Toya is one of the most popular characters in the series. He is a member of the League of Villains and a part of the Todoroki family, even though he does not live with them. His relationship with his father is complicated, but he still loves him.

Toya Todoroki was born to Shouto and Momo Todoroki on December 20th, 1998 in Tokyo. He has two older sisters, Inko and Tsuyu who are both members of the Pro-Hero team “Save Point”.

Toya has been the main character in My Hero Academia since its first chapter. He was introduced as an antagonist who was working to destroy society as he saw it. However, after meeting Izuku Midoriya and learning that there are others like him who

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Dabi’s Revelation

In the series, Dabi is a major supporting villain. What has he done, you may wonder? He is, after all, a mass murderer who has admitted to killing approximately 30 innocent people. He joined the Villain’s League and also led the Vanguard Action Squad, a team of elite villains, to attack the students of UA High School, where he kidnaps Katsuki Bakugou. He follows in Stain’s ideological footsteps. He believes that only true heroes should exist, as opposed to people who become heroes for the sake of fame and money. Dabi, on the other hand, appears to be particularly interested in the next number one hero after All Might, Endeavor. Later, in Chapter 290, Kohei Horikoshi revealed that Dabi is the long-deceased (or presumed deceased) son of

Dabi appears oblivious to death and shows no remorse when he murders Snatch. Not only does he admit to not caring about his allies, but he also expresses no remorse for Twice’s death later in the manga. He is, however, disappointed because he intended to use Twice to achieve his objectives. He wears a pale, blunt expression most of the time as if nothing interests or saddens him. However, when he confronts Endeavor in the recent chapters and reveals his true identity, his face is filled with joy, which is probably the point at which all of his crazy emotions burst out. Despite the fact that many fans had already predicted this twist, the confirmation took them by surprise. While Dabi has caused significant harm, his story is quite sad. Dabi’s story is the story of a child who died as a result of his father’s mental abuse and terrible parenting.

Dabi possesses the “cremation” quirk, a devastating blue flame. Even with the list of crimes he has committed, it is difficult not to sympathize with Dabi’s past. While Endeavor was dealing with his own insecurities as a result of being overshadowed by All Might’s power, he ended up being a villain to his own family while attempting to be a hero to the world, which explains why little Touya would begin to dislike heroes in the future.

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Touya Todoroki – Birth

Endeavor married Rei Todoroki in order to have a child with a fire quirk from him and an ice quirk from Rei. Endeavor acknowledged Touya’s power after his birth, admitting that his flame power was greater than Endeavor’s. He was not depressed, despite the fact that Touya had only gained one quirk rather than the two he desired. He wasn’t as harsh on Touya as he was on Shoto. Endeavor’s selfishness, on the other hand, went so far as to burden a child’s shoulder with his own dreams of becoming the number one hero, which was extremely toxic for young Touya. While Touya as Dabi has become a rude, foul-mouthed adult, as a child, he was sweet, innocent, and playful, making Touya’s story even more depressing. Touya trained with his father as his mind was consumed by nothing but the desire to be the number one hero.

Although things appeared to be going well at first, Touya eventually developed burns from overheating. Touya’s body was beginning to suffer as a result of him using too much of his power. While Touya inherited his father’s brilliant fire quirk, he also inherited his mother’s resistance to low temperatures, rather than the resistance to fire and heat, making it difficult for his body to protect itself from his own powers. Endeavor immediately gave up on Touya and stopped training with him, labeling him a failure. By the age of eight, Enji had snatched away every dream he had ever shown Touya and forbade him from training further for his own safety.

Dabi – Awakening

This felt like everything he had been taken away from a child who only wanted to be the world’s greatest hero for his father. Endeavor’s neglect of Touya grew five years after Shoto Todoroki was born. Shoto became a victim of Endeavor’s abuse, while Touya became a victim of his own ignorance. Touya, on the other hand, remained very close to his siblings and was frequently seen playing with them. Touya would ask his father to train with him, but he was only harshly told to stop training altogether, so Touya began training alone in the Sekoto Peak.

