365 Days Part 2 Release Date, The Cast And Many More

365 Days Part 2 Release Date, The Cast And Many More

Barbara Biaows will direct 365 Days, a Polish erotic romantic drama film when it opens in theatres in 2020. It’s based on the first novel of a trilogy by Blanka Lipiska. February 7, 2020: The film premiered in Poland before being released on Netflix in June of the same year. It instantly gained international popularity.

A slew of reviewers panned the picture, however, citing it as glorifying organized crime and its heavy reliance on violent sex scenes (a la Fifty Shades) as reasons for their displeasure. There are now two sequels in development.

365 Days Part 2 Overview

One of the most anticipated television shows in recent memory is the 365 days movie. If you’re more interested in watching the movie online, you’ll want to know the release date for the next part of 365 days.

In order to get the most out of the following 365 days of movies, we strongly recommend that you read on.

When Will The Next 365 Days Be on Netflix?

Both films were originally scheduled for release in 2022, but that has now been confirmed.

On June 20th, it was announced that the third episode will be released soon. You’ll only have to wait for a total of 114 days between the second and third films.

As previously reported, Netflix made the announcement of the release date of the third installment through Facebook and posted a first peek (seen below) with the caption:

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365 Days Plot – Recap

As a refresher, let’s go through the events of the first film so that we’re ready for the next one!

We meet Massimo and his father on the beach when Massimo spots a lovely woman and falls in love with her. But all of a sudden, they’re attacked by drug traffickers; Massimo escapes, but his father is killed. It has been five years after his father’s death, and Massimo now heads over the Torricelli criminal syndicate.

Laura Biel is in a bad relationship when we meet her for the first time. Massimo kidnaps her when he leaves her alone on a hike in Etna.

In his villa, Massimo tells Laura that he has been in love with her since he first saw her on the beach five years ago. To make her fall in love with him, he pretends he has abducted her and will hold her in captivity for a year. Also, Massimo agrees to not have sexual relations with Laura until she gives her approval.

Massimo has kept his word on this. Massimo tells Laura that he was afraid he would lose her after an altercation in which Laura falls into the sea and nearly drowns. A number of sexual encounters follow this.

Laura is threatened by an ex-girlfriend of Massimo’s as the two attend a masquerade ball. Massimo is concerned about Laura’s safety, so he sends her back to Warsaw with her family. Laura expresses her love for Massimo and begs him to marry her when he joins her in Warsaw.

When they return to Italy, wedding preparations begin. Laura tells Olga (her closest friend who traveled to Italy with the couple to serve as Laura’s bridesmaid) that she isn’t feeling well and then announces that she is pregnant. To prevent Laura from alerting Massimo, a Torricelli informant calls and warns him that the opposing mafia family is planning to assassinate Laura. Massimo is left devastated after Laura’s automobile fails to emerge from a tunnel. And that’s how the film came to an end!

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The Plot

On this day, what can we count on? What happened to 365 Days after it ended with such an epic cliffhanger? While it’s possible that the second film may deviate slightly from the first film’s narrative, it is likely that it will follow suit. Unsurprisingly, because we know Anna Maria Sieklucka is returning as Laura, she escaped.

What else do we know about the upcoming sequel? Adriano, Massimo’s villainous twin brother, makes his debut as a new character. Olga will also have a secondary love interest in the near future. In addition, a new figure, Nachos, who kidnaps Laura, is a threat to Laura and Massimo’s relationship. In the same way that Laura and Massimo did in the past, Laura is beginning to feel affectionate toward her captor. So we’re left with a potentially explosive love triangle!

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365 Days 3 Cast

Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone, who portray Laura and Massimo, have already been cast in the third film. I find it hard to imagine that Laura would die at the end of the second movie, despite the fact that her destiny was once again in doubt. In any case, she’ll be making a reappearance in the sequel in some fashion.

We already know Morrone will return as Massimo, but might he also play Adriano, Massimo’s identical twin brother? In the second film, Adriano was also shot and we have no idea if he is still alive or not. Natasza Urbaska, the actress who portrays Anna, is in the same boat.

Also returning will be Simone Susanna, who plays Massimo’s archrival Nacho. As Laura’s best friend Olga and Massimo’s right-hand man Domenico, Magdalena Lamparska and Otar Saralidze will return. During the second film, Olga and Domenico got engaged.

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