Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date, Cast, And Plot

One of the most contentious and perplexing issues in the anime world is the continuance of Hunter x Hunter. Fans have been anxiously expecting the seventh season since the program abandoned Gon and his pals at the conclusion of season six, the Election Arc, with teasers and possible clues revealed over the years building up expectations only to be dashed against the wall. Is it time to give up hope for a sequel after over a decade since the final episode, or should fans wait out a little longer?

The Ongoing Story of Hunter x Hunter

Yoshihiro Togashi wrote and drew the manga, which was initially published in 1998 and has spawned two anime adaptations. The first adaptation lasted for 62 episodes from 1999 to 2001, while the second adaptation, created by Madhouse studio, ran for 148 episodes from 2011 to 2014. The program was renewed from the beginning rather than continuing from the OVA animation, with the goal of being as close to the manga as possible.

The 2011 anime was a huge hit both commercially and critically. Many consider it to be one of the best anime series of the decade, and it has a worldwide following. It aired for three years and had six seasons, which are now accessible globally on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Toonami, and Crunchyroll ranked the anime in their Top 25 Anime of the Decade, according to IMDB.

The manga is currently almost 20 years old, with Togashi gradually adding to the tale over time, including a long sabbatical from 2014 to 2016 and another in 2018. In an interview with Weekly Shonen Jump in 2018, Togashi revealed that he suffers from debilitating back pain, which makes it difficult for him to do the necessary drawing to continue, though he is apparently determined to finish it. “I need to complete Hunter x Hunter,” Togashi remarked. It’s either the narrative finishes first or I die before it occurs. But I aim to complete it.”

There’s not much the anime studio Madhouse can do without more manga to work with unless they do a Game of Thrones and finish it without the writer, but we all know how that went, don’t we? Though there have been additions to the manga in the form of the completed Dark Continent Arc and the unfinished Succession Arc, there appears to be insufficient source material to create a full season, as the former arc only has nine chapters, a small number when compared to previous arcs, which had up to 133 chapters.

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The Plot

Hunter x Hunter follows Gon Freecss as he pursues his dream of becoming a Hunter, a person with extraordinary physical qualities, skills, and abilities who takes on missions in a world filled with legendary monsters, criminals, and otherworldly dangers. Gon hopes to follow in his estranged father’s footsteps and meet the reclusive Ging Freecss one day, and his first step is to get his Hunter license by passing the grueling, and occasionally deadly, Hunter Examination. Killua Zoldyck, Kurapika, Leorio, and the somewhat perverse Hisoka are among the other examinees he meets here, and he forms ties with them that last throughout the series.

Gon is determined to become the finest Hunter he can be, putting himself through some extreme challenges in the process, all in the hopes of reuniting with his father. He navigates his way through martial arts arenas, mafia conflicts in Yorknew City, assassin family relationships, and the really horrific Chimera ants, monsters from the dark continent beyond that threaten the very survival of his planet, with the help of his best buddy, Killua.

Season six was the anime’s last season, and while it rounded out in some ways, Gon ultimately got to see his father on top of the World Tree, and the whole driving purpose of Gon’s quest came to a conclusion. Regardless, it was left open to continue alongside Togashi’s manga, and there are other scenarios that might be explored. The manga has progressed little, but anxious anime fans are still waiting to see whether the animation will continue at all.

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When Will Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Be Released?

The absence of major material from the “Hunter x Hunter” manga is the most significant impediment to the launching of a new season of “Hunter x Hunter.” The manga has always proceeded at Yoshiro Togashi’s speed, and there have been many major hiatuses in the previous decade.

What if the anime makers chose to go the “Game of Thrones” route and create Season 7 from scratch? This might be the case if fans interpret Megumi Han and Mariya Ise’s cryptic social media signals as a sign that development on the second episode of “Hunter x Hunter” has started. Madhouse Animation, who created the first six seasons, has shown that they can generate material swiftly. The firm produced 148 episodes of the program between 2011 and 2014, with three unique seasons beginning in 2012. There is a huge time gap between the Japanese and English versions of the program broadcast, but after the dubbed version began going, it produced numerous seasons every year.

As a result, assuming production is begun, a new season may debut by the end of 2021, and if that happens, viewers could see an English version by 2022 — but these are only estimates.

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Who Will be In the Cast of Hunter x Hunter Season 7?

Fans now have just Mariya Ise and Megumi Han’s social media remarks to rely on in terms of who to anticipate in the voice cast. Thankfully, Funimation has translated these messages so that English-speaking fans may understand what they could indicate for the series’ future.

Megumi Han, who played Gon Freecss, tweeted a snapshot of a microphone on Instagram with the remark “is extremely delighted to return to her starting place’ and was recording with her ‘partner,'” as translated by Funimation. Apart from a few lesser roles, Han’s most notable early role was “Hunter x Hunter,” according to IMDb. Meanwhile, Mariya Ise, Killua Zoldyck’s voice actor, said on Twitter that she was “recording for a project, and was thrilled to catch up with her ‘partner,'” according to Funimation. If these messages are about “Hunter x Hunter,” two of the major cast members will reprise their roles as the protagonists.

If the Japanese production tries to preserve the same voice cast, there’s no reason why the English version wouldn’t do the same. Erica Mendez might reprise her role as Gon Freecss, Cristina Valenzuela could reprise her role as Killua Zoldyck, and Michael McConnohie could narrate Season 7.

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