10 Best Pokemon And Every Thing About Pokemon

10 Best Pokemon And Every Thing About Pokemon

Few Pokemon in the series can compete with the many Legendary Pokemon in terms of raw power and impressive stat totals.

Despite the fact that Charizard and Pikachu are among the most well-known Pokemon in the series, they rank far down the list of the series’ most powerful Pokemons. There are many Legendary Pokemon in the series, and they more than live up to their namesakes in terms of power.

In Pokemon Red and Blue, the Legendary Pokemon were first introduced as the pinnacle of the game’s monsters. There are a few non-Legendary Pokemon that come close, but when it comes to pure stats, they just can’t compete. The strongest and most powerful Pokemon are typically referred to as “Legendary,” even if they have undergone non-permanent transformations such as Mega Evolutions.

Tom Bowen’s February 5, 2022, update: Diamond & Pearl Remakes and Legends: Arceus have all been released in a short period of time, which has been fantastic for Pokemon fans. There were a total of 14 Legendary Pokemon in the latter game and an impressive 26 in the first, which were spread across both games. Some of the strongest Pokemon in the series gained new forms, including a brand-new Legendary Pokemon and variants for some of the series’ older legendaries.

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1: Yveltal (680)

For many years, Yveltal was the series’ only Dark-type Legendary, making it extremely helpful in certain circumstances. Despite the additional competition, Yveltal remains an amazing Pokemon, as its starting stat total is 100 more than that of Xerneas, despite both being Dark/Flying types.

As a result, Yveltal’s essential numbers are all higher than Galarian Moltres’, with the most notable being its 131 attack and special attack. Yveltal is the greatest Dark-type Pokemon to use unless you have access to the legendary Pokemon Darkrai, which is quicker and more effective than Yveltal because it is a pure Dark-type.

2: Reshiram (680)

Reshiram was the first Dragon-type Legendary Pokemon to appear in Generation 5, when the field was much more sparse. Though more than a decade has passed, Reshiram’s design is still as cool as ever, and it is the only Dragon/Fire-type Legendary that has been discovered so far.

Reshiram’s 150 Special Attack stat is its most impressive attribute, but it’s also strong in nearly every other area. With Kyurem, it becomes even more powerful, but it should be able to handle most other Pokemon on its own.

3: Solgaleo (680)

Solgaleo, a Legendary Psychic/Steel with excellent Attack and Special Attack stats, first appeared in the Generation 7 games. No matter what it does, Dusk Mane Necrozma is still stronger than unfused Solgaleo, proving just how powerful the gen 7 mascot and Lunala truly are.

Solgaleo’s great move set and several resistances and immunities make it a popular choice over Necrozma and Lunala, which some players prefer for their more specialized stats. When it comes down to it, whether of them is the best will depend on what sort of player you’re dealing with at the time.

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4: Zekrom (680)

With its all-black look, Zekrom is another one of the series’ more striking Pokemon, similar to Reshiram’s. It has a massive stat total of 680, with 150 of those points going to the Attack stat. The combined strength of this and Kyurem is a monster 170.

Outrage, for example, is one of Zekrom’s best attacks, and it’s one of the few techniques that can both survive and inflict significant damage on its opponents at the same time. As a result, even in its unfused state, it ranks among the toughest Pokemon ever.

5: Electric-type: Zekrom – Stat total 680

In addition to its formidable Electric/Dragon-type, Zekrom possesses a stat total of 680, which is evenly distributed across all major states except Speed, which is why it falls short of the magic 700.

Despite the fact that Electric-type Pokémon are often strong on their own, Zekrom rises head and miles beyond the others, thanks in large part to his Legendary status and Dragon typing.

6: Fairy-type: Zacian (Crowned Sword form) – Stat total 720

Trainers’ calls for aid against rampaging dragon types have been answered by Fairy-type Pokémon, which debuted in Generation six of Pokémon, with Hydreigon’s arrival being the nail in the coffin.

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Generation 8 cover Pokémon, Zacian, is a different story. As a formidable Steel/Fairy-type, it is capable of taking on practically any target that trainers throughout the series may throw at it, thanks to its best Speed and Attack numbers of any Fairy-type Pokémon.

7: Fighting-type: Mega Mewtwo X – Stat total 780

Mewtwo, the original series’ greatest Pokémon, has long been a household name in the world of Pokémon. In addition to being the greatest Fighting-type Pokémon, Mega Mewtwo X is also the strongest Psychic-type Pokémon, making it the most powerful Mewtwo ever.

If that wasn’t enough, this Pokémon is a Fighting/Psychic-type Pokémon, making it one of the most powerful in the game. If you manage to take one of them down, prepare yourself for some serious suffering.

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8: Fire-type: Primal Groudon – Stat total 770

Because it was the first landmass to form in the third generation, Groudon is considered the best Fire and Ground-type Pokémon. Groudon Primal pushes things to the next level in terms of raw power. In spite of its enormous stat total and the Desolate Land ability that effectively erases its Water-type weakness, there are few Pokémon capable of defeating this enormous behemoth.

9: Flying-type: Mega Rayquaza – Stat total 780

Look who’s making a comeback. As if being the strongest Dragon-type wasn’t enough, Mega Rayquaza is also the strongest flying type by a wide margin. Going from Air Lock to Delta Stream removes all of its Flying-type vulnerabilities, letting all of its Flying-type attacks just deliver standard damage, rather than being very effective against all Flying-type Pokémon in the field.

10: Ghost-type: Giratina – Stat total 680

One of the most powerful Ghost-type Pokémon ever, Giratina takes the #1 spot in our rankings. 

This world-ending beast is as terrifying as he is lethal since he is the counterpart of his Time and Space-creating siblings. 

In both its Origin and Altered forms, confronting Giratina is a daunting proposition because of its Ghost/Dragon-type combination and its powerful Shadow Force move

There is a five-way tie based on stat total between Giratina, Lunala, and Dawn Wings Necrozma if we rank them in that order.

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