How Much Rod Laver Girlfriend Age

How Much Rod Laver Girlfriend Age

Rodney Tennis fans who grew up in the late 1960s are familiar with George Laver, better known as Rod Laver. On August 9, 1938, Rod Laver, a former Australian tennis player, was born in Rockhampton, Queensland. For nine years in a row, Laver held the number one position in tennis, which at the time felt like an impressive feat. He was the world’s top professional for four years before and three years after the start of the open era in 1968, dominating the sport for nearly a decade. Let’s take a closer look at Rod Laver’s alleged mistress.

For nine years running, Rod Laver was the world’s best tennis player, a rare feat in the sport. From 1964 through 1970, he was, in fact, the top-ranked professional tennis player in the world. From 1961-to 62, he was the best beginner in the world. Laver established the record for the most singles championships in tennis history with a total of 198. All-time high: He won at least one championship every year for seven years in a row. When it came to tennis courts, Rod Laver excelled on all of them, whether they were made of turf or hard courts like concrete or slate.

Even though he was banned from the sport for five years prior to the open era, he nevertheless managed to win 11 Grand Slam singles titles. Only he has won all four Grand Slam singles championships twice in the same year, regardless of gender. “The Pro Grand Slam” in 1967 was one of eight pro-slam tournaments Laver won, and he was instrumental in helping Australia win five Davis Cup titles during a time when the Davis Cup was just as significant as the four major championships. Learn more about Rod Laver’s ex-girlfriend in the paragraphs that follow.

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Early Life

Rod Laver was previously married to Mary Benson, who died before their romance began. After meeting at Jack Cramer’s club in Los Angeles, California, in the year 1965, the pair were married in California in 1966 at the age of 26. Mary had three children from previous marriages before meeting Laver.

Tennis celebrities of the day, including Ken Roswell, Barry Mackay, Roy Emerson, and others, gathered outside the church with raised tennis rackets that formed an archway for the wedding couple to pass through, along with Laver.

After a few years of marriage, the couple had a baby and relocated to another part of California. Mary Laver succumbed to breast cancer after a protracted struggle. The couple had been married for 46 years when Mary passed away in 2012.


Numerous accolades have been bestowed to Laver. International Tennis Hall of Fame member Rod Laver was inducted in 1981. Rod Laver Arena was renamed Rod Laver Arena in 2000, and the Laver Cup, an annual competition featuring two teams of six players, debuted in 2017 at Melbourne Park (also known as the home of the Australian Open) (Team Europe and Team World). The Education of a Tennis Player (1971; with Bud Collins), which concentrates on his 1969 season, and Rod Laver’s Tennis Memoirs (1976) are two of his books (2013; with Larry Writer).

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Rod Laver Net Worth:

Australian tennis legend “Rod Laver,” who recently retired, was worth an estimated $20 million. He was born on this day in 1938 in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. He began his professional career in 1963 and ended it in 1979, earning a total of $1.56 million. There had never been more than $1 million in prize money won by one player in the history of tennis. He made a record-breaking $300,000 in 1971 alone. A more accurate estimate of Rod’s earnings as a professional tennis player after inflation is $5 million.

As a result, when he retired, he wasn’t overly wealthy. At the very least, he isn’t rich enough to never work again. A sequence of business sponsorships that would open the door for modern sportsmen to generate money outside of their sport was coordinated by Rod following his wife Mary’s guidance. In exchange for money, Mary, a divorced mother of three, pushes Rod to invest in stocks and bonds and participate in tournaments in his leisure time. She also aided him in the establishment of successful tennis camp franchises in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Boca Raton, Florida, respectively. Despite Mary’s death in 2012, Rod still owns several California properties that the Lavers bought. Rod Laver owns a home in Palm Springs and a ranch in Solvang. It’s not just his home in Carlsbad, California that’s worth mentioning.

Rod Laver’s Girlfriend

The title very much gives away who Rod Laver’s girlfriend is. As he nears the age of 80, the famed 11-time grand slam champion’s identity has come under scrutiny as fans speculate about his love life. The famous former tennis player has found a new partner in Susan Johnson. Since the 1980s, they’d been buddies but never officially met until sometime in the 1990s. Susan made a phone call to Laver in 2018 to prove to her friends that she had previously met the tennis great.

He indicated that he would be posting this initial glimpse of their connection on social media. In the end, it turned out to be one of the best things that had happened to me. ” For the past few years, we’ve been inseparable. Susan is currently best known as the tennis champ’s partner. The tycoon and chairman of Nabisco, F Ross Johnson, died of illness in 2016 at the age of 89.

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 Rod Laver’s Current Happenings

Rod Laver has a girlfriend named Susan Johnson, although they haven’t yet tied the knot. Sources say Susan is 69 years old, whereas Laver is 83 years old, a 14-year age gap between them. His girlfriend tries to keep her privacy and avoid the spotlight, thus nothing is known about this tennis star’s present relationship. Tennis events and gatherings are, however, where she is regularly spotted beside Laver.

As one might expect from a tennis legend, Rod Laver has been active on social media platforms for decades, blogging about current tennis happenings and sharing his thoughts and passion for tennis. We’re talking about a tennis star, after all.

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