List of Tokyo Ghoul Characters

List of Tokyo Ghoul Characters

In Tokyo Ghoul, there are a lot of nasty, horrifying, and powerful characters. From Ken Kaneki to Arima to Touka, their ghastly figures have the ability to make even the most fearful audience shudder!

It’s no surprise that this show includes many insanely powerful fighters that one could only see in the anime industry, given that the franchise belongs to the horror, supernatural, and psychological genres aimed at the Seinen demographic!

Tokyo Ghoul is an urban fantasy anime in which many fans would rather read the manga than watch the anime. So, as I picked it up, my mind was blown! It wasn’t even close to the anime!

We need Tokyo Ghoul to be rebooted and re-adapted into an anime that honors and justifies Sui Ishida’s masterpiece, especially with so many reboots coming this decade!

Studio Pierrot has the resources to do so, thanks to hits like Naruto, Bleach, and Yuu Yuu Hakusho. However, since Tokyo Ghoul: ended in June 2018, it may be a while before we see another television adaptation of the manga.

Allow me to extract a portion of my mind and present the 25 strongest characters in Tokyo Ghoul while the incredible storyline of the manga is still fresh in my mind

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1: Kurona Yasuhisa

Kurona is The Commission of Counter Ghoul’s (CCG) next top-of-the-shelf investigator as an Artificial One-eyed ghoul twin and former cadet!

Her regeneration skills increased dramatically when she received Rize Kamishiro’s kakuh, as did her Rinkaku Kagune!

2: Jason / Yakumo Oomori

Don’t dismiss this character since he’s number 24 on the list. Jason Voorhees, a renowned character from the 1980 horror film Friday the 13th, is definitely a play on his 13th Ward nickname.

To call him insane is an understatement! He’s a ruthless cannibal who collects torture devices to slaughter his “pets.” He’s an S-rated ghoul with the power to mutilate his prey as a Rinkaku user.

Rinkaku Kagune and Kakuja have been mastered by Oomori, making them deadly weapons.

3: Shikorae / Rio

Shikorae’s face was damaged and his mind was unstable as a result of the trauma wrought by Kijira. But don’t dismiss this former orphan simply because his crazy is preventing him from reaching his full potential.

Shikorae’s abilities derive from her ability to absorb all four varieties of Rc Cell Absorption: Bikaku, Kkaku, Rinkaku, and Ukaku.

He was an SS-class Kagune user who absorbed Dragon Orphans’ cells in the 6-year time-skip to become a massive Kakuja with several limbs and unfathomable strength!

He might be a side character from the video game Tokyo Ghoul: Jail. Rio (Shikorae’s name before his ghoul transformation) was leveled up in the manga by Ishida because he felt his character arc so intriguing!

4: Hinami Fueguchi

Don’t be deceived by Hinami’s pretty appearance! She appears to be naive and attractive. Her strategic thought and commanding position, however, allowed her to fight with the terrorist organization Aogiri Tree.

Hinami, also known as Number 745 or Daughter in the CCG archives, has possessed Rinkaku and Kkaku Kagune abilities from birth! She has achieved an SS ghoul rating at the time of Tokyo Ghoul:re (Chapter 68)!

She might not have enough combat experience to advance to SS+ right now. But, because to her tremendous weaponry, she was able to inflict wounds on Takizawa as well (a former Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator).

5: Kaiko

Old, bald, and with anemic vision The secret V organization’s Dragon conspirator is Kaiko.

He’s a powerful ghoul who claims to maintain “balance” between ghouls and humans. But beneath his twisted sense of justice, several shady businesses thrive.

One example is when he consumes RC cell solutions in order to prolong his life. The price was accelerated aging, which explains his aged appearance.

Kaiko, however, is only half-ghoul (and a failed one, too). To compensate, he used Dragon’s toxins to turn into a 100 percent ghoul.

With superhuman regeneration, swordsmanship skills, and a tail kagune, he’s already a formidable opponent. His ghoul physiology, on the other hand, allowed him to use Owl-based Quinque, an explosive combat weapon that can fire Ukakus.

6: Uta

Uta, the mask maker for the Tokyo Ghouls, is first on the list. We had no idea he was a clown until Re:, and that he would betray Yomo like that. They do, however, reconcile in the end.

He has enhanced superhuman abilities as a natural-born Ghoul. Uta’s Kagune has the shape of a tail and can strike enemies from afar. He can release up to six of these tails at the same time. He possesses an unknown Kakuja with giant arms sprouting from his shoulders and back, covering the majority of his face.

Uta is unique in that he can imitate and copy the physical appearances of others. He most likely accomplishes this by reading the target’s mind, learning his or her attachments, and morphing his body to fit that image.

To deceive Suzuya and Mutsuki, he imitated the facial features of Kishou Arima, Yukinori Shinohara, and Haise Sasaki. He was able to effortlessly avoid Suzuya’s 13 Jason.

Despite his advantages, he is ranked 18th because everyone who comes after him on this list is capable of defeating him. He doesn’t pose much of a threat physically, but he does so mentally, and that’s about it.

