Best Instagram Sponsored Ads List

Best Instagram Sponsored Ads List

Our Instagram Sponsored Ads have been in development since 2022, and we have been running and testing them since then. We are still running Instagram advertisements in the year 2022. I’ve been hooked on the platform since I believe it is the most effective approach to advertise specific items or services. It’s not merely for the sake of branding. Plumbers, body sculpting, helicopter tours, marketers, and a variety of other businesses have taken advantage of Instagram ads. Instagram has proven to be successful for all of them. This piece was originally published in the year 2022. We’ll be updating it shortly with the most recent Instagram information as it becomes available.

What Are Instagram Sponsored  Ads?

Instagram advertisements are postings that businesses can pay to be served to Instagram users. They are similar to Facebook ads. Instagram advertising display across the app, in places such as users’ feeds, Stories, Explore, and other areas. This is similar to how Facebook ads appear. They have a similar appearance to regular postings, but they usually have the word “sponsored” at the bottom to highlight that they are advertisements. They also frequently include more elements than a standard post, including links, call-to-action buttons, and product catalogs.

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How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost?

It is impossible to determine an average or benchmark price for Instagram advertisements because they are extremely dependent on a range of factors. Some cost considerations are as follows:

  • You’ve chosen your target audience.
  • Your industry’s competitiveness
  • Season of the year (costs often go up during holiday shopping periods in Q4 such as Black Friday)
  • Positioning (costs can differ between ads shown on Facebook vs Instagram)

Set up a draught campaign in Ads Manager and check for the Audience Definition and Estimated Daily Results modules, which will tell you if your budget settings will be sufficient to reach your desired audience within the timeframe you specify. It’s important to note that there is no “best practice” for determining how much to spend. You can begin by investing a few dollars every day and gradually increase your investment based on your success. You can set daily budgets or lifetime spending limitations to control the prices of your Instagram advertising. In our 5-step approach below, we’ll go over this in further depth.

Here’s Your 2022 Instagram Marketing guide.

With the addition of Instagram Stories and other new features, the platform is quickly becoming into a valuable commercial tool. A short snapshot of the most popular social media networks is shown below. As business owners, Instagram advertisements are one of the most effective tools we have. Our journey hasn’t been without bumps, but we’ve managed to generate a significant return on investment. You may identify your ideal target audience whether you want to spend $5 a day advertising to a single zip code or $50,000 a day reaching people all over the world. Please show us some love and leave a comment if you have any further thoughts or suggestions. Articles should be the go-to destination for Instagram Ads, in my opinion. Before we begin, I’d want to provide some background information on Instagram. Facebook paid a ridiculous amount of money for Instagram. They have complete control over Instagram advertising. The Facebook advertising management is where you can promote on Instagram. When I show you how to create ads I will be using Facebook’s Ad Manager.

Some people have been perplexed in the past and have no idea how the two are related. 

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 Instagram Does Not Scale Perfectly. There Is A Sweet Spot.

Assume you spend $20 per day on advertising and your cost per convert is $1.89. Common sense would tell you that if you increase your daily spend to $100 your cost per conversion should stay at $1.89 or close to it (assuming you have a big enough audience). This hasn’t been the case in the past. As you can see in the graphic below, my cost per result rises as I increase my Instagram daily spend. Frequently, the price will be tripled. How do you get around this? You make more advertisements. Rather of raising your daily spending, I recommend that you create additional adverts. For the time being, it has been my workaround, and it has served me well. There has been a significant change in this over the last three years. It’s more scalable, but Instagram leads are more expensive than Facebook leads. Here’s a screenshot of our Facebook Ad Manager, where the cost per click is displayed. You’ll see that Instagram has a lot more followers, but we think the quality is greater.

Instagram Does Work For Direct Response Advertisers

When Instagram Sponsored Ads first debuted in 2022, they were intended to raise brand exposure. Direct response advertising are now achieving significant success. Instagram is a dream come true for direct response marketers. You can drive visitors to your landing pages by creating highly visual static or video adverts.

It’s really simple to convey your message, which is exactly what direct response marketers require.

How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost?

