Amazing Facts About Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Amazing Facts About Mikey Tokyo Revengers

What is it about Mikey that is so enthralling, enigmatic, and simply endearing? Let’s see what we can find out!

Every time you see, read, or hear something about Tokyo Revengers, one thing comes to mind — and it’s not Takemichi Hanagaki, the series’ time-traveling protagonist.

No, we’re talking about Manjiro “Mikey” Sano, the president of the Tokyo Manji Gang (also known as Toman)!

Pull your hair back, loosen your jacket, and crank your engines because we’re here to investigate the strange case of Mikey from Tokyo Revengers and discover what makes him tick!

1. Who Is Sano Manjiro?

Looking at Sano’s family can reveal a lot about him. His grandfather taught him martial skills and raised him in a dojo. Before being tragically assassinated by one of Mikey’s gang members, his older brother managed a motorcycle shop. He changed his name to “Mikey” so that his half-sister Emma wouldn’t be embarrassed by her own western moniker. It’s clear how Mikey got his name, why he’s so skilled at fighting, and how he got into motorcycling just by looking at these folks.

Mikey’s chilly glare doesn’t do much to communicate his personality, but his words and actions do. When he’s among his pals, he can be childish and carefree, but when he needs to lead Tman, he acts more authoritatively. He likewise tries to hide his vulnerability. Depending on the occasion, he might be compassionate or cruel.

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2. How Did Sano Manjiro Become Leader Of Tokyo Manji?

Tman was formed by Mikey during his first year of middle school in 2003. Ryguji “Drakken” Ken, Mitsuya Takashi, Hayashida “Pah-chin” Haruki, Baji Keisuke, and Hanemiya Kazutora created the company with him. Because they were so young, they didn’t get much respect, yet they could ride motorcycles and butt heads with the best of them.

Tman’s ascension was fueled by two major elements, both of which had to do with Mikey. The first was his enormous power; Mikey was powerful enough to take on all of Tman’s founding members, but he chose to divert that strength into subduing competing gangs. With his captivating charisma, he can also win people’s hearts. His charm and sensitivity enable him to lead, rally, and lift the spirits of his fellow gang members. As a result, he and his gang become a formidable united force.

3. How Strong Is Sano Manjiro?

Mikey is one of, if not the most powerful character in Tky Revengers. His martial arts expertise, which he received from his grandfather at a young age, is one of his most powerful assets. He is a true force to be reckoned with because of his intense training, as well as his acute reflexes and raw power. He’s been dubbed “Invincible Mikey” for his battle skill. His strong kicks are the most lethal moves in his repertoire.

Mikey will quickly knock an unprepared opponent to the ground with a crisp kick to the head. Not only that, but he could deliver these kicks even if someone grabbed his leg; he could lift the person up with his leg and still kick with enough force to knock out his first target. Whoever challenges Mikey must ensure that they are capable of dealing with his kicks.

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4. Is Sano Manjiro Good Or Bad?

Mikey toes the line between right and wrong. He has a strong moral compass while being the leader of a violent motorbike gang. He holds his friends and family in high regard and will always do what he believes is best for them, which might work in his favor or against him. Mikey’s history contains multiple instances where important individuals in his life have died tragically, sending him into a dark place. He is a good person in this aspect, but he is also highly corruptible.

When Takemichi travels to the past, he often has the goal of avoiding Mikey’s sad descent. If someone died, for example, Mikey would have one less person in his life to protect him from going insane. Mikey became one of the most notorious gang leaders with the worst gang in modern Japan without his pals to cultivate his benevolence.

Facts About Mikey

Mikey is unique in that he is not your typical OP-shounen character. He has a depth to him that cements his legendary position both within and outside of the Tokyo Revengers universe.

He’s free-spirited and juvenile in front of his loved ones. But he’s the boss of the Tokyo Manji Gang, an extraordinarily charismatic leader who instills dread while also commanding respect.

1: Mikey is a Strong, Dependable Leader

To get an indication of how strong a leader Mikey is, look at the Tokyo Manji Gang itself — its members, how it started, and what it becomes in the future.

2: From Pranksters to Predators

Mikey, Draken, Kazutora, Baji, Mitsuya, and Pah-chin, a group of naive (but well-intentioned) middle schoolers, form the Tokyo Manji Gang to cope with a rival gang.

It’s nothing more than a standard case of schoolyard testosterone and camaraderie – in fact, the group’s founding members spend most of their time messing around on their motorcycles and pulling pranks on one another!

However, fast forward to 2017, the “present-day” from which series protagonist Takemichi time jumps. Toman has grown into a full-fledged criminal organization, committing offenses left and right and even murdering individuals without hesitation.

It’s a far cry from Mikey’s silly glory days in middle school, and you can bet he’ll have a hand in it all.

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3: Reining in the Troops

Over time, Mikey grows the Tokyo Manji Gang into a fearsome force.

The dynamic of a group is largely determined by who is the castle’s king or queen. You’ll recall how, in your own school days, a class with a boisterous, fun-loving teacher was more energetic and cheery than one with a severe, by-the-book instructor in terms of overall attitude and environment!

That is exactly what happened to Toman.

Mikey is young and carefree at heart (more on this later), but terrible darkness grows within him over time, allowing him to repress such traits while also reining in his fellow Toman members, turning them into hardened criminals. After all, Toman’s motto is “all for one and one for all.”

When it comes to getting down to business, Mikey’s effective presidency stems from his calm, authoritative demeanor. It’s easy to see why the other gang members look up to him as a solid leader, given his ability to deliver in any situation and remain protective of everyone under his care.

4: Mikey is Cool and Carefree

It’s been said that opposites attract, and Mikey is no exception — in the sense that he’s a mash-up of several contrasting personalities. Sure, when it comes to business, he has a genuinely intimidating presence, but elsewhere, he’s a whole different person!

For one thing, Mikey is a slob and a slacker at home. He has the uncanny capacity to sleep wherever and everywhere, regardless of what others think — a remarkable feat in and of itself.

He also has a natural happy-go-lucky attitude, like many other youngsters. This, understandably, makes him popular among his close pals (everyone loves a mood lifter); unfortunately, it frequently enrages his younger sister Emma, whose efforts to seem older than her years may be motivated in part by her desire to keep Mikey in check.

5: Mikey Loves his Family and Friends

Mikey loves his family, which may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the president of a juvenile gang.

He looks up to and idolizes his older brother Shinichiro, and aspires to be like him in terms of leadership qualities: not unrestrained physical power per se, but enough charm and charisma to naturally pull people to him.

Mikey is fiercely protective of his sister Emma, as previously stated. Although they are technically half-siblings, the two are extremely close, to the point where they are mistaken for lovers on many occasions throughout the series. In fact, he chose the moniker “Mikey” for Emma because he doesn’t want her to feel out of place as the only one with a Western-sounding name.

Mikey’s adoptive older brother, Izana Kurokawa, is the final sibling in the mix. He isn’t a Sano by birthright, having come into their lives as the result of an affair, but Shinichiro treats him as such, pushing for them all to live together as one family. Mikey is envious of Izana because he desires Shinichiro’s undivided attention; nonetheless, Mikey has no ill will against him, even going so far as to try to save him after discovering what Izana has become.

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