MakeSpace Storage Review: A Perfect Review

MakeSpace Storage Review: A Perfect Review

Self-storage is one of the best ways to store your valuables right now. For those who are new to the phrase, self-storage industry is basically the industry which provides storage solutions for your stuff. The various companies in the industry provide storage rooms of various size, features and prices to customers to store their things. 

More and more people are resorting to self-storage nowadays to store their valuable household belongings and items, furniture, antiques, documents, business inventory, and even their beloved fancy art pieces.

MakeSpace storage is one such company. It is one of the top self-storage companies in Regina, and has facilities in more than 6500 locations spanning North America and Canada. Adam LeVasseur, Rahul Gandhi and Sam Rosen co-founded the company in the year 2013. 

It is one of the thousands of self-storage companies all over the world right now. Meanwhile, more such companies are being founded due to the rapid rise in the need for storage solutions.

MakeSpace storage initially marketed themselves as “Cloud Storage for Physical Stuff” and their idea took off. Since then they have served more than 75,000 customers until now. If you are wondering if this storage company is right for you, then read ahead. WE have provided detailed information about their website and services offered.

1. Their website

 Their website is donned in a calm and professional shade of green, which is immediately refreshing to the eye. Maybe it is not directly related to their services, but it is a pretty good addition to the parks they provide, isn’t it? 

Their home page can only be defined as “clean, tidy and organised”- this immediately leaves a good impression on the customer compared to the cluttered and messy websites. It is incredibly difficult to navigate messy sites, which further makes it a task to actually figure out the pricing, features, and how to contact the company. 

Self-storage hunting for the perfect storage solution is already time-consuming as it is. Who has the patience to wade through a myriad of confusing tools and instructions? Not me. And if you don’t have it too, then MakeSpace could be your saviour.


Their home page, first and foremost, provides a gist of the work they do- Pack, Pickup, Store, Deliver. Packing comes first. It is always a hassle to find the supplies to pack your precious belongings with. From bags to boxes, it is a tedious task. 

But MakeSpace makes packing a breeze as their employees pack your stuff FOR you, or help you with the same. They provide free packing supplies, including their free bins, blankets and bin-liner bags. This ensures lesser expenses and work for you.

 Pickup is the next stage. MakeSpace is now part of Clutter moving and storage, and their expert movers come to pickup your stuff from your provided location. Home? Office? Business outlet? They will be there. Say bye bye to the heavy lifting, searching for moving companies, or even driving to drop stuff off. MakeSpace does everything for you, at affordable prices too.

 Then comes storage. They have storage units of various different sizes, and the prices differ with size and location. You can choose to pay for only the storage space that you use.

 Then comes delivery. While most traditional storage companies need you to go and pickup your stuff from the units, MakeSpace goes a step further to deliver your stuff directly to you. This makes the entire process easy and worry-free.

 These are just their main services, but they have many perks and features which are probably unique to them. As you scroll further down their home-page, you will see a list of features that traditional storages don’t have.

 Other than free supplies, pickups and deliveries, professional mover, etc, they also give you pictures of your stored items and also do junking and shredding of any documents you don’t need. What else could one dream for, really?

 2. Sizes and Pricing

The prices and size differ depending on the location of the storage facility, just like any other company. But to give you an idea, some of their 5’x5’ units, the size of a small closet, are priced at $101 per month in Baltimore; 5’x10’ are $154, 10’x10’ are $240 per month and so on. Meanwhile, the same sized units are priced at $91/month, $161/month and $285/month in New York.

The price increases and decreases based on the region. In Chicago, the prices are much lower than the ones mentioned above. 5’x5’ units cost $59 per month, 5’x10’ units cost $91 per month, while the 10’x10’ units, about the size of a garage, cost $152 per month.

Hence, depending on your location, you can find a large number of storage options. What’s interesting and even more of a money-saver is the fact that they charge you only for the space that you use up. If your belongings don’t use of the entirety of a unit, you can get them to lower your monthly storage unit price. I doubt any other storage company provides this perk.

Coming to the sizes, they provide 9 storage unit sizes across their storage locations. The 5’ by 5’ is a closet sized unit, the 5’ by 10’ is a walk-in closet sized unit. Their 10’ by 10’ is the size of a garage, the 10’ by 15’ is for studio apartments, while 10’ by 20’ ones are apparently the size of a 1 bedroom studio apartment. The sizes of their units go upto 5 bedroom studio apartments.

 3. Reviews and Online Persona

MakeSpace has partnered up with Iron Mountain which has over 7 decades of experience in the self-storage industry. Their storage units are temperature regulated with pest-control and 24/7 security, ensuring no harm comes to your belongings. Maybe these features and efficiency has led them to receive 1426 excellent reviews on their website itself. The reviews section is lined up with glowing comments about the politeness of the movers, the excellent service, and the likes.

 But on the other hand, about 56% of their 128 reviews on TrustPilot were positive reviews, while 40% of the 128 had a lot of negative things to say. One customer made remarks about their damaged belongings, while another customer complains about the company going back on their word. 

Every company receives some good and some bad reviews. While the positive reviews on their website outweigh the negative ones by a large margin, it is up to you to decide if you are willing to take a chance with the company or not. The MakeSpace website also has a handy blog. It has blogs about all things storage related to help you out with your queries and problems. They also have a ‘frequently asked questions’ section at the end of their website where you might find the answers to most of your questions about the company and its services.

While this article does cover mostly all the services and features of MakeSpace storage, it is better to take a look by yourself if you haven’t yet. Find the website here. Considering their huge number of stores and storage facilities, it is likely that you might find your match here. But in case you don’t, make sure to check out our review of StorageMart, another self-service storage company, here.(insert link to the article)

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