Best Alternative Site For TorrentHound In 2021

Best Alternative Site For TorrentHound In 2021

torrenthound is one of the incredible search engines where you can download the latest releases of films, games, applications, anime and other things. With everything on the torrenthound available, thousands of users connect to it and regularly download torrents.

However, due to tough regulations, the site must constantly move to different areas. If you don’t have torrenthound, this will mean that your ISP or government has blocked access to it. So you’re in the right place if you’re looking to unlock torrent hounds. In this article, I will provide you with 20 + the best proxy and mirror sites for torrenthound work. Enjoy!

The proxy of Torrenthounds and the sites of Mirror are hosted in countries not yet blocked from Torrenthound. Thus, if you cannot access torrenthounds via its main domain, you can always access them via these torrenthounds proxy websites. Let’s check them out. Let’s check them out.

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History About TorrentHound Block

There are many websites with constant upgrades to cybercrime, which are shut down immediately without considering how large they are. Google adds Chrome as an add-block makes the situation worse as such websites are shut down. We are here to help you to get torrent freaks out of this problem and find better websites. Take a look at the sites below.

TorrentHound Proxy

We have compiled several torrenthound proxy lists. Some of them are high-speed proxies in Canada and Australia. Free proxies are some.

Best Alternative Site For TorrentHound

With constant updates on cybercrime, many of these sites are shut down overnight, just how big they are. The Google Chrome ad-block makes the scenario worse when it shuts down websites of this type. We are here to help you find better sites. Take a look at the following sites.

1. Torrentz2

It is believed that torrentz has been renamed to entertain its users after torrentz2. Any language film you can get here. Just search through the search bar and ta-da for your favourite content! Download the torrent link as you would have previously downloaded it. You can also get PC games apk here, which gamers want to enjoy a lot. Click the myTorrentz tab and search for the files recently uploaded.

2. The Pirate Bay

It is one of the favourites for downloading online content and one of its most famous users. Type in the search box and select the language of choice to facilitate your search. It has your favourite and most popular TV shows, music, apps, games and movies watched. The favourite top 100 list of users is given to make your a better choice if you are uncertain what to download.

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3. Rarbg

The newly updated films and files are shown on the user convenience page. If you haven’t found the file to download, simply use the search box. The suggestions are shown on the basis of your browsing history to improve your browsing experience. Sign up to your website to receive personal advice based on your subscription.


Nyaa is one of the most popular torrent sites for Anime lovers. Nyaa is known to provide links to the episodes of the Anime show. This is the first website for its customers to offer almost all animal programme episodes.

In addition to anime programmes, Nyaa also offers manga torrents, many different games, and numerous live-action movies. That’s why people love our website and use it so much. Nyaa also faces many legal problems, as many torrent websites are because users have been pirated to download the material.

That is why the Nyaa si website was forbidden in 2017 and offered to users for numerous Anime classes, a website focusing on East Asian Japanese, Chinese and Korean media. Although many people access the website on a regular basis, it is still forbidden, such as Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Korea and many others.


IsoHunt makes a popular TorrentHound solution in the list that you can use at any time. IsoHunt’s most impressive feature is its interface. The homepage is sufficiently organised to reach all types of content. It is a large hub of reliable software and ISO files that you may need for various operating systems. It is known for being a popular torrent for video hunters.

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The SeedPeer is the next alternative to Torrenthound. It ensures quality content and an impressive user interface on all levels. It is also a popular platform driven by the community. The site owners want it updated and reliable and thus continue to check the torrent files before it is published. Therefore, whenever you like, you can visit this alternative torrent site.

Conclusion: Torrenthound Alternatives

Now that TorrentHound has introduced you to you and some appropriate alternatives, everything you have to do is enjoy your relaxation with a favourite film and a bowl of popcorn.

I would however recommend that you keep in mind safety tips while downloading torrent files, as you may end up corrupting all your files with a minor mistake. Please share your experience in the following comment section with the best TorrentHound alternatives.

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