Seraph Of The End Season 3 Release Date, Cast And Many More

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Release Date, Cast And Many More

Future-focused Takaya Kagami and Daisuke Furuya manga series “Seraph of the End,” also known as “Owari no Serafu” in Japanese, is a dark fantasy. Based on the same-named popular anime series, Yamato Yamamoto The novel “Seraph of the End” was published on September 3, 2012, with the release of first edition. 

The anime television series was soon picked up, with Season 1 launching on April 4, 2015, and Season 2 following in 2016. Anime fans have become obsessed with the medium and fallen in love with it. The second season debuted a few months later, and since then, fans have been impatiently waiting for the third season to start!

About Seraph Of The End

Seraph of the End often referred to as “Owari No Seraph,” is a two-season TV anime program that debuted in 2015. On April 4 of the same year as the debut episode, the first season’s premiere aired, and on June 20 of the same year, the season’s final episode aired.

However, the narrative did not finish here. According to the show’s official website, the second season began on October 10, 2015, and ended on December 25, 2015. This is because the second season, also known as “Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen” or “Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya,” is not widely seen as a stand-alone season but rather as an extension of the first.

They handle it more like the second half of the first season. But for the time being, we’ll call “Battle in Nagoya” “Season 2” rather than “Season 1 part 2” to avoid any misunderstandings. Regardless, each of the two seasons included 12 episodes, animated by WIT Studio, and helmed by Tokudo Daisuke.

A manga series was adapted into an anime series. The manga, which was authored by Kagami Takaya and Daisuke Furuya and illustrated by Kagami Takaya, was illustrated by Yamamoto Yamato. The most well-known mangas and light novels by Kagami Takaya are The legends of the legendary heroes and A dark rabbit has seven lives, both of which Takaya drew.

In contrast, Furuya Daisuke is in charge of the narratives for the films Scared and Kure-nai, both of which he also directed. Last but not least, works like Denpa-Teki Na Kanojo, Gelatin, and Kure-nai, to mention a few, showcase the talent of illustrator Yamamoto Yamato.

WIT Studio is without a doubt the genre’s indisputable king when it comes to post-apocalyptic or historical settings. This studio has made a name for itself in the anime business with shows like Attack On Titan and Vinland Saga under its belt.

Director Tokudo Daisuke is in charge of overseeing each episode of well-known anime series including Banana Fish and Attacks on Titan.

We may be sure that our man is knowledgeable about his subject as a result. All of the staffing and other difficulties have been resolved as a result.

Let’s quickly review the series’ plot and make some modifications. In Seraph of the End, a deadly virus has infected a planet, and this is where the story takes place. Initially, the world seems to be normal, with regular life, but later, a mysterious virus enters civilization and wipes it off.

We are in danger of going extinct. The truth is that this virus only kills people older than the age of 13, hence the children who were exposed to it did not perish. On the other side, these survivors are still enslaved. Vampires that were hidden in the shadows when humans were present are currently holding them captive.

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Who Will Appear in Season 3 of ‘Seraph Of The End’?

The series’ protagonist, Yuuichirou, will surely make an appearance in the upcoming season. Mikaela Hyakuya, Guren Ichinose, Shinoa Hiiragi, Yoichi Saotome, Shihou Kimizuki, a classmate of Yuuichirou and a member of the Moon Demon Company, and Mitsuba Sanguu, another member of Yuuichirou’s Moon Demon Company, are other characters in the most recent season.

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Characters to Look For in Season 3 of Seraph of the End

High-profile vampires are said to make an appearance in the third episode of the series. Here are some significant figures who might return in season 3.

  • Yuichiro
  • Mikaela
  • Guren Ichinose
  • Shinoa Hiiragi
  • Yoichi Saotome
  • Shihou Kimizuki
  • Mitsuba Sanguu

Release Date for Seraph Of The End Season 3

There is currently no information available on the release date or production status of Seraph Of The End season 3. The fact that Seraph Of The End’s first two seasons essentially covered all of Takaya Kagami’s manga volumes is one factor contributing to the lengthy wait. Seraph Of The End’s third season was shelved because Wit Studio (Attack on Titan) ran out of manga to adapt. Wit Studios will have enough material for a third season of the Seraph Of The End manga series thanks to Kagami’s addition of more than 40 more chapters.

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