There is no typical or benchmark price for Instagram advertising because they are very dependent on a range of factors. The following are some cost considerations:

  • You’ve chosen your target audience.
  • Your industry’s competitiveness
  • Costs can rise during peak holiday shopping seasons in Q4, such as Black Friday.
  • Advertisements on Facebook vs. Instagram can have different placement fees.

Set up a draught campaign in Ads Manager and check for the Audience Definition and Estimated Daily Results modules, which will tell you if your budget settings will be sufficient to reach your desired audience within the timeframe you specify.It’s important to note that there is no “best practice” for determining how much to spend. You can begin by investing a few dollars every day and gradually increase your investment based on your success. You can set daily budgets or lifetime spending limitations to control the prices of your Instagram advertising. In our 5-step approach below, we’ll go over this in further depth.

 Video Ads Create Better Engagement

You can run 60 second sponsored video ads on Instagram, which is a little-known feature. You are not restricted to posting a 15-second video.

As long as you’re running an ad on Instagram, you may now run a video for as long as you’re running an ad. This is a fantastic added bonus. A 60-second commercial gives us the opportunity to express our message. You can use video to convey your message using words, graphics, and music. It’s a lot more fun and useful for your potential customers. These latter two lessons are maybe the most crucial in terms of encouragement and motivation. I’ve added an entire section near the bottom of this article where I explain why certain types of videos are effective.

Types Of Instagram Ads

On Instagram, there are a variety of advertising forms available, including

  • Ads with images
  • Advertisements for stories
  • Advertisements in video
  • Advertisements on a carousel
  • Advertisements for collection
  • Look through the classified advertisements.
  • Advertisements on Instagram TV
  • Advertisements for shopping
  • Advertisements on reels

Because of the extensive selection, you can select the most appropriate ad kind for your specific business objective. Each ad style has its own set of call-to-action options, which are detailed in the following section.

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Image Ads

Image advertising allows businesses to sell their brands, products, and services by using single images to promote their products and services.Image advertisements are more effective for campaigns that have visually captivating content that can be conveyed in a single image. This type of imagery can be made using high-quality photography as well as design and art techniques. Adding text to photos is also a feasible option. Instagram, on the other hand, recommends that you keep overlay text to a minimum for the best potential outcomes.Instagram Stories Ads are full-screen picture or video advertisements that run in between users’ Stories on the platform’s platform. It is estimated that over 500 million Instagram users see Stories every day, making it a popular feature of the program. Due to the fact that Stories advertisements take up the entire mobile screen and feel far more immersive than in-feed ads, engagement is frequently higher with Stories ads. The most effective Instagram Stories advertisements are those that look and feel like regular Stories and do not draw attention to themselves as advertisements. Businesses may use all of the native Instagram Stories features, such as filters, text, GIFs, and interactive stickers while creating Stories advertisements.

Video Ads

Video advertisements on Instagram, like picture advertisements, allow businesses to provide viewers with a more in-depth look at their brand, products, and services. In-feed video advertisements can be as long as 60 minutes in length, but shorter movies are generally more effective than longer ones. Continue reading for more information on recommended practises for producing Instagram video advertisements.

Carousel Ads

Carousel advertisements consist of a series of images or videos that visitors can scroll through by swiping left or right. Instagram Stories can be displayed both in-feed and within Stories, and they can include a call-to-action button or a swipe-up link that directs viewers directly to your website.

  • Showcase a group of products that are connected.
  • Tell a story that is divided into several parts.
  • Up to ten photos or videos can be shared.

Collection Ads

Collection advertising is a hybrid of carousel advertisements and shopping advertisements. Collection advertising feature products that are available for purchase directly from your product catalog. Collection ads are particularly well suited for e-commerce businesses because they allow visitors to purchase things immediately from the ad. The consumer is brought to an Instagram Instant Experience Storefront after clicking on the ad, where they may learn more about the product and make a purchase if they so choose.

Explore Ads

Explore ads appear within the Explore tab on Instagram, which is a section of the platform where users may discover new content and accounts that are personalized to their preferences based on their previous Instagram usage. More than half of all Instagram users visit Explore at least once a month, making it a wonderful location to generate visibility for your brand. Advertisements for Instagram Explore do not appear in the Explore grid or in the subject channels; instead, they appear after a user clicks on a photo or video from the Explore section. Because the content in users’ Explore tabs is continually changing, Explore advertising allow businesses to be displayed with content that is culturally relevant and topical at the time of publication.


