10 Key Reasons Why You Should Use React Js for Web Development

10 Key Reasons Why You Should Use React Js for Web Development

React JS is a simple yet powerful library that eases the process of making JavaScript coding. If you’re looking for cross-platform support and convenient template designing, React JS can be a great option. There are a host of reasons why web developers choose React JS. Here are 10 reasons why ReactJS can be the choice of JavaScript library for you.

What Is React JS?

Created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer working at Facebook, React JS is an open-source JavaScript library that can be utilized to build user interfaces. You can use React JS to handle the view layer of your mobile and website applications.

10 Key Reasons Why You Should Use React JS for Web Development

Following are some reasons why developers prefer to use React JS for web development.

  • Mature, Simple-to-Grasp Dev Workflow

There is a shallower learning curve associated with React JS as its components and concepts are simpler and easier to understand. It does not present the hassle of extra HTML attributes, which means codes that are cleaner, easy to read, and more comprehensive when you use React JS.

  • Ultimate Flexibility and Compatibility

React JS is quite easy to use on different platforms once you get the hang of it. It offers you great flexibility when creating different web design components and elements as it is a library by nature. Moreover, with a well-established and large community, developers have access to plenty of resources on react web development philosophies and guidelines.

  • React is Easy to Test

React JS can be easily tested using a wide variety of JavaScript testing frameworks that are easy to access on the web. The advantage of testing React JS is that you can quickly write these tests using tools, such as Jest and enzyme.

  • Hassle-Free Reusability of Components

When you create components with the help of React JS, you can also reuse them with ease and convenience, making it a preferred choice to work with. This essentially means an element you’ve created with React JS can be a part of another project if needed, given the project is compatible with the React-based code.

  • High Performance Reinforced by Virtual DOM

When using React JS, you can expect exceptionally fast rendering capacities. This is because React JS virtualizes and keeps DOM in memory, which enables quick reflection of all view changes in the virtual DOM. When the DOM changes take place, it slows down the system. React JS solves this problem and offers a high performance by virtualizing DOM.

  • Extensive Toolset Available

If there’s one aspect that sets React JS apart from its counterparts, it is the extensive toolset and tech stack it is equipped with. The React Developer Tools can be easily installed as Chrome extensions, and they serve several purposes, from inspecting React-based hierarchy components and checking dispatch actions to immediately viewing state changes in the extension with extreme ease.

  • Unique React Hooks

Hooks is one of the most useful features that was introduced in React JS 16.8. With this feature, you can add states and other functionalities to function components. With Hooks, there is no need to cope with complicated classes. In fact, Hooks is one of the reasons why many developers choose to use React JS for web application development.

  • React has Facebook Support/ Resources

Since React JS has been extensively used in the Facebook website and app, as well as Instagram, Facebook is deeply committed to providing React support. Over fifty thousand react components are used by Facebook in its production environment. Therefore, when there are breaking changes in React, Facebook offers Codemod for automating the changes.

  • React has a Great Developer Experience

React is among the favorite JavaScript libraries among developers simply because it helps you with rapid development, and the task of coding in it is effortless. Combining this with its small API, React JS offers an exceptional developer experience. It is also suitable for developers who aspire to minimize their learning time as the React API is quite simple to learn and use.

The above-mentioned advantages of react JS can help you understand why companies leverage React JS development and why you can easily rely on it. It is for anyone who is on the lookout for a high-quality front-end framework that is flexible and easy to learn. When you realize the benefits that React JS is capable of offering, you can make the decision to hire a professional React JS developer for exceptional outcomes. 

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