you are a good developer or you can take website development services from Rubygarage.

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What is a B2B Marketplace?

First things first: What is a B2B marketplace? That’s what we’ll look at here below.

How Does a B2B marketplace Work?

The term “marketplace platform” refers to an online venue that brings together customers and vendors. A business-to-consumer, or B2C, marketplace facilitates transactions between businesses and consumers. To illustrate, Etsy is a typical business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplace.

To facilitate interactions between companies, there is a B2B (business-to-business) marketplace. Business-to-business marketplaces include Upwork, a platform for freelancers, and Alibaba, a platform for online retailers.

However, many markets combine elements of both business-to-business and business-to-consumer models. Etsy merchants that want to sell in bulk to stores can do so. The majority of Airbnb hosts want to connect with guests. They can also provide lodging for people on business trips.

Because business-to-business deals are typically made as long-term commitments, B2B marketplaces benefit from a lower user base.

However, it may be difficult to convince B2B customers to switch to a new platform if your marketplace operates in a mature sector. Indeed, companies frequently fail to consider alternatives to their established procedures. With the correct marketing approach, though, you may expand your market if you have a compelling offering (read our guide on it here).

B2B Marketplace Examples

Some instances of B2B marketplaces That is an excellent inquiry. The top business-to-business (B2B) marketplaces are listed below.

Obviously, they are some of the most prominent actors in the world. Numerous specialized B2B exchanges exist. Contently, like Toptal, matches businesses in need of content creation with freelance writers, whereas Toptal does the same for software developers.

A B2B Marketplace for Online Shops and Distributors

Alibaba, a business-to-business marketplace, is a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest in the world. They serve as a bridge between Chinese factories and online retailers.

Alibaba B2B marketplace

Upwork: Connecting Businesses And Freelancers

One such major platform for business-to-business transactions is Upwork. Freelancers of all stripes can find clients on our site.

Upwork B2B marketplace

Amazon Business: Connecting sellers and businesses

For commercial transactions, there is Amazon Business. Businesses now have an easier option for purchasing from Amazon sellers.

Amazon Business B2B marketplace

What Should Your B2B Marketplace Look Like?

You may be asking what features YOU think a B2B marketplace should have.

A thriving business-to-business (B2B) marketplace requires a few key elements. Please consider these important considerations.

Your Niche

Find a specific market to focus on for your company’s B2B marketplace. Why? Because no other marketplace can compete with you until you do.

Consider that if your company is a generic B2B marketplace on the internet, not many people will pay attention to it. Since then, popular online markets like Alibaba have emerged. People go to those kinds of markets to satisfy their more general shopping requirements.

But if your marketplace caters to a specific subset of customers, it will become the “go-to” location for that demographic. To provide just two examples, you might be THE marketplace for businesses in need of high-quality jewelry or THE marketplace for the most reliable business travel services.

Take a look around the market you wish to enter to see where the openings are. That which exists already, if anything In what ways might the marketplace be improved? Can you boast superior quality or lower transaction costs for business-to-business dealings?

Product/Market Fit

Only if there is a good product/market fit can your company succeed.

The meaning of this is unclear. Simply said, there must be a need for your business-to-business marketplace.

Typically, it takes a few tries until you locate the right one. When users begin subscribing and paying for your platform, you know you’ve hit on something they desire. If customers don’t see the worth in your platform, though, you’ll need to make some adjustments to discover a better product/market match.

Business Model

The following stage is to settle on a certain type of business structure. Your business model, after all, is crucial to the success of your company.

In order to grow and make money, you need a solid business concept. Your firm will inevitably fail if you use the wrong model.

How should a company decide what price to charge for its services? You presumably operate on a commission basis, where a percentage of all sales made through your site goes to you. As an alternative, you might charge per lead generated for your customers if your volume of transactions is low yet high.


Lastly, consider who exactly it is that will be using your product. Which category do these firms fall into small, medium, or large? Alternately, do you specialize in serving specific industries?

You must fully understand this:

  • Why do people choose to utilize your service? Companies on a larger scale have different requirements and resources than sole proprietorships.
  • The best way to get people to join your network. Social media ads might reach local establishments with limited marketing budgets. Larger companies often need to put more time and energy into direct marketing.
  • Which price point your market really needs? After all, you may have an easier time convincing smaller companies to join your platform. However, they won’t have the financial resources of large corporations and hence will be unable to make large purchases.

How to Find the Right B2B Marketplace Software

Once you have established the foundations of your business-to-business marketplace, you can begin developing your platform.

Which is the least difficult option? You’re free to create your own system from the ground up. However, utilizing B2B marketplace software is the quickest and cheapest option.

In less than a day, you can have your B2B marketplace up and running with the help of these SaaS solutions, which offer convenient drag-and-drop functionalities. Most platforms may be modified to accommodate users that want specialized functionality.

The following features should be included in your B2B marketplace builder.

What you’re looking for in a set of features. Listings, user profiles, payment mechanisms, and a means for users to connect with one another are all necessities.

  • Security. Your business-to-business (B2B) marketplace software needs robust security features since trust and safety are crucial to the success of your marketplace. For instance, it must provide safe means of exchanging money and talking to one another.
  • Customizability. Your chosen marketplace must allow for some degree of personalization if you have specific demands.

Rubygarage provides a platform for creating B2B marketplaces. Although our design is straightforward, it gives you access to several advanced capabilities. Read on to learn more about our services.

How To Grow And Scale Your B2b Marketplace

The next step after launching a B2B marketplace is to expand it.

To kick off the expansion of your B2B marketplace, you should prioritize acquiring users in a natural way. In particular, this is true when interacting with larger organizations.

You’ll first have to solve the age-old “chicken or egg” dilemma. The meaning of this is unclear. Both vendors and buyers are necessary for a thriving marketplace, but deciding which users to cater to may be a challenge.

One strategy is to initially attract many vendors to your marketplace. They are incentivized to join, and if you prove your marketplace has value, consumer demand will help it expand.

One strategy for attracting initial customers would be to:

  • Using your connections to their full potential.
  • Making unsolicited emails and phone calls.
  • Participating at conventions, fairs, and other business gatherings.

Creating strategic alliances with businesses that share your target market but aren’t direct rivals.

But then the question becomes, “What do you do when you have a number of suppliers and buyers on your B2B marketplace?”

It’s time to start expanding your operations.

Attracting users now involves more scalable forms of advertising. You keep working on the methods that have brought in users in the past, while also implementing new methods that bring in an even larger audience.

Search engine optimization is one example of such a tactic. Learn how to make search engines work for your online marketplace.

Marketing with content. The readers of your blog will become brand loyalists if you consistently establish your brand as the go-to authority in your field.

Article submissions and publicity. Increasing your company’s visibility and expanding its customer base both occur automatically when media outlets mention your business.

Promotion using social media. Social media marketing might be an effective method of user acquisition, depending on the kind of companies you’re trying to reach. Social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn may be used to advertise your marketplace to the general public.

Want to Start Building Your B2B Marketplace Today?

Finally, you have it. A B2B marketplace may now be established with your newfound knowledge. What matters most is zeroing in on a certain target audience, a viable business strategy, and a targeted niche.

You may now begin developing your B2B marketplace once you’ve mastered the fundamentals. The appropriate marketplace application is required for this.

The services we provide at Rubygarage vary according to the demands of the market. Use our drag-and-drop editor to make your own unique marketplace. To put it another way, your B2B marketplace will have all the robust tools necessary for rapid expansion.

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