Metashooter Launches the First Decentralized Hunting Game

Metashooter Launches the First Decentralized Hunting Game

Crypto fanatics will witness a new Blockchain-based hunting metaverse token in the market as Metashooter has proudly announced the launch already. It will be a rare experience among the community.

The team at Metashooter has designated some features for the users who are aiming to get involved with the MHUNT token. As follows:

  1. The tokens are rewarding when someone wins a tournament, conquer rare trophies, or indulges in hunting outgoings. 
  2. Witness the actual hunting experience during the gameplay with the spectacular visuals through VR compatibility. 
  3. Start by establishing towers, acquiring land for passive earnings, and trading NFT through dog breeding opportunities. 
  4. Evolve and grow through the process by upgrading the hunting equipment with comprehensive features. The equipment is used for the hunting missions throughout the gameplay, and upgraded equipment can range you a stronger player. There are multiple options available in the equipment panel to let you pass through critical and challenging routes, i.e., Shotguns, handguns, bows, rifles, and knives. 

Metashooter has the revolutionized vision to bridge the crypto community with the people who can fetch their interest toward the digitization of the token by providing a real-time gameplay experience. Furthermore, assisting the lucrative ventures for the considerate people about trading NFTs. 

Metashooter’s exceptional team has visualized and amplified the competency of the two known supremacies: Decentralized Finance Blockchain and Hunting. 

Equipment Marketplace

The Metashooter’s hunting arena comprises a variety of weapons where you can also customize it upon the projected requirement. For the persistent involvement, the marketplace also contains occasional firearms. I.e., 25×39 long-range, F44 Champion, FS Ultra Zoom, Scope, and Stock.

Players can Sell, Melt or Forge the possessed NFT or there are multiple customization options available for you to meet your intended condition. 

Hunting Partners

The team at Metashooter scrutinizes the reputation of teamwork to attain successful hunting missions. The platform provides effortless features to hunt through the NFT dogs for better hunting skills and senses that aid the player in discovering the trophies successfully. The whole attributes are performed to maximize the game skills and elevate success at the end

The monetization feature of this game allows the players to develop and build the towers to keep them secure from detection and provides accurate vision and clear shooting range. If not used, the hunting towers can also be used for renting; other players can rent them when needed.

If you are looking for far-reaching aspects of this game, it has also designed some vital tools for the hunters to target the animals without alarming them and shoot the target successfully. 

Additionally, those players who seek to earn through trading NFT dogs among the hunter’s community can do it without any obligations and conflicts. Hunters are not bound to trade within a particular locality; besides, the wide-ranging arenas are accessible to roam and explore unrestrained visuals and features of the Metaverse world. If you are not yet into this, this is the time to start trading NFTs and start your passive income.

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