Everything You Want To Know About The Princess Diaries 3

Everything You Want To Know About The Princess Diaries 3

We will always remember “The Princess Diaries 3” as one of the greatest movies from this decade. Every girl’s favorite movie of all time has remained the same for the past two decades, thanks to the legendary chick film.

For many years, speculation has swirled around the possibility of a third film. It’s a pity that the film series’ director died in 2016. Do you know what’s going on with ‘The Princess Diaries’ 3rd? Is this still going on? What we do know is summarised in the following paragraphs and table.

Will ‘There Be ‘The Princess Diaries’ 3?

Everything is possible, but a third installment of ‘The Princess Diaries’ has yet to be confirmed. The possibility of a threequel has been raised several times in the past.

The Talk said in 2020 that Queen Andrews hinted at the possibility of a third installment in “The Princess Diaries.”

It was revealed to her that she’d heard rumors about one. “It’s been discussed for a long time, but nothing concrete has appeared on my desk or anywhere else. [Doing that] is something I’m inclined to do. I’m starting to get a little grumpy and elderly. Working with Annie [Anne Hathaway, who portrayed Princess Mia] again would be wonderful, and I’m sure I’d be up for it, even if the timing isn’t perfect. Let’s see if a script comes in before we proceed. We wouldn’t have Garry Marshall as director, of course. One of my best friends has died. In addition to that, he was the heart and soul of the operation.”

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What Is The Plot Of ‘The Princess Diaries’ 3?

The existence of a third film has not yet been proven. A script has been published by those in charge of the hugely successful film series.

Earlier this year, actress Anne Hathaway said that the writing for the third film in the series had already been finished.

“It’s been written that there will be the third film… There is a plot, and it’s written out “she revealed to the live broadcast of Watch What Happens… “Yes, please. In fact, Julie [Andrews] is all for it. Our producer, Debra Martin Chase, wants to do it. There is a strong desire among us to see it happen. For the same reason you folks do, we just do not want to release it unless it is absolutely flawless. You and we both care about this, therefore we won’t deliver anything until it’s ready, but be assured that we’re working on it.”

Meg Cabot, the author of the ‘Princess Diaries’ book series, had already claimed the same thing before Hathaway confirmed the screenplay. As a memorial to Garry Marshall, who died in 2016, if a film is made, she said it will be “sort of a tribute.” If you’re wondering about the plot, the author has stated, “I conceive of them as two separate universes.”

When Will’ The Princess Diaries 3′ Release?

Since everyone wants to see ‘The Princess Diaries’ return, there is yet to be an official announcement of a third movie. As a result, we’re in for a lengthy and frustrating wait.

Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement followed up on the 2001 release of the original film a year later in 2004. As far back as 2015, rumors were swirling regarding the third film. Sadly, no formal announcements have been made concerning its comeback.

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Possible Cast In ‘The Princess Diaries’ 3: Who Could Return?

It is reasonable to assume that the main actors will return for a third installment if it is approved. Without Anne Hathaway’s Mia Thermopolis, heir to the throne and Princess of Genovia, there would be no ‘The Princess Diaries.’ Clarisse Renaldi, Mia’s calm, regal grandmother and reigning Queen of Genovia, is set to return as Julie Andrews.

The third film with this ensemble cast is definitely on the cards.

Chris Pine was asked, “Don’t you hope every night for a Princess Diaries 3?” in a fan Q&A for Entertainment Weekly in 2016. In response to this, he said, “Have you read my diary?”

Mandy Moore is also open to making a guest appearance. In her prior roles, she was known for portraying the sassy cheerleader Lana.

“With regard to the possibility of Moore appearing in the film, she said, “Maybe she could make peace and apologize for being bullied as a child. I’d be up for a cameo. Reflecting back, she realizes that being insecure and suffering through a terrible moment in her life wasn’t acceptable.”

Lilly Moscovitz (Heather Matarazzo), Princess Mia’s best friend, might make an appearance.

In 2016, she told Cosmopolitan, “Of certainly, if Annie and Julie fall.”

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