Tried And True Tips To Protect Files On Your Computer

Hackers and cybercriminals are not leaving any stone unturned to use the latest tech to hack computers and steal information. While they are working hard to steal your data, you need to take a few steps to protect the files on your computer. You need to try and thwart their malicious attempts to keep your system safe. So, keep scrolling to know a few things you can do to safeguard the files and folders on your computer. 

Keep Your Computer Updated

One of the easiest ways to keep your files and folders on your computer protected is updating and installing the latest version of the operating system. Typically, older OS versions are laced with security vulnerabilities. The updated versions come with bug fixes and security enhancements that will automatically protect your computer against hackers and their attempts. 

Password Protect Files And Folders

When you want to restrict access to the important files and folders on your system, you can think of protecting them with a strong password. Don’t give away the password to anybody. 

In Microsoft Windows, you can password-protect files and folders by selecting those you wish to safeguard. You need to right-click on the selected folder and scroll down to Properties. Click the Security tab and click on the Edit option. Here, you have to choose a group or user name and click Deny Access. With this, access will be denied to a group or user. If anybody wants to access this folder or file, they will need the administrative password. 

Similarly, it is possible to protect your files on Mac. If you wonder how to password protect a folder on Mac, the steps are simple. You need to choose the folder you wish to protect and right-click on it. Click Get Info and open the Sharing & Permissions tab. Here, you need to choose the group or user name and select the privilege or access you want to allow. Your options are No Access, Read Only or Read & Write. So, make your choice wisely. 

Utilize A Compression Tool

If the files are sensitive and you don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands, you can archive them by compressing and encrypting them. So, whenever you need to access these files, you have to prove the password, and only then can you access it. For this, you have to use the best compression tools at your disposal. The popularly used ones are WinZip, WinRar, and 7-Zip. Ensure to study the difference between them and compare their pros and cons before making your choice. 

Don’t Forget To Encrypt Your Hard Drive

Beef up the security of your computer by encrypting your hard drive. When your hard drive is encrypted, you don’t have to worry about data loss if your system has been stolen or hacked. The malicious attempts of the hackers will be useless when your hard drive is encrypted, as they won’t be able to steal your information. 

Take A Backup Of Your Files

One of the best ways to avoid unforeseen situations and prevent data loss is through regular backups. Even if you have protected something using a strong password, it can still be deleted by mistake. There might be problems with your system that wipe out your hard drive. If you cannot afford to lose the files and folders on your computer, the best solution is to keep a backup of your critical files. So, if they are deleted from your system, they are safe in a cloud storage service. You can download and access the files whenever you want. 

Install An Anti-Malware Program

You can never have enough protection in today’s world. Cybercriminals are more active than ever and always seeking ways to hack computers and steal data. You cannot afford to show the hackers any security vulnerability as they may take advantage of it. Therefore, you need to look for the best antivirus program and install it on your computer or laptop. The anti-malware software will protect your entire system. You can schedule it to run regular scans to detect any unusual activity. Also, these programs can help scan attachments or files before they are downloaded to your computer. From suspecting malicious apps to keeping individual files safe, these programs can boost your computer’s security. 

The Bottom Line

Your files, folders, and documents on your computer are critical data you would not want to fall into the wrong hands. So, follow the tips mentioned above to protect the files on your computer. Don’t let hackers gain access, and you can also restrict access to sensitive files by protecting them using a password. 

Keeping all your information safe is the ultimate way to prevent cybercriminals from stealing your data. It will also give you peace of mind. Don’t waste any more time! 

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