Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot &Everything.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot &Everything.

Blue Exorcist was a great smash the first time it aired. The characters of the action anime series based on Kazue Kato’s manga are Rin Okumura and his twin sister Yukio, who was reared by their adoptive exorcist father. The first season of anime debuted in 2011, while the second season premiered in 2012. The “Kyoto Saga” evolved from the first season, which was followed by a film and a second season. Blue Exorcist fans have pondered whether Rin will have any more demon-slaying escapades in a potential third season as a cult favorite. Continue reading to find out whether Season 3 of Blue Exorcist is on the way!

What Is Blue Exorcist About?

Kazue Kat wrote and drew the Blue Exorcist, commonly known as the Ao no Ekusoshisuto. Shueisha has been serializing the manga in Jump SQ magazine since April 2009, and individual chapters will be compiled into 26 tankbon volumes by December 4, 2020. The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident, a one-shot written and drawn by Kazue Kato, initially featured in the September 2008 edition of Jump SQ and served as the basis for the Blue Exorcist manga.

A-1 Pictures turned the story into an anime television series that ran from April to October 2011 and was produced by A-1 Pictures. The same company went on to make BLUE EXORCIST THE MOVIE, which was directed by David Lynch and debuted in December 2012. A second season of the anime was launched in January 2017, covering the Kyoto Impure King arc of the manga.

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Will There Be A Season 3 Of Blue Exorcist?

Patience is necessary, but it’s also something that Blue Exorcist followers have in common.

There was a big-time gap between the first and second seasons of Blue Exorcist.

After the first season finished in 2011, fans of “Kyoto Saga” had to wait five years for the second season to air. In 2017, the season was eventually released.

There is a ray of hope for a third season because of the large gap between the previous two seasons.

The publication of the next Blue Exorcist anime chapter in 2022 or possibly 2023 does not seem to be out of character for the program. Another element that might impact if a third season is made is the manga’s popularity.

According to Crunchyroll, the manga has sold over 15 million copies worldwide by 2016.

Furthermore, as this Anime News Network piece points out, when the Blue Exorcist anime series initially aired on television, it had a tremendous influence on manga and paperback sales.

A new season of the manga, which is presently under development, might see similar sales growth.

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What Is Going On With The Manga?

Speaking of comics, the anime program has plenty of plots to choose from for the forthcoming season, which is fantastic news for manga enthusiasts.

The television program has already included many of the important story aspects from the first manga volumes.

As a consequence, Season 3 will very certainly start with manga volumes 10 and 11, rather than manga volumes 9.

A sequel to the “Kyoto Saga” begins with this chapter, depicting Rin’s battle with Lucifer, the King of Light, and his Illuminati organization.

As of this writing, no information concerning the third season has been made public. As a consequence, by looking at how the previous season finished, we may forecast how the current one will begin.

Furthermore, there is no time constraint. As a consequence, we should see a statement regarding the third component at the very least later this year.

Season 3 is planned to debut in January 2023, based on current estimates. Ao, no Exorcist Season 3 is set to air in April 2022, unless it follows the same timetable as the previous two seasons.

Is There A Release Date?

The third season has no official release date. Because Season 3 of the Blue Exorcist is set to begin in January 2023, a release date might be revealed around the middle of 2022. Keep an eye out for any formal announcements!

Is There A Trailer Of Blue Exorcist Season 3?

Because the series has not yet been officially announced, there is no official trailer for Blue Exorcist Season 3. Season 3 is still a long way off, so don’t hold your breath for a trailer anytime soon. We’ll update this story when more information becomes available.

What Is The Plot Of Blue Exorcist Season 3?

The universe of Ao no Exorcist is divided into two dimensions that are connected through a mirror. Assiah, who is the first in the world of mankind, is the second. The other is Gehenna, which is the Demon World. Traveling between the two, and indeed having any type of communication between the two, is typically difficult. Demons, on the other hand, may enter our realm if they take control of anything.

Even though Satan is the god of devils, he is missing one thing: a powerful container in the human world to hold him! His kid, Rin Okumura, was made particularly for this reason, but would he consent to his intentions, or will he evolve into something else…? Rin began on a quest to become an Exorcist when Father Fujimoto tried to return him to the Demon realm by murdering him. He learned how to become strong enough to combat Satan while also coping with the disadvantages of being Satan’s son.

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Who Will Be The Cast In Blue Exorcist Season 3?

  • Sam Riegel being Mephisto Pheles.
  • Kana Hanazawa will act as Sheimi Moriyama.
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto being Rin Okumura.
  • Jun Fukuyama being Yukio Okumura.
  • Brian Beacock being Renzou Shima.
  • Koji Yusa will act as Renzo Shima.
  • Johnny Yong Bosch will play the role of Yukio Okumura.
  • Bryce Papenbrook will act as Rin Okumura.

What Will Be The Plot Of Blue Exorcist Season 3?

According to speculations, Rin and his comrades will face the Illuminati in Season 3, as well as the construction of Gehenna Gate.

However, we cannot rely only on projections since the program’s needs may alter, and the show’s producers may introduce new notions.

We’ll have to wait until season 3 to see what happens with all of this. Keep an eye on this section until then since we might be updated at any time.

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