Who Is Peyton List Dating 2022

Who Is Peyton List Dating 2022

In the year 2022, who is Peyton List seeing? What do we know about the lovely actress’s major roles and personal life? Peyton Roi List is an American actress who has been in a number of films since she began her career. You’d be surprised to learn that she’s also a talented model. Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman, The Outcasts, and Paper Spiders are just a few of her signature roles as an actor. Actress Peyton List shot to stardom after portraying Holly Hills in the hit animated series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She also won the Young Artist Award for this piece. In addition to Cobra Kai, she has gained notoriety for her outstanding performance in it.

According to various reports, Peyton List is dating a co-star of her show. Also, a Tiktok video has gone viral on the internet, which suggests that the actress has a boyfriend. There have been rumors floating around about what is going on. Peyton List’s 2022 love life has piqued the interest of the fans. If you want to know more about Peyton List’s boyfriend and notable works, you must read this article to the end!

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Who is Peyton List Dating in 2022? Rumors & Relationship Details

A Tiktok video of her answering a question about her favorite Cobra Kai character was posted on May 14, 2013. Without any doubt, Peyton List verified it to be ‘Hawk’. Jacob Bertrand is the actor who portrays ‘Hawk’ in the film. Peyton List’s Cobra Kai co-star, Jacob Bertrand, was widely rumored to be dating her when a video of the two together went viral. A Disney Channel movie called The Swap featured the two of them. The actor also shared photos of Peyton on his Instagram account. The viewers were left wondering whether they were indeed dating. Yes, but… The actors have not made any official statements. Jacob is also dating Serena Pullen, his long-term girlfriend. For the record, they’ve been seeing one other for the better part of four years now.

Current Relationship Status

Now that you know Jacob Bertrand isn’t Peyton List’s boyfriend, you’re probably more interested in finding out who she is seeing. At this point in the year 2022, Peyton List is most likely single and not involved in any romantic relationships. While shooting Anthem of a Teenage Prophet, she began a relationship with Cameron Monaghan, whom she met while filming.

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How Old Is Peyton List? Zodiac Sign, Height & Weight

She was born on April 6, 1998, making her one of today’s leading actresses. She’ll be 24 years old in a few weeks. Aries is the sign of the Ram because of her April 1 birthdate. Florida is where she was born. Peyton stands at a height of 1.70 meters and a weight of 55 kg.


Peyton List is the daughter of Suzanne List (her mother) and John List (father). Also, Spencer List and Phoenix List are the actress’s half-siblings.

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Notable Works

There are several films in which Peyton List has appeared as an actress, including Swimming for Gold (2020), Hubie Halloween (2020), and Paper Spiders (2020), as well as Batman: Hush (2019), Anthem of a Teenage Prophet (2019), The Trouble with Cali (2012), and The Outcasts (2017). Pass the Plate was hosted by Peyton List from 2013 until 2014. In Jessie, she portrayed Emma Ross as well (2014-2015). As a Project Runway All-Stars guest panelist in 2019, she also appeared on the show. Peyton List’s Shriver is planned for publication in the near future, which should please any of her admirers.

The actress seems to be concentrating on her job at the moment. According to her social media feeds, Peyton is very preoccupied with preparing for the arrival of many of her new works. We don’t anticipate her becoming romantically engaged any time soon because of her hectic schedule. Still, we wish her the best of luck in finding her soul mate! Good luck with her new movie!

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