IGTV ads are video advertisements that appear on a user’s feed after he or she has clicked to watch an IGTV video. Videos can be as little as 15 seconds in length, and they should be constructed for vertical full-screen viewing on a computer monitor (more IGTV ad specs). They are shown midroll (in the middle of the video), with the option to skip them if you so choose to do so. IGTV advertisements are presently available to users with Instagram Creator accounts in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, with other countries to be added soon. Creators can choose to have advertisements displayed in their IGTV videos, and they will get 55 percent of the advertising money generated from each view if they do so.

Shopping Ads

As a result of the 130 million users who tap on shopping posts on Instagram every month, it’s no surprise that the social media platform has invested extensively in developing its ecommerce services over the previous two years. With Instagram’s newest Shopping features, users can now explore and purchase things without ever leaving the app (restricted to businesses with Instagram Checkout enabled) (limited to businesses with Instagram Checkout enabled). User clicks through to a product detail page within the Instagram app when they see an Instagram Shopping advertisement. They will subsequently be able to make a purchase using your mobile website. In order to run Shopping advertising on Instagram, you must first create an Instagram Shopping catalog. Tips from the pros: Take use of Hootsuite’s interface with Shopify, which allows you to view your catalog directly from your Hootsuite dashboard.

Reels Ads

Reels was a huge hit when it was first launched, and Instagram recently unveiled the option to advertise within Reels. Ads are displayed in between Reels and have specifications that are identical to Stories ads (full-screen vertical films), with a duration of up to 30 seconds. For them to be well-integrated with organic Reels, they should incorporate sound or music into the mix.

How To Choose The Best Instagram Ad Type

When there are so many various ad kinds to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one to utilize for your campaign. The good news is that Ads Manager is well-suited for testing, which means you can try a variety of formats to determine which one works the best before launching a whole campaign. Use the following questions as a guide to help you narrow down the forms.

1. What Is My Goal?

Keeping your social media marketing plan in mind, determine the most critical outcome for your Instagram advertisements campaign before you begin. Would you want to:

  • Do you want to increase the number of visitors to your website?
  • Is it possible to get video views for a new product?
  • Is it possible to raise brand awareness for a new company?
  • Are you looking to increase eCommerce sales, app downloads, or email signups?

Following the clarification of your purpose, you may select several viable formats based on the objectives and call-to-action options that are offered by each ad type. For example, Stories, IGTV, and Reels advertisements will be more effective at generating video views, whilst Shopping and Collection ads will be more effective at driving e-commerce transactions.

2. Who Is My Target Audience?

It may be more effective to use certain ad types than others depending on who you want to target with your Instagram advertisements. Consider the habits and behaviors of your target audience. Do they enjoy watching a large number of videos? Are they regular online purchasers? Would you say they spend more time viewing Stories and Reels than they do reading through their newsfeed? Select ad types with aims and call-to-actions that correspond to the natural preferences of your target audience.

3. What Has Performed Best On Organic?

There’s a good chance that your organic followers share a lot of characteristics with the people you’ll be targeting with your Instagram advertisements. Examine your organic feed to see what forms of content have done well in the past, and this can give you a decent indicator of what paid formats might resonate with your audience going forward.

How To Advertise On Instagram

Instagram advertising campaigns may be created in two ways: by boosting a post and by using the Ads Manager. Using the Instagram app to promote an existing post takes simply a few taps and can be completed directly from the app, but it lacks the customization capabilities available in Ads Manager.

Educate, Entertain, And Inspire with These Instagram Ads Examples

Each of these fantastic Instagram ad examples has something in common with the others. They either teach their audience something useful, entertain their audience, or inspire their audience to be a better version of themselves (or some combination of these). When creating your next Instagram advertisement, ask yourself if it is accomplishing at least one of the three objectives listed above. If that’s the case, you’re well on your way to creating an advertisement that’s as good as the 53 examples shown here.


As you can see, there are numerous ways for retailers to develop effective advertisements for Instagram. Make sure to take notes from these examples, as well as from the ones you come across in your own Instagram feed for your company’s profile.

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