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7: Saiko Yonebayashi

Saiko Yonebayashi, the TSC’s deputy leader of the Quinx squad, is a little slacker, but don’t let her demeanor fool you; she’s a fierce warrior.

Saiko is said to have the Quinx Squad’s strongest explosive power, and her Kagune appears to be able to rip through concrete. She can make it into a massive form or multiple lashing tentacles. Her Kagune defeated Koutarou Amon’s Kakuja form and rendered him unconscious.

Saiko’s strength lies in her independence, according to Ching-Li Hsiao. Urie teases her, saying she needs to work on her flabby body but that she has natural talent. Hsiao also claims that Saiko is a better Kagune manipulator than Urie.

Her Kagune was able to temporarily overpower Koutarou Amon, rendering his Kakuja form ineffective.

Her Kagune, on the other hand, requires a lot of stamina to use. After a single-use, Saiko is frequently seen panting on the floor, and each strike requires recovery time, leaving her vulnerable. After the Tsukiyama Operation, she is able to control her Kagune more effectively and for longer periods of time, but she is still only strong enough to rank 17th among the strongest Tokyo ghoul characters.

8: Tsuneyoshi Washuu

It’s strange that this man is both one of the most significant and mysterious characters in Tokyo Ghoul. We don’t know much about him. He’d be considerably higher in the rankings if it weren’t for it.

Tsuneyoshi Washuu was the chairman of the CCG, whose mission was to exterminate all Ghouls, but he later revealed himself to be a Ghoul. Furuta and Rize Kamishiro are his children.

The Washuus and V are said to have used the organization and its investigators as pawns, feeding on the bodies of dead investigators. Tsuneyoshi, as an experienced Ghoul with a high kill rate, is likely to have a high RC cell count due to cannibalism.

He, like the rest of the Washuu family’s Ghouls, has a natural-born Kakuja. The type, however, is unknown.

We believe he would be the strongest Ghoul in his time, having learned to control the Kakuja form from birth. Marude agrees, claiming that Tsuneyoshi is so powerful that he could take on and kill an SSS-rated Ghoul.

09. Kurona Yasuhisa

Before Kanou showed up and ruined her dreams, Kurona Yasuhisa was a promising candidate for the CCG. Despite the fact that she and her sister had lost to Suzuya, Kurona was determined to exact revenge and fused Nashiro with her.

Since inheriting Rize Kamishiro’s Kakuhou, Kurona has a unique healing ability, Rinkaku Kagune and later Kakuja, as well as increased physical power. Due to her hybrid vigor, her abilities are said to be more powerful than those of a natural-born Ghoul.

Despite being in mental agony, Kurona was able to pierce through Suzuya’s chest, breaking his 13’s Jason and even taking down two of his squad members in her rematch. She is no match for Suzuya’s Arata Joker, who sliced her limbs into pieces, placing her at number 15 on the list of the most powerful Tokyo Ghoul characters.

Only when she teams up with someone does she appear to be formidable (perhaps a side-effect of relying on her sister too much). Only with Takizawa’s assistance was she able to restrain Amon. She does, however, have excellent regenerative abilities (she recovered from being sliced in half by Suzuya).

10. Donato Porpora

Donato is a harsh and violent guy with a sadistic temperament that is well-known among Ghouls. As evidenced by Donato ripping off Touma Higemaru’s arm, toying with Kuki Urie’s psyche, and his heinous crimes of mercilessly murdering children, he enjoys inflicting pain on others, whether physical or psychological.

His Koukaku Kagune can launch long-range assaults, allowing him to spear opponents from distance. Despite the type’s heavier weight, he was able to wield it with incredible speed, attacking faster than the human eye could keep up with.

Donato’s special ability is to duplicate himself. He could make up to four at first, but as he fought more fearsome opponents like Amon, he was able to summon up to ten from his real body. When he dies, however, they all vanish.

Many fans regard him as extremely powerful. We disagree that it is strong enough to be in the top ten. His real strategy is to mentally attack his opponent rather than using brute strength. Only by using circumstantial advantages and getting into Urie’s head was he able to defeat him and break him. Otherwise, he would have lost.

In other words, we believe that fans overestimate his power and that he would lose out to the characters listed in our top ten strongest Tokyo Ghoul characters list.

11. Tatara

Tatara is Eto’s immediate subordinate and the Aogiri Tree’s trusted leader. This indicates that the one-eyed owl had high regard for Tatara’s leadership and battle abilities.

He is best described as a tank with exceptional defensive qualities, earning him a spot in the top 15 Tokyo Ghoul characters.

He has the ability to eliminate a large number of investigators, including rare classes like Houji. If it hadn’t been for Takizawa’s intervention, the Aogiri Tree chief would have murdered him. Despite his great defenses, the massive armor slows him down, making it simpler for Takizawa to target and attack his midsection before stabbing him in the brain.

12: Kuki Urie

Urie is presently one of the most capable investigators, a TSC assistant special class peace officer, and the Quinx Squad’s youthful captain.

He was having major problems with his Kagune, which was driving him insane, but he was able to control it and the ensuing rush of RC cells.

His Kagune features a large blade and an armored shoulder and upper arm. This weapon is nearly as long as his leg and cuts through enemy ghouls with ease.

