How To Get An Animated Profile Picture On Discord

How To Get An Animated Profile Picture On Discord

PFP (Anime PFP) for free anime pfp picture jojo anime pfp picture jojo PFP Wallpapers for Anime Anime PFP: The Very Best Anime Profile Photos Anime pfp (profile photographs) are used to represent your favorite anime character on your social media account’s profile avatar by uploading them to your account. However, it might be difficult to locate some of the greatest anime profile images that are appropriate for your personality on the internet.

Do I Need Nitro For Animated PFP?

After you’ve signed up for Nitro, you’ll be able to customize your Discord profile photo with an active pfp (profile picture). … When you’ve selected a GIF that you like, correct it and choose “Save image as…” from the drop-down menu. Then, save the GIF to your computer’s hard drive.

How Do I Make An Animated Icon In Discord?

The icon may be uploaded by selecting “server settings” from the context menu of the server picture. Then, at the bottom of the page, click the green “save changes” button to save your GIF once you’ve selected it from your computer. A Discord animated server icon may have a maximum size of 10.24MB in size. To see the animation come to life, move your mouse cursor over the icon with your mouse.

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Why Is My GIF PFP Not Working On Discord?

It is just a matter of checking whether or not your Discord program has been updated to the latest version to address this profile picture or GIF uploading problem. In the event that you are using an old, out-of-date version of discord, it is likely that this is the cause of your inability to submit your PFP gif to the channel.

How To Make A Discord PFP

One of the most distinguishing features of Discord is the ability to switch between servers at will, which is one of its most unique features. When it comes to several server positions, you have the option to modify your profile’s moniker, allowing you to be known by a variety of names in various communities. You must, however, keep your profile image (also known as PFP or avatar) the same across all servers, even if you are an administrator.

In other words, your Discord PFP should be perfect in every way. It is acceptable to use a picture (JPG or PNG) or a GIF as your PFP, and it should be representative of your Discord identity. An image, icon, anime or cartoon figure will be used in place of a photograph by a large number of people. Some samples taken from the Kapwing Discord channel are as follows:

A custom PFP can only be created outside of Discord; you must create the picture or GIF file outside of Discord and submit it to your Discord profile as your avatar. Discord’s PFP media uploader does not include any image editing features, thus you will be unable to rotate, filter, crop, or apply padding to any picture once it has been successfully uploaded. It is my intention in this post to demonstrate the process of creating a custom PFP avatar and uploading it to Discord.

  • Locate the PFP that you want to utilize.
  • PFP should be uploaded and resized to circular.
  • Text may be added, the background can be erased, and filters can be used.
  • Instructions on how to include it in your Discord profile

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1: Find Your PFP Avatar

Make a decision on the character or personality you wish to employ as the foundation of your PFP. The figure, scene, picture, abstract artwork, or cartoon that best represents oneself is popular among those who want to express themselves. You should take into consideration the server that you’ll be joining and have a look at other players’ PFPs to get an idea of how yours should seem to others.

The character Zelda from Super Smash Bros. was the inspiration for my PFP. In order to get a basic picture for my PFP, I utilized Google Image Search to locate the following image.

2: Upload And Resize PFP

Now go to and click on the Start Editing button. Uploading your picture will allow you to get started on a new Studio project. I entered the URL of my photograph into the Kapwing application. Your Discord profile image is always a circle, no matter where you are in the channel. Because, unlike social media sites such as Facebook, your profile photo stays circular even when viewers click on your profile, you should make it circular from the start of your account.

Then, when you’ve submitted your photo to the Studio, select Crop to make the photo into a square format. Then, after you’ve finished cropping your picture to a square, click “Done Cropping” to return to the Studio. In the Studio, choose your picture layer and drag the Rounded Corners button all the way to the right until it is completely rounded. Your Discord PFP has now been completed in a beautiful circle. If you like, you may make the backdrop translucent by selecting that option.

3: Add Text, Erase Background, and Filter

If your Discord PFP is complete, you may download it at this time by selecting Export Image to obtain the circular version from the drop-down menu. To make your PFP avatar appear more distinctive than simply the picture, you may also utilize the additional tools available on Kapwing’s website.

Erase backdrop: If you wish to remove the background of your photo, you may do so by using the Erase button. This is a frequent PFP avatar strategy. For the backdrop, I used the magic stick to wipe everything in the background but Zelda, then I uploaded a picture of flames. Add an overlay by typing the following: To modify the color or contrast of your PFP, choose Adjust from the toolbar. With the Text and Images tools, you can add text, stickers, GIFs, and overlays to your images. When you want your PFP avatar to engage in a movement like Black Lives, Pride, or an election candidate or to demonstrate support with a worthy cause, these may be very beneficial.

As seen in the sample below, I used Image Search to locate a “Pride overlay” with rainbow stripes and then used the “Adjust” tool to reduce the opacity of the overlay to half its original value. A status (such as #OpenToWork on LinkedIn) or an individual’s identity may also be indicated via shapes, text boxes, and stickers. You may even add emojis straight to the canvas from the Upload modal, which will further personalize your PFP.

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How To Add It To Your Discord Profile

When you’re finished creating your Discord PFP, click “Publish” to send the file to the server for processing, then “Download” to store it to your device.

You may sign in or join up using your Google or Facebook account if you are not already logged into a Kapwing account. Once you have created a Kapwing account, the watermark in the bottom right corner of your final picture will be erased from the final product. To upload an image to your Discord profile, go to your profile settings – on the desktop, this is represented by a gear in the bottom left, and on the mobile app, this is represented by the bottom right button on the main page – and choose “Add Picture.” By clicking or tapping on your profile avatar, you will be able to navigate through your files and upload your new, circular PFP. Because you’ve already prepared it, you won’t have to zoom or reposition your image, and it will be ready to use on all of your servers right now.

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