Best Discord Server Rules List 2021

Best Discord Server Rules List 2021

On this page, we’ve prepared a full set of Discord server rules, which you may copy and paste into your server if you do want to. Given the fact that each Discord server is unique, not every rule will apply to your server. You may go through them and choose the ones that would be the most appropriate for your Discord server’s community.

Why Discord Servers Need Rules

For a number of reasons, rules are crucial to include in your Discord server’s configuration. The first is that rules will inform the members of your server as to what they should or shouldn’t do at any given time, as explained above. As a consequence, if they are barred from participating, they will be less surprised. Second, as a consequence of the rules, there will be more order and less turmoil on your site as a consequence of them.

How To Create A Rules Channel In Discord

A rules channel in Discord can only be established if a new text channel named “Rules” is created in the system. By selecting “Advanced permissions,” you may restrict access to the channel to just those who have the authorization to read it. After you’ve crossed off the “Send Messages” permission from the channel, the only person who may send messages into it is you. Then you can simply copy and paste your list of Discord rules into the conversation so that everyone can see them and comply with them.

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How To Force People To Read The Rules In Discord

It is necessary to enable the Discord community to function in order to compel individuals to read the rules in Discord. Afterwards, you’ll need to establish a “Membership Screening” category and include server rules in it.

When new users join your server, they must first agree to the rules you have established before they may send messages. They will be unable to speak with, react to, or message other players on your server until they do so.

Additional Discord Rules Are:

  • Make an effort to be courteous. (Again. As a result, be twice as kind)
  • Please adhere to the subjects that have been established for each channel; channel topics may be found on the server’s #welcome channel.
  • There will be no NSFW or sexually explicit language or anything.
  • Do not publish the same message in several channels at the same time. Suppose you’re marketing an event and you want to promote it on many relevant channels.
  • Alternatively, if you are one of two people who dominate a topic in a channel, you might consider shifting your chat to Direct Messages instead. Thanks!
  • It is important to report any messages that irritate or offend you to our Support staff, who will then contact a @Admin for further action if necessary. Do not interact with them or engage in a flame war with them. Just get up and go away.
  • Spread the love and have a good time. Immediately notify Support if you have experienced abuse.

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List 2  Of Discord Server Rules

  1. Respect Every Member

Remember to show respect to all members of our server, treat them equally regardless of their religious beliefs, and oppose liking and disliking. Always treat people with the courtesy and consideration that you would want to receive in return.

  1. No Abusive Language/words

You must refrain from using abusive language or making hate speeches, regardless of the language in which you are sending a communication to someone. Make certain that your statements are not improper and that they do not cause harm to anybody.

  1. Avoid Spamming

You must not spam the server with any content, whether it be a message, emoticons, photographs, or anything else that is required or extraneous to the conversation. You are not permitted to engage in such conduct, even if you do so inadvertently. Give other members an opportunity to prove themselves.

  1. Avoid Sexual Content

This Discord server is open to individuals of all ages. The publication of sexually explicit material is absolutely banned. Contribute to the development of a family community.

  1. Ask Before Advertisement

We have a distinct area that is dedicated only to advertising reasons. After we have given you permission, you may use that channel for advertising. After our moderators have checked over the advertising and determined if there is hunger, please let us know what your aims are behind it. Then and only then will you be able to share.

  1. Use Appropriate Profile Pictures and Nicknames

We do not allow users to use derogatory nicknames or improper profile images, such as those that are sexual in nature or that are insulting to religious, political, or other beliefs. If our moderators discover someone doing this, they have the authority to alter their usernames and remove them out of the game if they do not heed the warning.

  1. Server Raiding

We do not allow members to raid other servers without first obtaining permission from the server owner. You must get permission from a moderator; else, you will be banned from the site for life.

  1. Avoid Direct & Indirect Threats

Any threats to members on the server are strictly banned, including hacking threats, death threats, abuse, and any other kind of harmful threats, among other things. If we are caught doing this, we shall be subjected to an immediate suspension.

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  1. Follow the Official Discord Guidelines

Check out these official discord instructions to learn more about how to use this software, in addition to the regulations of this server:

  1. Ask Gently for Permission Before oining a Voice Channel

We don’t want our members to cause a disturbance among a group of individuals who are enjoying a voice conversation. Even if there is a free slot available, you must invite them to participate in the chat.\

Game Discord Server General Rules 

  1. No spam

This category includes loud/obnoxious vocalizations, @mentioned spam, character spam, picture spam, and message spam among other things.

  1. No Inappropriate Content

This contains graphic, sexual, or frightening material, as well as content that may include screamer links, porn, nudity, or death. This guideline applies to all aspects of social media, including profile images, nicknames, and status updates.

  1. No Harassment

This includes sexual harassment as well as supporting any other sort of harassing behavior.

Rule Enforcement

Even if establishing your standards is a worthwhile endeavor, it is ultimately pointless if you do not implement them. It is important for moderators to thoroughly evaluate how they want to enforce their server rules. Some examples of feasible systems are as follows:

  1. Case by Case

It is more subjective to determine punishment, and it depends on the kind and frequency of violations. While this approach provides moderators with a great deal of freedom, accountability may be difficult owing to a lack of standards, and various moderators may treat different users differently as a result of this. This may be more appropriate for smaller servers, where the moderating chores are often more straightforward.

  1. Infraction Based

Users are penalized in a manner similar to a “three strikes and you’re out” system based on the number of times they violate the terms and conditions. The user may be muted after receiving a specific amount of warnings, and then they may be banned. While this approach is excellent for ensuring responsibility, it does not take into consideration the seriousness of the violations involved in the case.

  1. Points Based

Consider using a points-based rule enforcement framework if you want the accountability of a strikes/infractions-based system combined with the flexibility of a case-by-case approach. The relevance and severity of breaching a rule are determined by a point system in which each rule is worth a certain amount of points. Moderators may alter the point value if the rule is broken with an extra explanation to ensure responsibility.

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