Amazing Facts About Geto Suguru From Jujutsu Kaisen

Amazing Facts About Geto Suguru From Jujutsu Kaisen

Geto Suguru is a character in Jujutsu Kaisen that most people find fascinating. He used to be a shaman but has since become the chief of curses.

With the curses at his disposal, he has careful preparations to have the dirty labor done for him.

Jujutsu sorcerers will rule the world if Geto Suguru succeeds in his goal of annihilating all of humanity.

The “Geto Suguru” character’s journey has taken an entirely new turn in the most recent chapters. An unknown entity has taken over Geto Suguru’s body, according to this source.

His intentions didn’t go quite as planned, and he died earlier than predicted. When and how did this take place?

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What Happened to The Real Geto Suguru?

The attack on the Tokyo Jujutsu Tech school was carried out by Geto Suguru, who was killed by Gojo Satoru in Jujutsu Kaisen 0. Shoko Iori was unable to dispose of Geto’s body because Gojo asked her not to.

So, what exactly transpired to bring about this state of desolation?

Geto Suguru desired a cursed ghost to help him achieve his objective of murdering everyone but jujutsu sorcerers. Rika Orimoto was the ghost of this afflicted woman.

He made the decision to kill Okkotsu Yuuta in order to gain her. He may take control of Rika by murdering the master.

Okkotsu was successfully isolated after his declaration of war. Panda, Inumaki, and Maki were his only “small obstacles,” but they were all easily dispatched.

They were unable to fight back against the constant barrage of strikes. When Okkotsu saw the misery of his allies, he summoned Rika’s real form and sent her to battle Geto.

Geto Suguru was adamant that he could eliminate Okkotsu with a single blow. However, he had misjudged Okkotsu’s tenacity and progress throughout his tenure at the school, which surprised him.

With the help of Rika’s cursed energy, he’d honed his combat skills.

Geto manages to get out of this fight with a sliver of a chance of survival. But Gojo finds up stumbling across him in an alley. However, despite his obvious reluctance and the shared history with Geto Suguru, Gojo goes ahead and ends his life.

The brain presumably couldn’t have taken possession of Geto if Shoko had properly disposed of Geto’s corpse. Gojo, on the other hand, appears to believe that something (perhaps his friendship with Geto) changed his mind.

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Facts About Geto Suguru From Jujutsu Kaisen

We’ve all seen how the realm of curses works thanks to Jujutsu Kaisen’s incredible feats. However, we’ve learned more about the good guys than the baddies, so there’s less to discuss. When Suguru Geto, one of the series’ primary antagonists, first appeared in manga and anime, everyone was talking about him. We’ve compiled a list of 10 facts about Suguru Geto from both the manga and anime as the incredible voyage of Jujutsu High continues. We may now begin!

It was alleged that Suguru Geto was a villain in both the JJK series and Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High (Prequel to the series). He was a Tokyo Jujutsu High student who had sorcery experience comparable to Gojo’s. One night after a series of terrifying experiences, Geto became evil and slaughtered over a hundred innocent people. After this incident, he was expelled from Jujutsu High School and went on to become one of the most notorious curse-users in the world.

Contains details from both the manga and anime of Jujutsu Kaisen, so beware! Spoilers await anyone who hasn’t read the manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. Take a look at the material.

1. Suguru Geto Called Non-Sorcerers Monkeys

Suguru Geto harbored a deep-seated hatred towards anyone who were unable to cast spells. We never witness him doing anything else to average people, but he always nicknamed them Monkeys. That Sorcerers were the next step in the development and hence superior to humans was the foundation of his whole philosophy.

Using spray-on to remove the “monkey stink” was a sign of how much he despised humans. It was clear to him that monkeys come in two varieties, which may be useful to him. Both those who offer him money and those who bring him curses are in his sights. As long as they aren’t useful to him, Geto is likely to let curses do their job.

2. Considered Curse Users As  Family

While he despised humanity, Geto was always polite and considerate to the curse users he encountered. He also admitted that he thought of them as his family, using the example of his cursed team as an example. At Jujutsu High, he was respected by his peers for his dedication to helping them improve their curse-casting abilities. To all of the jujutsu sorcerers, his generosity was viewed as a sign of a phony personality.

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3. Was One of the Strongest in Jujutsu High

Geto, along with Gojou Satoru, was regarded as one of the strongest students in Jujustu High. As a result, Geto was able to take down every opponent he came across with ease. The manga stated that Geto could keep 2000 cursed units inside of him at one point in the story, making his power capacity even more impressive. To put it simply, taking down a whole hamlet of more than 100 people in one night isn’t easy.

4. Geto’s Unique Cursed Technique

The Geto’s Curse Manipulation Method by Suguru is one-of-a-kind and extremely potent JJK technique. One of the reasons he was so feared as an opponent was because of this. He was able to take over additional viruses using this method. The term “Maximum Uzumaki” refers to a unique ability he possesses. This technique allows him to combine all of his cursed energy into a single strike. It’s possible to die in a single strike with an attack like this.

5. Change Of Path For His Ultimate Goal

While numerous things might have influenced Gojo’s decision to alter his present techniques, we learned more about how and why he did so during Gojo’s last arc. Riko Amani, the Plasma Star Vessel, was killed, and the Star Religious Group congratulated them for it. Geto was convinced by these characteristics that humanity had no future. He began to harbor a deep animosity against non-sorcerers. Eventually, Suguru’s disdain for the Jujutsu Corp.’s methods of exorcising curses for the sake of saving mankind developed into hatred.

Suguru reaches a breaking point in chapter 77 of the manga when he sees two young ladies being abused by non-sorcerers. It was Mimiko and Nanako, of course. Geto’s wounds were so severe that he ended up murdering the whole village’s 112 residents. At this moment, he decided that sorcerers were superior to non-sorcerers and that eliminating the latter was the only road to evolution. His motivation was to relieve all sorcerers from having to put their own lives in danger in order to protect the helpless humanity of the world.

People are the source of cursed energy, but only those with Curses and Sorcerers have the ability to manage it; ordinary people do not. To cure the problem, he sought to eliminate everyone who wasn’t a sorcerer. Even before Suguru’s death, Geto’s evolutionary theories might have attracted Kenshuku’s attention because they appear to be in accord with the latter’s present purpose.

6. His Unusual Outfit

Long black hair is partially wrapped behind his head, while the remainder hangs over his shoulders and down his back. Suguru wore the traditional jujutsu high attire while a student at Jujutsu High. Even after he had left the temple and had committed many offenses against humanity, Geto continued to believe in himself as a Buddhist priest and dressed accordingly. A gold-colored kasaya garment is layered over black yukata robes to complete the ensemble. White tabi socks and zori sandals round off his monk ensemble. Geto is known for his strange behavior, and this is just the beginning of his bizarre antics.

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