The Whitakers Family What Is the Story Behind the This Family?

The Whitakers Family What Is the Story Behind the This Family?

Any medical magazine will tell you that inbreeding is bad for you. However, this type of behavior in animals and plants is ubiquitous, but the majority of human civilizations do not recognize it.

In fact, it surpasses everything you could have imagined from the world of Game of Thrones. Inbreeding and incest are ugly and surprising truths to face.

What Is The Story Behind The Whitaker family?

An inbred West Virginia family’s harmful repercussions are examined in this article. According to reports, people used to be frightened to gaze at these siblings. The Whitaker Family’s harrowing story, the subject of a documentary released in 2020, is the focus of this film.

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Facts About Whitaker Family

Mark Laita, the guy who ignored the concerns of the neighbours and persisted to publicise this family, was the one who was accountable. He got to some startling conclusions regarding inbreeding after studying a 2020 movie.

He had to make four trips before he finally allowed them to open up to him. As a result, the audience became aware of the devastation that can result from a blunder like this.

Interacting physically with members of the same family is referred to as inbreeding. This is most common among first cousins.

Also, inbreeding can occur when blood-related siblings or parents are involved in sex. Inbreeding has its worst effects on the children of inbred parents.

In his journal, Mark wrote about the Whitaker family members in great detail.

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Physical Abnormalities Of Whitakers

We learned a lot from Mark’s observations. As a starting point, the three members of this family’s mental health was a concern. For instance, Ray used to grunt whenever he felt like it.

Furthermore, neither Timmy nor Lorraine acted normally. The family’s financial situation was dire. It was a surprise to learn that someone could withstand such a long ordeal.

According to medical research, being an inbred child is the root cause of such physical and mental abnormalities. Also prominent are various mental disorders and heart conditions. This is in addition to cognitive disabilities.

Freddie, who died of a heart condition, and his siblings all experienced the same things. Timmy was the only member of the family to have a cousin. However, it was impossible to conclude that Whitaker’s parents were related by blood. The final video was panned by more people than it was praised.

Residents of the Whitaker family’s neighborhood did everything they could to keep the situation a secret from the outside world. In order to make them feel safe and comfortable enough to speak freely, Laita had to provide them with a wide range of extras like money, clothing, and delicious food.

To put it another way, the general public can confirm that inbreeding is widespread there. Inbred children might suffer from a wide range of health problems as a result of improper reproductive processes.

Meaning And Results Of Inbreeding

Inbreeding occurs when two people of the same ancestry engage in sexual activity, resulting in DNA reshuffling. Furthermore, this kind of mating is not permitted in nature. Several genetic disorders have been found to be common in the offspring of this type of mating.

The Whitakers claim to be of British ancestry, but they have no information about their ancestors or their past lives. Because of this, they are unable to interact socially with anyone.

Because of this, Mark advised everyone to keep their distance from the family after the interview. Armed guards keep an eye on everyone in the family to make sure no one else gets too close or breaks into the house.

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Reason For Inbreeding in West Virginia

West Virginia’s severe poverty may have been caused by inbreeding practices, according to some. The children’s squalor and hardships are depicted in the old photographs.

Anti-incest laws are now in place in most of West Virginia. However, inbreeding continues to this day. It is not uncommon for people to marry their cousins and continue the practice of inbreeding in some areas of the country.

Similar situations exist for the British Royal Family and the Cold Clan, as well as the Whitakers. It is clear from both situations that inbreeding may be detrimental to humanity.

It’s a violation of biological rules, which results in genetic abnormalities. In order to maintain their status, the British Royal Family attempted to conceal the true identities of its members. Similarly, Colt Clan’s daughter was coerced into having children with him, and the end result was tragic.

A number of questions remain unanswered about the Whitaker family’s history. In addition, Mark was unable to determine their previous or actual age, which was frustrating. Some powerful personalities could have a strong connection to them. In other words, why aren’t they living the typical popper lifestyle? That’s going to remain a mystery for the rest of our lives.

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