Tips on picture promotion on Instagram

Tips on picture promotion on Instagram

It’s hard to find a person nowadays who doesn’t use Instagram. Even if he/she doesn’t have an account in this social network, they certainly have used Instagram suggestions on the searched topics at least once. Everybody wants to make their pages more reachable, successful, and eventually profitable, as Instagram has gone forward from the initial status of an entertaining tool of picture sharing. The accounts are getting more brand-oriented, and as statistics prove, more than half of all the Instagram pages are run with a business purpose. So, many individuals and companies find it crucial to define really working strategies to promote their photos on Instagram, using multiple solutions, not only the prepaid Instagram promotion plans. So, let’s think of a couple of hacks to make the posts on Instagram more engaging and gain the audience’s attention.

Use the functions of Instagram Stories

Stories on Instagram have gained incredible popularity, as they are dynamic, short, and give the narrator a possibility to present their message creatively more than once without producing repeatable content.  Every day more than 700 million live stories are posted on Instagram. They are so popular because they help bloggers gain more followers without creating a sophisticated strategy. You can put any type of temporary content in the Stories to check whether it works before posting something similar in the feed. If you want more Instagram followers, you need to use Instagram Stories, it’s a must. Nearly half of the stories are used for business. One-third of all the live stories are engaging enough to attract users to start direct messaging.

Post your photos at the right time

There are a lot of Instagram algorithms that are quite hard to follow. But as for the content posting schedule, it’s very easy to create and maintain. And, of course, as a strategic tool, timing has proved to be highly effective. Depending on the audience you are going to target, choose the most appropriate time to post the pictures due to their schedule. In this way, your content will be delivered to the right people at the right time. Analyze the schedule of your competitors and the frequency of their posts. So, you can easily get the right insights on how the industry you represent works on Instagram. Before choosing a permanent timing strategy, test different variations to find the most effective one.

Think on the right Instagram strategy

Content plan, target audience, competitors circle, and the main global and local trends are the minimum you should take into account while thinking on the general Instagram strategy. So, not to get lost, you need a clear main plan and a couple of plan-Bs. The number of followers is not considered to be a success on Instagram anymore. That’s why, fortunately, new algorithms of this platform don’t allow the pages with fake followers to be at the top. What is more important is the audience engaging in what you post. So, good-quality content is the main objective to start with. First of all, you should realize why you want more followers and what is the main purpose of your page in the long-term perspective. If you want some transactional results, such as to boost sales, the pictures you choose, and the descriptions you provide should focus on the direct and indirect attracting the audience towards the marketing funnel. If you want to attract new visitors to your site, then your post should be designed in a way that the audience could easily move on to the website.

Define the target audience

Planning each post in particular, and the general strategy of your content, think who you are trying to reach. Your target audience should be easily comprehensible for you, like your best friend, your sister, or your spouse. So, you must know the interests of your audience, their needs, and challenges, the way they live, the time they spend on Instagram. You can create a couple of prototypes, like role models of people who you want to reach. Then think whether your content can be attractive for them. And if you are not sure, work on the quality of your posts until you create something suitable.

Create an irresistible bio and a unique

Not only the existing followers must see your posts. According to the recent rates, more than 65% of business page visits are carried out by non-followers. So, each time someone new comes to see your profile accidentally, don’t let them leave without pressing on “Follow”. But it’s impossible if your profile lacks a clear concept and the bio part is completely uninformative. Except for choosing the right profile name, using the best practice of searchable keywords, craft your bio. Within not more than 150 characters convey the main information about you and the purpose of your page. Links in bio must be creatively set with the help of multi-link organizers. More information on how to put more than one link in your bio you can find on the site.

Share only valuable content

It’s not always true that the more you share, the better results you get. The quality of content really matters. The posts should be close to reality. They must be interesting, engaging, thought-provoking. The pictures you share in combination with the related content must be worth re-posting. Many experts will agree that though we tend to use more human-centered content, infographics are still very engaging, as it takes the audience less time to make a decision to re-post them. A catchy message, in combination with a unique relevant picture, is a must-have if you are going to use this kind of post. Your content shouldn’t leave the audience indifferent. The more they have seen, the more they want to see is the right strategy for you. That’s why the general concept of your profile must be easily recognizable in every picture you post. Use customized filters to make your pictures stylish and connected to other posts, as if they had a unique signature.

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