Best Techniques to Promote Music on YouTube

Best  Techniques to Promote Music on YouTube

It can be difficult to figure out how to advertise a music video on YouTube if you have never done it before. I wrote this post to demonstrate how the approach works through the use of actual musicians. As a result, it has been demonstrated and is repeatable. It’s something that everybody can do. You don’t need any particular connections, a label to support you, or a marketing budget to succeed in this business. In fact, you won’t have to invest a single penny. There are three videos that go along with this piece of writing. They piece together how independent musicians market a music video on YouTube and, in some cases, make millions of dollars—watch each video in sequence from top to bottom to have a better understanding (beginning with the video below). By the end of the third film, you’ll have a clear understanding of how they do it.

Promote Music On Youtube

The video-sharing website YouTube has more than two billion subscribers globally and hosts millions of videos. It’s a really popular venue for promoting your music these days. It’s also the most popular platform to submit and display your music videos on the internet! In this article, we will provide you with some pointers on how to properly market your music on YouTube. Furthermore, all you need is a private or public Youtube connection (or SoundCloud link) to send your music to the media and music business professionals of your choice who are present on Groover! Directly in your account, you may access the 1,000 YouTube channels, playlists, radio stations, blogs, and labels.

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Best  Techniques To Promote Your Music on YouTube

When it comes to hosting your music and videos, YouTube is one of the greatest options. With over 1.86 billion unique visitors every month, the site is always on the lookout for fresh and intriguing music. YouTube, on the other hand, is a very competitive market with a large number of artists. As a result, the issue arises: how can you advertise your music using YouTube? How can you increase the number of views, likes, and subscribers to your videos?

1. Use Youtube ads to Increase your Visibility on the Platform

Because advertisements are so prevalent on YouTube, this is the most obvious method of promoting music directly on the platform. Advertisements on YouTube are very customizable and can be displayed in a variety of locations, including:

  • Advertisements that display on the Youtube home page.
  • Keyword-related ads that appear when a person searches on Youtube
  • Ads that play before, during, and after the video Ads that are only viewable on mobile phones
  • Advertisements that display on the Youtube home page.
  • Ads that display while a person searches on Youtube Ads that are broadcast before, during, and after the video
  • Ads that are only viewable on mobile phones

To begin developing YouTube advertising, you must first open a Google Adwords account. If you’ve run advertisements on Facebook or Instagram before, you’ll see that the process is very similar.

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2. Optimize Your Channel Profile

It is important to make a good first impression. Big-time. Start off on the right foot by making sure your YouTube channel is well-presented and appealing to the eye. You should strive to obtain an official YouTube artist channel if at all possible. Apart from that, we’ve put together a helpful checklist to cover all the essentials. A strong onscreen aesthetic might mean the difference between viewers staying on your channel for a while or departing before they’ve ever walked through the door.

3.  Spread the Word

You shouldn’t neglect your social media approach just because you’re attempting to build an audience on YouTube. Instead, you should use online organizations and forums to communicate with people from various backgrounds, subjects, and interests. Consider how you might be able to contribute value to these group dynamics. Is your film dealing with any particular subjects or themes that are important to this group or community? If it does, that’s fantastic! Post your video and invite others to watch it, and don’t forget to include an appealing thumbnail. This also entails being active on all of the major social media sites in order to broaden your reach, generate buzz for new projects or advancements, post your music videos, and create other forms of interesting content.

You can also produce teaser content for your music videos, such as a 15-second Instagram story or a 30-second Facebook post, to use as teaser content across your social media channels. This gives viewers a sneak peek at your video, which helps generate excitement and directs visitors to your YouTube page to watch the full version when it’s released!

Justin Bieber, for example, released a preview version of his music video for the 2022 track “Boyfriend,” which he shared on social media and on his official YouTube page.

4. Interact With Similar YouTube Channels

Engaging and interacting with other channels that are similar to yours is one of the most effective strategies to increase channel engagement. To be productive, you can’t advertise yourself all day, every day. You require others – people with whom you may collaborate to enhance your own product. Target similar channels because if they’re uploading similar music to yours and people are subscribing, you’ve essentially found your target audience!So, identify channels that play your style of music and take their content seriously to create a network with other musicians on the internet. You can achieve this by browsing YouTube for similar artists or music with a similar mood.If your music is inspired by Lana Del Rey, look for YouTube channels dedicated to her sound either specific artists like Lana Del Rey or indie dream wave in general. You’ll find a slew of channels dedicated to that genre of music. Then you can start liking and commenting on YouTube videos by related artists. Curate some truly unique remarks that will catch the attention of both other artists and YouTube visitors. And if your remark goes viral, it may be pinned to the top of the video, placing your channel in front of a lot of eyes! But don’t go to bed alone! You must cover every inch of the ground. This entails starting debates in the comments section of your own videos. There’s always a conversation to be had, whether it’s about old or new videos.

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5. Schedule Your Videos

Put down an upload plan that is consistent and regular, so that your viewers and subscribers will know when they can expect a new video from you. Unlike other social media platforms, this isn’t about publishing videos left, right, and center — just the contrary, in fact. It is preferable to overdeliver rather than underdeliver. Do not set yourself up to post three videos a week, only to miss two of them because you were on tour, and then leave your viewers feeling dissatisfied and resentful because you missed a deadline. It is totally up to you how frequently you submit videos on your channel. Nonetheless, posting at least once a month is recommended to ensure that fans do not lose interest while they are waiting for your next video release or begin to doubt whether your channel is still operational. The video below demonstrates how Lil Nas X frequently updates his YouTube channel on a 3-4 week basis, publishing consistently and never leaving his followers in suspense about when the next video would be released. Posting during the busiest periods of the day is also quite vital in order to ensure that your videos reach the greatest number of people possible.

