Lingerie As Fashion: How to Incorporate Undergarments Into Your Everyday Look

Lingerie As Fashion: How to Incorporate Undergarments Into Your Everyday Look

From lace trims to floral prints, lingerie is typically associated with romance. But, thanks to evolving standards of modesty and fashion, it’s possible to incorporate these intimate pieces into your everyday outfit without anyone batting an eye.

Whether layered under mesh or paired with denim, these sexy and pretty pieces make the perfect addition to any wardrobe. From puffy bloomers to whale tails, this season’s lingerie-as-fashion trend isn’t as scandalous as it sounds.

Bralettes as Tops

Lingerie pieces can be used as tops for a more sexy look. Racer-back bralettes can be layered with high-necked dresses and sweaters for a peekaboo effect that will add to the drama of your outfit. Lace details are also great to layer under a fitted white tee or over a long dress. You can check on this website to learn more.

Bralettes can be worn under sheer tops like a mesh crop top or floral print shirt. Just remember to choose a bralette that is not too sheer and will complement the look of your outerwear. Style blogger Nkeiruka Medani, a master of cottagecore and soft girl looks, recommends wearing a bralette under a mesh or lace blouse with high-waisted jeans for a look that is both chic and sexy.

For a daytime lingerie-inspired look, pair a lace teddy bear bralette with wide-leg pants and some platform pumps for an on-trend, feminine take on power dressing. The contrast of the masculine pants with the flirty lingerie look will turn heads as you step out for a quick coffee run or lunch date with a friend.

If you need help wearing a bralette as a top, start small by choosing a piece with unique lace patterns that are easy to coordinate with other clothing items. For example, if you’re looking to purchase a bralette with embroidered flowers, search for shirts or dresses in the same flower pattern to create a coordinated outfit.

Sheer on the Bottom

Although bras and panties are typically lingerie-only pieces, they can also be worn as everyday apparel. The trick is keeping the rest of your outfit looking purposeful, unlike a costume or a sexy night out, and using lingerie as fashion is straightforward in the bottom half, as you can easily dress up a pair of pants or a skirt with a strappy bra. If you’re feeling extra daring, try layering your lingerie with a sheer top or backless blouse (try spraying a bit of hairspray on the area to help it stay put throughout the night). A bra and panty set in a solid block color like black can be worn with almost any kind of pants, from baggy oxfords to denim jeans.

If you need more time to be ready for unabashed transparency, try incorporating lace cutouts into your look instead. For example, a black bandeau bra with lace trim can be paired with high-waisted bottoms to provide more coverage while showing off your undergarments. A patterned bodycon midi dress with a black mesh top and matching high-waisted briefs will create a more sophisticated look, similar to the one seen on model Lorde at the Billboard Music Awards 2021.

Another great way to wear a sheer dress is to make it a staple of your loungewear wardrobe. A silk or satin pajama top and bottoms can be worn with your favorite denim and layered over a sweater in cooler weather. You can even take the trend further and wear your lingerie as outerwear with a leather moto jacket and biker boots, as seen in Kilo Brava’s design philosophy, which blurs the lines between lingerie and ready-to-wear.

Plunging Necklines

Lingerie-inspired clothing isn’t just about peek-a-boo details and sheer fabrics. Plunging necklines—a runway regular at legacy labels and up-and-coming brands can give you a sexy look appropriate for any occasion. The key is pairing these lingerie-based outfits with polished outerwear with a sexy, sophisticated vibe.

For instance, a black lace bralette (a staple in French women’s closets) can be worn under a semi-sheer button-down to add a classic undone look. The same goes for a silk camisole—try pairing it with a blazer for work. Similarly, a corset can be layered over a blouse and paired with leather pants for a night out.

Another way to reimagine the bedroom staples is wearing them over a slip dress or skirt. This trend is popular with several brands specializing in lingerie-inspired ready-to-wear with slinky slip dresses and corsets.

This lingerie-based look can be worn for everything from grabbing a quick bite with a friend to going on a date. Pairing a flirty slip dress with a trench-style jacket and a pair of square-toe heels keeps the outfit from veering into too-sexy territory, while the lace bralette accentuates your figure.


The lingerie runway trend is here to stay, but it doesn’t have to be reserved for your closet. Lingerie-inspired ready-to-wear lace bodysuits and sleek slip dresses are the perfect way to add a hint of sexiness to your everyday style.

Zuccarini’s approach to incorporating lingerie into fashion involves blurring the lines between undergarments and outerwear. Using prints, colors (wildly unexpected color combos), and details like embroidery and embellishments are crucial to making the switch from innerwear to outerwear look seamless and chic. “The trick is to find a piece with enough visual interest to stand out,” she says. “A basic beige half slip will probably just look like underwear, but a silk satin robe with an interesting print or intricate details might be able to pass off as a jacket.”

Another option is to layer lingerie pieces over tops and dresses, which allows you to show some skin but also gives you the flexibility to choose the level of sexiness you want. Pair a sheer skirt with a lace bralette for a more subtle take on this idea for a polished yet flirty look.

Whether heading out on a date night, running errands, or meeting friends for happy hour, adding lingerie-inspired styles to your wardrobe will instantly elevate your outfits. The key is to know what looks best for your style and to be comfortable with the amount of skin showing. Use these outfit inspirations as a starting point to find the right balance for you.

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