Touya’s mental instability was manifesting itself at the age of thirteen. He had been training hard despite his limited abilities and the risks that came with it, all to prove to his father that he was not a failure. After all, he was just a child yearning for his father. The rage within him would frequently manifest itself in harsh words, to the point where he taunted his mother while she tried to console him, telling him he could stop being so hard on himself and try to be anything other than a hero.

He would frequently cry in front of Natsu, his closest brother. Natsu was frequently concerned and suggested that he speak with Fuyumi about it. Touya’s abandonment issues were at an all-time high at this point, and he cried out, believing Natsu was also pushing him away. What’s more, Endeavor was completely unaware of any of the disasters that resulted from his arrogance.

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Dabi – Creation.

Touya’s red flame turned blue as he reached puberty, somewhere in the midst of this emotional rollercoaster. The blue flames were stronger, and it didn’t take long for him to realize that his emotions were the exact trigger he needed to grow his powers. He discovered a new hope for regaining his father’s approval. To demonstrate his progress, Touya invited Endeavor to Sekoto Peak to witness his quirk. The endeavor was well aware of the dangers that his quirk entailed and immediately disapproved of Touya’s training. Touya, on the other hand, was adamant and desired his father’s approval at any cost.

Touya waited for Endeavor to arrive at Sekoto Peak, but he never arrived. This was possibly the point at which his strings snapped completely. Touya had learned how to activate and develop his power, but he had never learned how to properly control it (or more like he was never taught). The abandonment of Endeavor enraged his small heart. All of his emotions erupted into uncontrollable flames. Endeavor was told that even his child’s bones had been incinerated to dust, leaving nothing but his jaws behind, and this is what Endeavor believed until it was revealed that Touya had survived.

Yes! Touya was only thirteen years old when he staged his own death. Consider the amount of stress and pain that a child’s mind must be under in order to fake their own death and escape. Touya changed his name to Dabi and dyed his hair black to disguise himself. There are numerous burnt marks all over his body, most likely from overheating while using his quirk.

Dabi – Confrontation

Dabi went on to join the Villain’s League, completely despising heroes. He doesn’t just want to kill heroes; he also wants to defame them and drive them from people’s hearts. He has traveled a long and bloody path only to exact revenge on both Enji and Shoto Todoroki. He broadcasts a video revealing his true identity to the world. Dabi clearly intends to sabotage the image of heroes and completely undermine people’s faith in them. He even goes so far as to claim that Hawks murdered Best Jeanist and Twice. He also reveals Hawk’s past to the entire world. He also goes around telling everyone about Enji’s abusive behavior.

When he reveals his true identity to Endeavor, he is stunned and loses consciousness. As Dabi prepares to attack, he stands frozen, while Shoto begs his father to move and protect himself. Best Jeanist, on the other hand, arrives on time (much to Dabi’s surprise, as he thought the hero was dead) and saves them. Dabi escapes with the help of Mr. Compress after some very interesting fight scenes.

Post-war scenes depict Endeavor, Shoto, and the rest of the Todoroki family in the hospital, with Endeavor severely injured. Endeavor finally looks back on his mistakes and realizes what a bad father he has been. Rei, on the other hand, insists that their child’s suffering is not only his fault, but also hers, and that he must fight Dabi. Shoto extends his hand to Enji and declares that the two of them will stop Dabi together.

The journey from Touya to Dabi was tragic, resulting in the birth of a flaming monster. I’m interested to see where Kohei Horikoshi takes it from here. Will Dabi have a miraculous change of heart, or will he die at the hands of his own father and younger brother? In any case, I have a feeling the chapters following this will be a tearjerker. Knowing Dabi’s backstory has made him a very soft spot in my heart, and despite the fact that he has been a very harsh character throughout the manga, I would still like to see him change or at the very least have an ending that alleviates his pain.

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