Because it was posted in the middle of the night or on a Friday night when people are out having a good time, you can’t really blame them for not watching your latest video.

6. Create Engaging Video Content

Instead of serving as a repository for your music, your YouTube account should serve a purpose. It is required to go further than that. It should include additional content that will enhance the value of your music and the viewing experience of your followers – particularly stuff that allows them to connect with you on a deeper level – in addition to your music. Prepare ahead of time by brainstorming some content ideas that will assist you in organizing the content on your channel and determining which types of videos you will promote. And if you’re truly struggling for inspiration, the following analogy may help numerous videos, one song.

7. Create Intriguing Thumbnails

Following the upload of your movie to a platform, you want as many viewers to see it and interact with it as possible. When they see the thumbnail, they should be enticed to learn more about what it is about. While bright colors tend to capture the eye, picture quality is far more essential than color in most situations. A fuzzy or poorly framed image signals that the video is of poor quality as well, and vice versa. We urge you to take images when recording videos for your channel as well as when shooting clips and other events in order to achieve the best possible outcome… If you want to make simple modifications to your photos, you can use apps like Canva.

8: Collaborate With Other Artists And Creators

The YouTube platform is brimming with great creators and artists that are eager to expand their visibility on the site. Collaborating with other artists and combining your fan bases is an excellent method to reach a larger audience. Everything from strictly musical cooperation to something more general with a platform creator can increase the visibility of your Youtube channel and assist you to earn more subscribers, no matter what the plan is. Contact the artists and creators with whom you are interested in collaborating using the email address provided in the ‘About’ tab of their channel or through social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

9: Boost Your Other Platforms With Youtube

It is possible to increase the visibility of your other platforms by utilizing YouTube! Every video you upload serves as a showcase for your music, and the description field allows you to promote your other channels as well. Please feel free to include a cross-platform link in your profile as well as at the conclusion of the descriptions under your videos in order to maintain a consistent relationship with your audience. To advertise a forthcoming release or video clip, you can simply upload teasers and urge users to follow you on social media platforms such as Spotify, where they will be able to locate all of your tracks as soon as they are made available.

10. Find Out What’s Trending

Take advantage of current trends that are compatible with your musical taste and the values you espouse. You could see a significant increase in your popularity as a result of one very popular video. In other words, the next time something interesting happens, make a music video to commemorate the occasion. You’d be astonished at how much creative freedom you can retain while taking advantage of a popular fashion trend. Google Trends is a useful tool for discovering what’s now popular online, and YouTube Trends is a fantastic spot to see what’s currently trending on the video-sharing platform in particular. Perhaps you’re taking advantage of a new crocs craze (nice). That does not imply that you must write songs about a pair of crocs in the literal sense. You could, for example, write a song about what they signify in terms of nostalgia and childhood recollections. The usage of short-lived dance fads within a music video is another example. Think Gangman Style, Single Ladies, and Vogue, to name a few. Even while fashion trends and fads come and go, the overnight exposure you may gain by participating in a short-lived trend can have a long-lasting effect.

12: Place Your Clip-On Popular Youtube Channels

An excellent approach to get the word out about your current tune and attract people to your personal Youtube channel is to stream it on big music channels like MTV and VH1. Numerous, in all musical types, and some curators even offer to stage the songs with animations or post the lyrics, which is a nice touch. Some placements are compensated, while others are not, so don’t be afraid to inquire with the channel manager via their email address, which is frequently found on the “about” page. On Groover, you can also upload your music to YouTube channels directly. It is reasonably priced, extremely effective in terms of increasing awareness, and you are guaranteed to receive a response in less than seven days. Find the list of contacts available on Groover, as well as a variety of more than 1,000 channels, playlists, radio stations, media, and labels, all of which are accessible to you through your Groover profile.

12. Track Your Analytics

Find out who is watching your video, where they are watching it from, and how long they are watching it for by using Google Analytics. You may then utilize these statistics to determine which of your videos is the most popular, and you can create material that is similar to that video. ‘YouTube Studio’ is a portion of your YouTube profile that contains an analytics section that you can access through the ‘YouTube Studio’ area of your YouTube profile. An enormous number of valuable reports are available, each of which will supply you with all of the information you need to make tactical video marketing decisions. Information on the following topics is included:

13. Collab With Other YouTubers & influencers

To collaborate with YouTubers who aren’t necessarily artists in their own profession, but who are significant music influencers in the creative video industry, is a terrific idea, just like networking with other musicians on YouTube is a great idea. Look for YouTube accounts that post reaction videos, as well as TikTok creators that give their opinions on other people’s music or video material. Consult with them to see if they’re interested in placing a link to your channel elsewhere, hosting a video from your channel, or giving your video a review. Especially if it’s a well-known channel, this is excellent publicity. And, if they enjoy your music, they will almost certainly do it for free! Among those who do this is @bakuriftu – a TikTok creator who regularly posts content that contains a mix of new artists as well as music spotlights, sample breakdowns, and record reviews of recent releases

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