7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Walking Service for Your Pup

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Walking Service for Your Pup

The idea of trusting a stranger with your pet can be unnerving. As a dog owner, you know your fur baby best, so finding a walker who matches your pup’s needs is essential.

For example, ask a potential walker whether they have noticed certain behaviors your dog regularly exhibits on walks—their answer will reveal how attuned and knowledgeable about dog behavior they are.


So, how much exercise do dogs need? You can get a good idea of the dog walker’s experience from reviews online or their promotional materials, but it’s also essential to schedule a meet and greet before you hire. It can be challenging to trust a stranger, but you want to make sure your dogs react well to the person.

Ask your potential dog walker how long they’ve been walking dogs, their training methods, and if they know pet first aid. It’s also important to discuss any quirks your dog might have, like sniffing everything in sight or running after squirrels. A professional dog walker should be able to read these signals and appropriately adjust their walks. They should also be able to provide daily updates on your dog’s behavior and activity level.


Insurance coverage is necessary, whether starting your dog-walking business or manifesting your pup-loving dreams as a side hustle. Not only does it make your business look professional and responsible, but it may save you thousands if something goes wrong.

Insurance for dog walkers typically includes public liability and professional indemnity cover. It can also have equipment cover for things like leads and collars, which are often expensive pieces of kit. It may also include a vehicle cover to protect your company car or van.

In addition, most policies include cyber risk cover to protect against claims related to data breaches or other cyber risks. Some also offer workers’ compensation, which is mandatory for businesses that employ people. Bonding is another good move, as it adds more protection for clients.


If you know anyone who works with a dog walking service, they will likely be happy to provide you with a recommendation. Other dog owners, grooming professionals, and veterinarians can also suggest suggestions.

Let’s arrange to meet with a potential dog walker before hiring them. During this meeting, they can give you references, and your pup will get a chance to meet them at a safe location. The ideal location for this meeting may be a dog park.

If you hire a dog walker, ensure they have your contact details, emergency information, and alarm code. It’s also a good idea to ask whether they are trained in pet first aid and CPR.


If you’re a busy dog owner, finding a reliable dog walking service is essential to ensure your pup gets the daily exercise they need. Look for a company that is flexible with their scheduling so they can adjust services in the event of inclement weather or sudden schedule changes.

Most dog-walking companies work within arrival windows that range from an hour to an entire afternoon. Ask the walker if they can accommodate your needs for the required time frame and their arrival policy.

You’ll also want to know if your dog will walk alone or with other dogs. Some dogs get nervous or aggressive around other dogs and may not do well in a pack. In addition, some dogs have specific medical conditions that need to be considered when walking by another dog.


A reputable dog walking service should be insured and have a background check process. A walker will likely access your home and your pet’s keys, so finding one you can trust is essential.

Asking friends, family, and co-workers for recommendations is a great way to start your search for a dog walker. Your vet and grooming professionals may also have a good suggestion.

Lastly, make sure to read through the company’s social media accounts. You can often find information about their business practices, schedules, and client communication via these platforms. If you see any red flags, trust your instincts and continue your search. It’s worth it for the safety of your dog! A reputable walker will have your pup’s best interest at heart.


In the dog walking business, prices vary. Some providers charge more for individual walks than for group walks, while others may charge more for feeding or administering medications.

A reputable pet sitter will be open and honest about their pricing structure. This will ensure that clients understand the value of the service they receive, which includes all business expenses and taxes.

Some dog walkers offer package deals, which can save clients money by providing them with a set number of weekly walks. Others encourage loyalty by offering discounts for frequent customers. These incentives are great for gaining loyal customers and creating long-term relationships. They’re also good for boosting the reputation of the company. This can lead to new client referrals. This is particularly helpful for smaller companies that need to grow their business.


A good dog walker can communicate with clients and their dogs. This is crucial as it helps keep everyone up to date on the status of each walk and ensures that all dogs are safe. It also means that any issues can be quickly resolved.

Exercise: Dogs need plenty of exercise, especially if left alone all day. It can help them burn off energy, reduce stress, and prevent unwanted behaviors.

Mental Health: Spending time with dogs has been proven to boost moods and alleviate loneliness. Additionally, walking a dog can provide a sense of purpose by allowing the walker to interact with and bond with dogs. This can be particularly beneficial for people with disabilities and older adults who can’t walk their pets physically.

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