Top 8 Group Video Call Apps for Android

Top 8 Group Video Call Apps for Android

The key means for relatives, colleagues and even working places to keep in touch during coronavirus lockdown are video conferencing and group chats. We decided to take a moment in this extraordinary time to analyze the best applications in the group and figure out what would best meet your needs.

If you need an Android Group Video Call App and are motivated. The best top 8 group video call apps for android are given below.

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Google Duo

Google Duo has been developed to operate ergonomically through patchy web links, they call it ‘low bandwidth networks. If you have stable internet – for instance, when you live in a university or college hall, you can operate with a proxy server, this is the service you want for messaging. It is fully Google-compatible, available from your Google account, and can be accessed with a laptop if appropriate. Free to use, however, displays Google Ad on the occasion. Completely iPhone- and laptop-compatible and one of Android’s best community video calls. HD audio or visual facilitates community talk for up to eight users.

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Google’s answer to Skype is hangouts. A free chat message app promoting community video on multiple apps and devices, including Android. Although WhatsApp operates on saved numbers, Hangouts is connected to the Gmail ID. Up to 10 users can link and video chat at the same time.

It plays nicely with other Google services including Drive, Charts, Calendar & Gmail as a Google product. With your current Android or Gmail account, you can attend Hangouts. Sharing papers, displays, and emoticons is supported. Here, though, is the distinction between Hangouts and Hangout air that helps you to keep webinars. And it’s free and ad-supported, equivalent to any Google app. For teachers and specialists, it’s very useful. You can also capture and post your Hangouts party video calls on your YouTube channel directly. Like Skype, if you don’t have Android or iOS with participants in the community call, they can chat on the web of Hangout too.

Google Drive, Gmail, Google maps, calendar, etc. are well implemented. Webinars may be held and guests welcomed. Choice of recording and uploading to YouTube party video calls.


As Zoom has become one of the popular online video conferencing software, you need to update your game if you want a community video call from more than 4 participants. Towards 50 people, Zoom Cloud meetings are commonly used in services by ministers and religious figures when buildings are still closed. Students suggest they can even see the whole Zoom class.

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Team Android video chat software compliant with all smartphones and operating systems. It operates on 3 G, 4 G, and Wi-Fi networks as well. Picture sharing, workshops, screen sharing, with only options for interactive or streaming. Improved Cloud Meetings security that offers protection for confidential customer details.


Slack’s price system is by far the most complicated. You could be paid here and there for additional pieces – which no one wants. Corporate users pay because they provide outstanding facilities. If you run a world-class company that wants to connect regularly, Slack is the best wager for a good conclusion.

Meetings-high quality audio and video meetings are held completely searchable in record. Check for your comments for up to 10,000 saved posts. Further integrations with apps limitless. Independent networks for up to 15 people for fast swapping.


Line is another popular Android video call program. In addition to all the normal functionality on other programs, Line helps you to create feedback polls. For monthly and weekly video call sessions, this may be helpful. Line can also be used to make the software more enjoyable to use effects and filters during live video calls. Line also helps you to track public accounts, but you can’t speak to them through video chat. In-app transactions include emoticons and stickers. The software is available free of charge but is ad-supported.

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Live polls when calling video. Filters and facial filters for the camera. In-app sales with emoticons and badges. The entire dialogue and social media make the app a little hoggy.


Instagram is another Facebook product that supports video chatting, just like WhatsApp and Messenger. The video call community choice is not quite obvious since Instagram is here! So you can quickly start a group video call in the DM section if most of your friends are on Instagram. Of course, only your followers can launch video calls. In addition, there is a fascinating alternative during a community video call to preview your favorite and saved posts. It appears that it intends to launch a successful coffee gossip session. In addition, there are also a few choices for adjusting the facial filters and cameras in the video calling options.

Simple to contact your fans without personal information being exchanged. Choice to preview in the video chat window stored and loved Instagram posts. Choice to return and reduce feed to a minimum.

FB Messenger

One of the massive video chat caps for Facebook messenger. In comparison, you have to build a community and add people before you can group video chat. Unlike some other group video applications. That being said, not everyone must be online when you start talking in the community. The added player will later enter the video chat on Facebook or on the Internet.

Messenger Lite does not allow video calls from a network of Facebook users. However, the majority of people you meet use Facebook now, so you won’t have to bother people to submit requests. The only thing it does is that it’s free and Facebook compatible. Probably the biggest set of smartphone games and live stickers is available. Like WhatsApp, Facebook has a wide user base that makes it ideally suited for Messenger.

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UberConference relies on teleconferencing with companies; the free and interactive models are almost an afterthought. It has excellent technical support, with screen-sharing, calendar synchronization, and a million other helpful things you wouldn’t dream about – but you know that you have to look at them. AI lets you transcribe, annotate, automate, and do everything high-tech. Up to 100 of the coworkers have HD video sessions.

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There are various Android community video call applications, which use a lot of creativity to differentiate themselves. It will help you assess what is best for you to recognize your own needs. Consider which features you consider to be relevant and select from our list simply for the corresponding web-based Android video chat app.

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