How To Fix This Vehicle Cannot be Modified

How To Fix This Vehicle Cannot be Modified

Is it impossible for you to alter your car in the GTA Auto Shop? Or is it that the GTA Auto Shop isn’t functioning for you? This is due to a GTA problem that occurred with a recent update. The upgrade was supposed to address the prior duplicate problem but actually introduced a new one.

You are unable to alter your car in the Auto Shop due to a glitch. Normally, if you want to change your car, you’d enter it and push right on the D-pad. The option “Press right on the D-pad to alter your car” may not display on your screen.

This article will teach you how to fix and alter your car in GTA Auto Shop.

How to Fix Can’t Modify Vehicle in GTA Auto Shop

You cannot drive into the GTA Auto Shop with your car to remedy the can’t alter your vehicle glitch. You won’t be able to customize your car otherwise.

Instead, you should go to the Auto Shop. You will be able to alter your vehicle by entering the Auto Shop. But first, you must get inside your automobile.

Then, pressing right on the D-pad, you’ll be able to change it. Here’s how to cure the GTA Auto Shop glitch where you can’t alter your vehicle:

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1. Leave the Auto Shop

To begin, you must enter the car that you intend to alter. Then get out of the car.

If you’re already in your vehicle, you should get out of it. You must exit the Auto Shop after you have exited the car.

2. Walk Into the Auto Shop instead of Driving in

You are not permitted to drive your car after leaving the Auto Shop. Instead of driving in, you should stroll into the Auto Shop.

Driving into the Auto Shop prevents the option “Press right on the D-pad to alter your car” from appearing on your screen. This is due to a GTA bug.

As a result, if you wish to remedy the glitch, you must walk inside the Auto Shop rather than the drive-in.

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3. Get into The Same Vehicle & Modify it

After entering the Auto Shop, you must locate the car that you wish to alter. Then, get into the car you intend to alter.

You’ll notice the “Press right on the D-pad to alter your car” option once you’ve entered the vehicle. You will now be able to alter your car. To do so, press the right D-pad button.

 You’ve successfully fixed the can’t alter your car glitch in GTA Auto Shop!

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