Best H33T Proxy And Mirror Sites In 2021

Best H33T Proxy And Mirror Sites In 2021

H33T Torrents is a mysterious torrent website of high quality. The site has a fast pace, with 100% verified torrents from years, and those who knew this torrent site like to download the best torrents for downloading films, television shows, music, ebooks, games, and software from the years.

Nevertheless, the H33T domain was recently blocked and was neither opened by proxy or VPN. My past link to the best proxy & mirror sites in H33T still provides you with temporary access to H33T Torrents, but if you are looking for a permanent solution to this problem then you should know and keep the list of best alternative H33T torrents. And you don’t have to go anywhere else because I list the best sites, such as H33T, here below.

H33t Sites Proxy and Mirror – H33t is a popular internet torrent tracker and indexer. The torrent tracker offers new movies, TV shows, ebooks, games, apps for a long time.

The website is very easy to use. All torrents on the website are monitored and verified by their personnel. The low-quality torrents are frequently removed. You can therefore download the torrents confidently from this popular torrent website. Thousands of users use h33t to download free stuff from the internet every day.

Regrettably, many UK ISPs have h33t domains and DNS name servers blocked. Because they think it is not ethical to serve files. That’s why h33t doesn’t work for many people worldwide. However, they developed new h33t domains to get it going quickly. I am providing the latest h33t Proxy/Mirror sites to unblock in this article.

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How To Unblock

In general, two ways to unblock a blocked site are available. The first is to use a proxy site and the second is a VPN. If the main site is blocked, however. They can’t help much. They can’t help you. So we have to have a few h33t proxy/mirror sites on hand to unblock h33t.

H33t VPN

Since the government/ISP has blocked h33t, it is illegal to download films from a Limetorrents proxy or mirror site. I would therefore recommend that you use a VPN while using h33t.

The VPN hides your online identity and helps you uncomfortably download Limetorrents movies.

List Of h33t VPNs

  • Nord VPN
  • Tor Guard
  • Cyber Ghost
  • North VON
  • Pure VPN

Check these chrome extensions if you want to use a fast method. You can download and add them to your Chrome or Firefox browser and safely browse the h33t.

H33t Proxy & Mirrors

The following h33t proxy/mirror sites are the clone of the h33t torrents. The main website has the same torrents, data, and indexes. The only difference is that different domain names are operating. Down here is a list of 25 fast and dependable h33t proxy/mirror sites that can be used to unblock the h33t torrents website quickly.

Proxy sites are not secure and your IP information may be leaked. Your ISP can easily track your torrents. I suggest that you use the following methods to navigate H33t torrents safely.

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How Does The H33t Proxy Work?

H33t works for Unix and Windows. It actually works as an antivirus and prevents viruses from your device. It also prevents the theft of data. It helps to get rid of hacker viruses on your computer. It also scans your device to ensure that your device is free of malware. When the scan is done, the infected files will be shown. You can also use this to scan viruses on your computer.

How To Unblock

You can unlock h33t. to access proxy sites or to use the VPN. However, the VPN is more secure than proxy sites.

In fact, proxy sites are created to unblock blocked sites. You can therefore unblock from any of its working proxy sites. In terms of features and content, H33t proxy sites are very similar to

The next option is to unblock with the VPN. You must first install the VPN software on your device and then connect to the server with the lowest ping [for example 70ms shown in ms]. You can easily access the site without any impediment after connecting to the VPN.

However, the best thing about using the VPN is to hide your IP address and location, which saves you from the authorities being tracked.

H33T Alternatives

1: The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the most popular torrent site and no introduction is necessary. TPB is home to millions of files, such as movies, games, TV shows, songs, software, anime, etc.

The official site was shut down a few years ago. So users don’t think the site has been blown away. But the site remains in mirror domains and allows torrent files to be used. Some TBP proxy and mirror sites are also available.


Another popular torrent site is RARBG. Films, music, TV shows, eBooks, web series, applications, games, and much more can be downloaded.

New content is uploaded regularly by contributors in this community and you always find the latest films and other files first. RARBG is also blocked and cannot be opened directly by ISP and governments in various countries. RARBG proxy and mirror sites can always be used.

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3: 1337X

1337X is a popular torrent platform that takes everything important due to its wide variety of movements, games, and television. A very nice alternative to the pirate bay 1337X is acceptable for those who are after older or more elusive torrents. The nearest torrent is 1337x. Perhaps the index of their torrent is not as large as some other pages, but it surely contains what you are looking for.

4: Zooqle

Zooqle’s impressive and highly intuitive GUI is regarded as a newcomer to the peer-to-peer scene (P2P). You can conveniently create an account on the web by entering an email address, user name, and password to manage subscribers to your favorite TV shows and movies. Zooqle is undeniably the ideal way to satisfy television and beauty viewing by allowing consumers to select more than 1,300 TV shows and 30,000 films.


Here are some of the best running proxy and mirror pages for H33T. These sites can be used when the official website has been shut down. Otherwise, it is still possible to use the heet torrents or alternate pages still common in torrent space and you would get the most torrent information.

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