Steps to Configure Your New Windows VPS and Get It Ready to Use

Steps to Configure Your New Windows VPS and Get It Ready to Use

A virtual private server with Windows operating system will show maximum efficiency and performance if operating parameters are properly configured. It is possible to configure Windows VPS by yourself in several steps. If you doubt your abilities, it is better to turn to professionals. 

How to Configure the Windows VPS

The host provides clients with information such as login credentials and the IP address of the Windows VPS server. After logging in, the client can check the number of resources provided, such as disk space, RAM, and the number of CPU cores. The resources are checked with the help of a virtual private server management platform or from the VPS itself. Using the management platform, you can solve a variety of tasks, such as rebooting the server, suspending its work, checking the architecture and configuration of the VPS, as well as auditing logs. 

The server is easier to manage with software products such as WebsitePanel (a Windows hosting control panel) or Plesk (a tool for the effective day-to-day management of servers, sites, and applications). WebsitePanel is an open-source panel designed specifically for the implementation of web technologies in the Windows environment. The Plesk platform is designed to administer and protect all hosting sites, it includes automatic testing and backups. 

Management with the WebsitePanel software product is an alternative to access via a remote desktop. Functions that can be performed with WebsitePanel:

  • Domain management.
  • Web site administration.
  • Control and configuration of email accounts.
  • Managing FTP accounts (a network file transfer protocol used to access remote hosts).
  • Configuring and managing databases.

The WebsitePanel platform, interacting with MySQL, allows you to create and delete databases. Once domains, websites, and databases have been created using WebsitePanel, the next step is to manage and configure the DNS (Domain Name System). The service is designed to link the IP address of the host to the domain. After adding the IP address to the system, your site will be interconnected with the VPS server.

The Web PI software product was developed by Microsoft as a web platform installer. As a result, the user has access to such products as IIS, SQL Server Express, .NET Framework (a platform that allows you to work in different programming languages), and Visual Web Developer Express (a web development tool). Web PI product simplifies content management and the process of creating web applications for blogging.

For the Windows VPS server to work stably without failures, you need to pay attention to the key points. The first is a connection via RDP (application layer protocol designed to connect the user to a remote server). It is the easiest and safest way to organize communication with the virtual private server. The RDP protocol is suitable for almost any device. The software was developed by Microsoft, which means that it is optimally compatible with Windows VPS. To get started, you need to follow the steps:

  • Select the “Connect to Remote Desktop” tab in the “Start” menu.
  • Specify the IP address of the server.
  • Enter the login and password.

After connecting to the VPS server and logging in, there is a single user – the Administrator. For ease of management, it is worth adding other users with limited rights. 

Adding Users

Next to the “Start” button is the “Server Manager” key, which opens a window with a control panel. The panel is located at the top of the window. You need to select the “Tools” tab on the panel and then “Computer Management”. Then go to the “Utilities” and “Local Users” tabs. Then select the “Actions” command and the “New user” tab. In the window that opens, double enter the user’s name and login, password and rights, such as the ability to change the password by yourself. After entering the data, click “Create”. The actions may vary depending on the year of creation of the software. Microsoft offers several types of server operating systems, including Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2016. The rights of a newly created user are limited. The administrator can go to Properties and configure this option. 


The issue of protecting the server from unauthorized access by third parties is a priority. When configuring the security of Windows VPS, it is worth paying attention to key points:

  • Update the software. An up-to-date version of an operating system is an improved software product with improved and fine-tuned mechanisms to protect against cyberattacks. To get timely updates, it is better to choose to automatically search and run them under “Update Center”.
  • Configure the built-in network firewall that performs a protective function. It checks data coming from the Internet. Depending on the settings, the firewall deters viruses and hacker attacks. 
  • Configure the RDP (Secure Remote Desktop Connection Protocol) port. You can set additional protection against exceeding passwords. It is recommended to install VPN (Virtual Private Network) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), and TLS (new version of SSL) applications, which will greatly contribute to the organization of the VPS server security.  
  • Install and configure the Security Wizard. Microsoft has created a software product called SCW that is designed to manage your security policy. You can configure settings that protect data on your devices and network. The security settings include authenticating the user to the network or device, and determining which resources are allowed to be accessed by which users. The program also logs user actions, if necessary. 

This is by no means a complete list of tricks and programs that can help improve security settings. Numerous options are available to the administrator, such as fine-tuning group and local security policies and disabling passwordless access. 

Installing Programs

Software is required to solve business tasks. The range of programs depends on the type of company’s activity and the specifics of interaction with customers. The list of programs for a particular company is determined individually, based on needs. However, experts recommend installing a basic set of IIS – web-server developed by Microsoft and designed to host sites on the Internet. This is an alternative to the WebsitePanel panel. A web server is the main component of IIS software. It provides compatibility with FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS. Without IIS, it would not be possible to use the ASP.NET platform, which is designed to develop web applications. The presence of IIS will simplify the installation of PHP products (a set of scripts for developing web applications) and MySQL (a database management platform). 

You can try to configure the Windows VPS by yourself. However, in situations where you can not perform the actions according to the instructions, it is better to contact the support service hoster. Experienced specialists will quickly configure the server according to your wishes and needs. To set up a competent Windows VPS server requires technical knowledge. Sometimes the best solution is a server that is configured and fully managed by the hoster. 

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