Overwatch Character Ages

Overwatch Character Ages

This is a comprehensive list of all Overwatch characters, organized by their current official age. Blizzard made all of the information available via the game’s mythology, reference materials, and live events. A strange inquiry came through about the Overwatch characters’ ages. For the most part, I’ve been able to identify them, but we don’t have any information on their exact weight. Almost all of the information on this page has been made public by Blizzard over the years via official lore materials like films and comics and presentations at conferences and events.

Because of the huge number of heroes in Overwatch, players may choose from a wide range of ages and heights. Blizzard’s Overwatch has a lot going for it, including the opportunity to choose from a wide range of characters, all of whom are unique. The mechanics of these characters are frequently unique, and each character has a fascinating mix of skills and weapons with which to conquer opponents. These many techniques and abilities make for a hectic and enjoyable experience in the arena.

List Of Overwatch Character Ages

We’re referring to figures like Mei, who is 31 years old biologically but 40 years old chronologically. There’s also Orisa, who’s only a year old. Also, there’s Echo, whose exact age is a mystery due to the fact that it’s presently classified. The remainder of the group’s ages run the gamut, from 14 to 62. Sigma, the game’s oldest character, is 62 years old. Overall, the ages of Overwatch’s characters are fascinating. If you’re curious about the ages of all the characters, you can check them out here. There are also over 30 heroes to choose from, each with their own unique personalities, physical characteristics, and backstories. 

While there are some similarities among the origin tales, many of them are distinct and take place in various parts of the country or globe. In the future, this may pave the way for amusing books and even animated shorts using popular Overwatch characters. However, with the game’s ever-expanding roster, it may be difficult to stay on top of everything. Each playable character in Overwatch will have an in-depth biographical profile, which will be summarised in this guide. A character’s age and height have both been verified by Blizzard, with the oldest and youngest characters in Overwatch having a combined age of nearly 61 years. All data is shown as a yearly average.

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List Of Ages – From Youngest To Oldest

  • Under 1 – Orisa
  • 14 – Wrecking Ball
  • 19 – D’Va
  • 20 – Zenyatta
  • 23 – Brigitte
  • 25 – Junkrat
  • 26 – Lúcio
  • 26 – Tracer
  • 28 – Symmetra
  • 28 – Zarya
  • 29 – Winston
  • 30 – Bastion
  • 30 – Sombra
  • 31 (biological age) – Mei
  • 32 – Pharah
  • 33 – Widowmaker
  • 35 – Genji
  • 36 – Baptiste
  • 37 – Mercy
  • 37 – McCree
  • 38 – Hanzo
  • 39 – Ashe
  • 45 – Doomfist
  • 48 – Roadhog
  • 48 – Moira
  • 55 – Soldier
  • 57 – Torbjörn
  • 58 – Reaper
  • 60 – Ana
  • 61 – Reinhardt
  • 62 – Sigma
  • Classified – Echo

When Orisa was a month old, she began to struggle. My actual age is 40 years old.

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 revealed the ages of Soldier and Reaper. After completing the Retribution mission, which took place eight years prior to the present, Reaper was 50 years old.

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Details About Character Ages 


Pharah is 32 years old. Pharah entered the Egyptian army at an early age, spurred on by her mother Ana’s example, but quickly climbed through the ranks. Her fighting abilities, along with her bravery and leadership, made her a valuable member of the military.


He is 58 years old, Reaper Even in his more innocent days among the living, this vilified mercenary had a shadowy side. Under the guise of Gabriel Reyes, he sabotaged Overwatch and even led the assault as a Blackwatch insurgent.


Soldier’s Actual Age Is 76 Years Soldier is a representation of your more standard first-person shooter, and he does it in a straightforward manner. He’s an honorable member of the Overwatch squad, and his Pulse Rifle and Helix Rockets help him perform his job.


Sombra is thirty years old. After the Omnic Crisis, Olivia Colomar was left to fend for herself as an orphan in a devastated country.


Symmetra is 28 years old. When she says, “Reality bends to my will,” she isn’t kidding around when she means it. This so-called “Light-Bending Architect” has the ability to project energy and teleport while also manipulating particles.

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Torbjorn is a 57-year-old male.He prefers steampunk-style technology and a turret, and he distrusts Omnics and intelligent AI in general.


Tracer is a 26-year-old male. However, Tracer is an important hero in Overwatch and even appears on the game’s cover, despite his age.


Widowmaker The author is 33 years old. Given the assassin’s icy nature, Widow’s blue palette seems appropriate. Widowmaker is the go-to DPS for long-range shooters thanks to her sniper rifle.


Ana is 60 years old. This Egyptian sharpshooter is Overwatch’s resident mother and one of the group’s original members. Strike Commander Morrison (Soldier 76) appointed her second-in-command, and she remained in the military well into her fifties.


Baptiste is 36 years old. It’s no wonder that as a child, this multi-talented healer thrived on the ability to adapt and survive. For the simple reason that he was born at a time of great political unrest, economic hardship, and social unrest among the Omnics.


Brigitte is a young woman of 23 years old. Both Torbjorn and Reinhardt have dealt with this armor-clad healer in the past. She is, in reality, the farmer’s daughter as well as the latter’s close friend and squire.


Lucio is a 26-year-old male. Vishkar’s advanced sonic technology was stolen by Lucio and utilized by him to rally his people. With his attractive songs and deadly rhythms, Lucio quickly rose to worldwide stardom despite his humble beginnings in war-torn Rio de Janeiro.


Mercy is 37 years old. Mercy’s Valkyrie armor was the last piece to this ensemble since she could use it to soar to save heroes in need.


Moira is 48 years old. While some would call her a crazy scientist, Moira is a talented genetic engineer who delights in her dark, often perilous experiments.


Zenyatta is twenty years old. It’s a rare warrior like Zenyatta who stands out in a tumultuous world full of violence, turmoil, and shady characters. During the Omnic Crisis, he became a monk, where he had a spiritual awakening that changed the course of his life.

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