How to Solve the Higi Village Relay Stone Puzzle in Genshin

How to Solve the Higi Village Relay Stone Puzzle in Genshin

The latest update Genshin Impact includes a new location, Higi Village. There is a Sword Chest Puzzle at that site that will reward players if they finish it.

Many Genshin Impact players are perplexed as to how to tackle this issue. That’s why Wowkia is here to show you how to fix it quickly.

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Genshin Impact: Higi Village Sword Chest Puzzle

It would be great if you hunted Tanuki, a monster that emerges about the chest surroundings, here. That’s true; you don’t need to do anything with the swords around your chest here. To solve this challenge, you must hunt Tanuki and defeat him multiple times.

As I previously stated, you must follow him a few times before he enters the earth and appears in random places. Then, when he emerges out of the dirt, you must attack him until Tanuki returns to the ground.

This puzzle will be completed when Tanuki appears at the Higi Village Sword Chest and you hit him. If Tanuki is defeated, the chest will open on its own and you can take it. Mora, Primogems, Artifacts, and the like will be found inside.

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Don’t worry if you can’t figure out where Tanuki is every time he appears. I stumbled upon a video on how to solve this problem while searching YouTube, which you can see above. Tanuki will usually emerge in the same spot as in the video above. So, as long as you follow the identical instructions as previously, you will not feel exhausted.

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