How To Delete Old Messages On Messenger From Both Sides

How To Delete Old Messages On Messenger From Both Sides

When it comes to staying in touch with our friends and family, Facebook Messenger is a fantastic tool. Over the years, Facebook has implemented a number of enhancements to Messenger that make it an all-around fantastic tool in every way. The problem with the virtual medium is that it can be lost as a result of a variety of errors. One of the most irritating aspects of it is the messages and the way they are stored.

Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the inability to recover deleted messages, which they compare to losing old memories. It’s possible that you have some important contacts, addresses, or data that must be kept safe.I disagree with many people who believe it is impossible to delete messages from Messenger. I believe the opposite is true. I’ve listed a few techniques that will aid you in remembering those important messages. So, without further ado, let us get down to business.

How To Delete Messages On Messenger From Both Sides

When you want to delete messages on Messenger from both sides, hold the message in your hand and select More, then Remove and then Unsend.”

Following your selection of “Unsend,” both your side of the conversation and the receiver’s will be cleared of any remaining messages from your conversation partner.

The “Unsend” option means that the messages will be deleted from both ends.

In other words, the recipient will not be able to see the message that you have sent them through the mail. However, if the recipient has enabled push notifications for Messenger, there is a chance that they may have received your message for a brief period of time before moving on. In the event that you send a message to someone on Messenger who has enabled their notifications, the message will appear as a push notification on their phone’s display. It will only be removed after you have clicked on the Unsend button.

Having said that, even if you’ve deleted the message from both sides, there’s a slim chance that they’ve seen it somehow.

What matters is that you can follow the steps outlined below to accomplish this.

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When You Delete A Conversation On Messenger Does It Delete For The Other Person?

When you delete a conversation on Messenger, it does not remove it from the other person’s inbox or phone book. Your messages will only be removed from the other person’s inbox if you unsend them all at once.

You are given the option to unsend a message or delete it for yourself whenever you send one through Messenger.

As long as you haven’t deleted the message, the other person will be able to see what you and the other person were talking about on the phone.

How Do I Permanently Delete Messenger Messages?

It’s necessary to use the “Unsend” option in order to permanently delete Messenger messages. The “Unsend” option will remove your message from both the sender and the recipient’s inbox.

In other words, unsubscribing from a Messenger message will result in the message being permanently deleted from both your and the recipient’s end.

There isn’t any other way to say it than that.

Can You Tell If Someone Deleted Your Conversation On Messenger?

The answer is no, you will not be able to determine whether or not someone deleted your Messenger conversation. In order to determine whether someone deleted your conversation, they must first unsend their previous messages. When you delete a conversation on Messenger, the other party will not be notified of your decision. Furthermore, the conversation will not be deleted from the other person’s computer.

How To Delete Multiple Facebook Messages  Conversations

To delete multiple messages at the same time, you must be logged into Facebook on a computer and have the Google Chrome browser installed in order to be able to install chrome extensions. This trick will not work on a smartphone or a messaging application.

It is possible to find many Google Chrome extensions that claim to delete multiple or all Facebook messages; however, I tested more than 20 such extensions and found that only two of them were effective.

Earlier Chrome extensions, such as “Delete All Messages for FacebookTM,” used to function properly. However, Facebook has updated its platform, and most of the extensions were unable to function as expected after the update.

Although there are a plethora of outdated articles and YouTube videos available on the Internet, this trick continues to work as if it were today.

Messenger Message Cleaner Extension

This is another Google Chrome extension that is currently functional; you can obtain it from the Google Webstore and install it on your computer. Message Cleaner for Messenger can be found on the Google Chrome web store and can be downloaded free of charge.

Log in to Facebook and select the extension’s icon from the left-hand menu.

It will redirect you to the mobile basic version of Facebook; now click on the icon once more to see the other options available to you. It will present you with the option to select messages and delete the conversations in question.

It is possible to delete a total of 5 conversations at the same time without registering for the free trial. Additionally, their free trial allows you to delete up to 10 conversations at once, but you must purchase one of their premium plans in order to have full access.

It did an excellent job of deleting the conversations in a short period of time, but paying for such services is not recommended. If you only have a limited amount of time, you can manually go through each message and delete them.

In general, both extensions are effective at deleting Facebook messages when other methods have failed. Due to the fact that it allows you to delete all messages from friends, the first one did an excellent job. Additionally, it has a plethora of other features that are beneficial to Facebook users.

Otherwise, I would not recommend the second extension unless you don’t mind spending some money on a one-time service.

If you have accidentally deleted some important messages, you can try to recover the deleted messages by following the steps below.


This is how you can view messages that have been deleted from Messenger. I cannot guarantee that you will be able to retrieve all of your messages, but it is possible that you will still have a copy of the conversation. The most straightforward method is to request that the other person send screenshots of the chats.

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