Urie is unquestionably one of Tokyo Ghoul’s top 15 strongest characters, with Matsuri Washuu recognizing his growth potential as one of the series’ greatest.

He can bravely stand in front and fight one-on-one with some of the most fearsome Ghouls, such as Roma, Donata, Noro, and Amon, as a leader.

13. Roma Hoito

Despite being the originator of the clowns, Roma isn’t particularly powerful, but she does have incredible regenerating skills.

She was abandoned as a youngster and has been cannibalism and eating fresh flesh since she was seven years old. As a result, she possesses a large number of RC cells.

Her upgraded Kagune was capable of creating a massive shape that resembled a multi-limbed beast with a gaping mouth akin to the Lamprey fish in her Kakuja form. With additional limbs emerging from the creature’s face and sides, her real body was stuck into the creature’s forehead in this configuration.

Her regeneration skills, like Noro’s, are the centerpiece, but she’s not among Tokyo Ghoul’s top ten strongest characters because that and the high RC cell count are all she has to offer. She didn’t have nearly enough offensive talents to easily dispatch Urie.

She returns and transforms into her Kakuja form after Urie stabbed her numerous times and pierced through her brain. If Koraiwa hadn’t intervened and bought time for the little Quinx to recuperate, she may have murdered Urie.

14. Amon Koutarou

After gaining Yoshimura’s Kakuhou, he used his Kakuja form, which caused him to become mentally unstable due to the exponential proliferation of RC cells. We believe Amon’s skills are stronger than those of a natural-born Ghoul because of his hybrid nature.

After being enhanced at the CCG Labs, Amon appears to be capable of bursting any Kagune by direct physical contact (as he did with Takizawa’s blade), pushing back and breaking any RC cells and causing the Kagune to explode fully.

Because of his physical strength, high RC cell count, and Kakuja’s similarity to Yoshimura’s, the former Investigator is in the top ten. He’d be one of Kaneki’s right-hand men right about now if he could fully control his shape.

15. Noro

Noro is one of the strongest Aogiri Tree members, along with Shachi, although a few carpets behind Shachi, according to Shinji Michibata. He has an eerie air since he communicates only via actions rather than words.

Noro’s Kakuja transformed into a huge Kagune with several mouths in place of armor. Noro was unable to move while in this state, yet he was still able to endure a significant amount of firepower.

Noro’s greatest strength is his unrivaled regenerative skills. That is why, despite his early death, we rank him so highly.

Noro’s body, as well as his head, were blown apart by Shinji Michibata. The Ghoul’s bottom half, on the other hand, revived, activating his Kakuja and murdering everyone on the scene save Shirazu and Saiko. Urie and the rest of the Quinx team joined in, but his regeneration skills proved too powerful for them.

He only died because he wanted to buy time for Eto and made the ultimate sacrifice for her. Otherwise, he’d already be one of the G.O.A.Ts’ defense mechanisms.

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16. Juuzou Suzuya

Juuzou Suzuya, who was abducted and nurtured by Big Madam, has no sympathy for his foes, including his old friends Kurona and Nashiro. The prodigal investigator is a tough opponent for any Ghoul, as he possesses three of the four Kagune type Quinques.

He may not be able to regenerate, but his pain tolerance is unrivaled, as seen by his victories over Kurona and One-eyed Owl.

Not only is he a great short-range fighter, but his 13’s gimmick allows him to deflect some significant long-range blows. Juuzou’s Arata claws, according to the manga, can split or bisect the corpse of an SS-rated Ghoul.

Suzuya’s negatives must have made you wonder why we ranked him so low. He may be a high-ranking investigator at such a young age, a feat Arima has already accomplished, but the boy lacks Arima’s power.

To defeat a mentally broken Kaneki, he needed Hanbee’s help. Despite being one of the most powerful investigators, his lack of regenerative abilities places him below Ghouls like Eto and Kuzen.

Despite the fact that he is a fan favorite, we believe his strength is overrated (proceeds to go hide in a box).

17. Takizawa

Started out as a Ghoul Investigator, but Kanou sadly transformed him into a Ghoul.

Takizawa lost control of his Kakuja form and his member after being forced to accommodate Yoshimura’s Kakuhou. As a result, he babbled continuously and hurt himself. Fighting Tatara and Amon, on the other hand, strengthened him as he acquired mastery of his Kakuja form.

While keeping his frantic combat style, he is calmer and more deliberate. He can create two gigantic scimitar blades from his shoulders, as well as numerous smaller ones from his back, in his full Kakuja form.

Takizawa has a high level of endurance and tolerance. In seconds, his regenerative talents allowed him to regrow his severed limb. He was able to defeat Tatara (in his Kakuja form) and Tomoe after gaining control of his senses in his Kakuja form. He was able to contain an uncontrollably exploding Kakuja Amon.

Despite the fact that a Ukaku user is stronger than a Bikaku, Shachi still has more power and experience than Takizawa. His regenerative and Kakuja-wielding abilities, however, can outshine investigators like Suzuya and Urie, as well as defensive Ghouls like Noro and Roma.

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