How To Fix Unsupported Chain Id Trust Wallet

How To Fix Unsupported Chain Id Trust Wallet

On PancakeSwap, are you getting an “Unsupported Chain ID” error? “Unsupported Chain ID Error,” reads the whole error notice. “Verify your chain Id.”

When you link a wallet (for example, Trust Wallet) to PancakeSwap, the error message appears. As a result, you will be unable to exchange bitcoins on the exchange.

Before you can correct the problem, you must first have Trust Wallet and some BNB in it.

If you use PancakeSwap in a browser (e.g., Safari, Chrome), you may encounter additional problems.

This article will explain what “Unsupported Chain ID” means on PancakeSwap and how to resolve it.

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How to Fix “Unsupported Chain ID” on PancakeSwap

To resolve the “Unsupported Chain ID” error on PancakeSwap, change your chain to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

You will be able to successfully trade your tokens after switching your chain to Binance Smart Chain. This instruction requires the use of Binance and Trust Wallet. If you do not already have BNB, you must purchase it from Binance and transfer it to Trust Wallet.

This is due to the fact that you will not be able to utilize Ethereum to exchange the token that you desire.

You also need to download the Trust Wallet mobile app and enable the DApp browser.

If you use PancakeSwap in your browser (e.g., Safari or Chrome), you may have problems later on.

How to Resolve the “Unsupported Chain ID” Error on PancakeSwap:

1: Use Trust Wallet App on Your Phone

Binance is a good place to buy BNB coins (minimum purchase is 0.1). Then you’ll transfer them to a wallet that supports PancakeSwap, such as Trust Wallet or Metamask.

Binance is where users can buy BNB tokens. They may also buy them with their wallets, however, we strongly advise them to use BSC. The reason for this is that the purchase charge on Trust wallet, for example, is relatively expensive (more than 4%), compared to Binance’s 0.14%.

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2: Buy BNB From Binance

  • The first step is to purchase at least 0.1 BNB.
  • If you hold BNB in Trust Wallet, you must transfer it to Binance Smart Chain.
  • You can do so by tapping “DEX,” then “BNB” on “You Pay,” and “Binance Smart Chain” on “You Get.”
  • Then, input the amount of BNB you wish to trade to Binance Smart Chain and press the “Swap” button.
  • If you don’t already have BNB, you may purchase it on Binance or Trust Wallet.
  • However, it is strongly advised that you purchase BNB on Binance.
  • This is due to the extraordinarily high costs for purchasing BNB on Trust Wallet (up to 5 percent ).
  • Binance, on the other hand, charges only 0.1 percent.
  • If you don’t already have a Binance account, you may sign up for one by clicking the link or entering the code above.
  • After buying BNB from Binance, you must transfer it to your Binance Smart Chain wallet on Trust Wallet.

3. Tap on The Chain Icon

Once you have Binance Smart Chain in your Trust Wallet, you may exchange it for another token. To begin, on Trust Wallet, tap on “Browser” on the bottom navigation bar.

Then, scroll down to the “Popular” tab and touch on “PancakeSwap. When you’re on PancakeSwap, you’ll notice an Ethereum icon in the upper right or upper left corner of your screen.

PancakeSwap will be on the Ethereum chain by default. However, Ethereum does not support the token you’re attempting to exchange, therefore you’ll have to switch to Binance Smart Chain.

Tap the Ethereum icon in the upper right or upper left corner of PancakeSwap.

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4. Tap on “Smart Chain”

When you press the Ethereum icon, a navigation menu will appear. There are other chains available on the navigation menu, including “Ethereum,” “Smart Chain,” “POA Network,” “GoChain,” and others. You must choose a chain that supports the token you are attempting to exchange. To find out, go to and search for the token. Then, under the “Contracts” header, browse to the token’s contract.

If the contract contains a Binance Smart Chain symbol, you must pick “Smart Chain.” If the contract has an Ethereum icon, you must choose “Ethereum” instead. Most of the time, the chain that you need to pick is “Smart Chain.” To convert the chain on PancakeSwap to Binance Smart Chain, tap on “Smart Chain.”

After selecting “Smart Chain,” you will be able to exchange BNB for the token!

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